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Truck Fog Lights

Stock fog lights may not be so bad on paved roads and ideal weather. But once you take your truck into the mountains, you need more reliable and powerful fog lights to light the way and make your drive safer. In addition, during bad weather like downpours and misty conditions, you can’t rely on your headlights as they produce glare that would only make the visibility much worse. Instead, you should turn on the fog lights that are positioned lower than the headlights with the lights angled down. Fog lights come in a variety of style, setup, and features. Here at AmericanTrucks, we have a collection of fog lights so you can equip your truck with some of the best ones in the market. We offer fog lights in pairs or sets of four. In terms of the actual light bulb, the most popular option are LED-powered fog lights. There are many reasons why more truckers prefer LEDs than traditional halogen. For one, LEDs are known to be energy efficient, needing less power input, so truck owners won’t have to worry about battery drainage even with multiple LED lights on their truck. Another reason is that LEDs are extremely durable and can last up to 50,000 hours of cumulative use, which means savings in the long run. Finally, modern LEDs today are more powerful than previous generations. They come with high lumen ratings and come in a variety of color temperatures, providing more options for truck owners. While upgrading your fog lights, you might as well check out these great headlights and brake lights for a complete lighting upgrade.