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Truck Bumpers & Off Road Bumpers

Truck Bumpers & Off Road Bumpers

Shop Bumpers By Vehicle: F150, F250, RAM 1500, RAM 2500, RAM 3500, Ford Ranger, GMC Sierra, Sierra 2500, Chevy Silverado, Silverado 2500, Silverado 3500


If you love driving in the great outdoors, it’s a good idea to equip your vehicle with any of AmericanTrucks’ truck bumpers. Our wide selection of off road bumpers includes front and rear bumpers, bull bars, grille guards, and brush guards. Most of our truck bumpers are made of heavy-duty steel plates or tubing, allowing them to easily deflect road debris. Be it rocks, tree branches, or unexpected animals on the trail, our off-road bumpers are guaranteed to reduce the impact and protect your vehicle’s vital front or rear end components. There are also plenty of bumpers in our catalog that are manufactured with unique features. Some are designed to be winch-ready so that your truck can conveniently tow heavy loads. Meanwhile, others are built with pre-drilled holes for easy aftermarket light installation. You can also purchase bumper kits that are pre-installed with small LED light bars or pods if you don’t want to find and install aftermarket lights on your own. What’s even better is that our bumpers are not only functional, they also help improve your truck’s appearance. Some of our bumpers sport an aggressive style that matches your truck’s rugged looks. Others come in a sleeker and more seamless build which adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle’s front or rear. Our bumpers are also available in different finishes such as black powder coat, polished stainless steel, and more. Other than getting new truck bumpers, you should also take a look at our fender flares and mud flaps. Just like your truck’s bumpers, these accessories help enhance your vehicle’s protection against road debris. Depending on your preference, we have different styles of fender flares and mud flaps that you can choose from.


Toughen up your ride and make your truck more capable by investing in upgraded truck bumpers. The bumpers of your truck serve as protection for your ride and as attachment points for different accessories. By swapping the bumper of your pickup, you can change the look of your truck in a big way while also making your truck more capable. Think about what you want to accomplish with your truck and get a bumper that will help you do that. We offer a range of bumpers at American Trucks. Along with bumpers, we have different side steps and other equipment you can use to dress up your ride while making it easier to use at the same time.

Truck Front Bumpers

When choosing truck front bumpers for your vehicle, it’s important to think about the appearance you want to achieve. Most of our bumpers are made from durable plate or tubular steel, but they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s up to you to select the product that looks how you want it to and to decide which accessories and capabilities are important to you. For instance, some bumpers come with winch plates installed, making it easy to mount a winch for off-roading tasks. Other bumpers are outfitted with light bars and other enhancements that will help you see better at night. Upgrade your truck bumpers and you’ll:

  • enjoy a more custom looking ride
  • enhance the protection of your pickup
  • add attachment points for lights and winches
  • repair or enhance the durability of your stock bumper

We offer a mix of low-profile and limited protection bumpers and oversized bumpers complete with brush guards, bull bars, and other protective measures. When you get a bumper, it’s important to think about how much protection you want for your vehicle. If you’ll be off-roading regularly, you may wish to invest in more protective bumpers for an added layer of safety. Get the right bumper for your ride, and your truck will look better and perform better as well. You’ll be glad you spent the time choosing a front bumper that works for you, and you can pair it with a good sturdy Dodge Ram winch to handle different off-roading tasks.

Rear Truck Bumpers

While front bumpers are one of the more common upgrades made to a pickup truck, there are many owners that decide to get new rear truck bumpers. These bumpers can also be outfitted with winch plates, and they can come with other modifications as well. Some rear bumpers have tow hooks or even hitches installed on them. You can get rear bumpers with specialized lights and other enhancements as well. Whether you want to change the appearance of the rear of your pickup truck, or you want to make the whole rear end of your truck more capable and protected, you can do that with a rear bumper upgrade. Invest in a new rear bumper, and your truck will instantly be more capable and effective as a result. Front and rear truck bumpers are major upgrades for your ride that can make it more capable in a range of ways. If you invest in one of these upgrades, you’ll immediately enjoy performance enhancements for your pickup. Not only can you make your truck more capable with a bumper upgrade, but you can transform the look of your ride at the same time. Consider other ways you can enhance your pickup truck with our aftermarket parts, such as by investing in GMC Sierra light bars and other aftermarket parts. By making the right changes to your truck and customizing it properly, you can drive more confidently and avoid the most common performance issues you might face with your ride.