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Truck Tires

Truck Tires

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Although your truck’s stock wheels are constructed from high-quality materials, their composition and tread pattern might not fit your driving lifestyle. Depending on how you use your truck, you’ll need wheels that offer more off-road traction or are safer to use when driving in bad weather. If you’re looking for a set of wheels that fit your pickup’s specifications, as well as your diving needs, check out AmericanTrucks’ tire catalog below. We carry various types of tires that complement the configurations of RAM, GMC, Dodge, Chevrolet, and Ford trucks. Each of our items is made by a trusted and well-known automotive manufacturer, so we can make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. When you use our website, you can easily find components that allow you to modify your truck the way you want. Sporting the right set of tires is important because it can affect your driving experience. The right tires also help keep your wheels in good condition. That’s why AmericanTrucks offers tires that come in all-terrain, multi-terrain, and mud-terrain variants to satisfy the driving styles of every truck owner. All of our tires are crafted with special features, like deep treads, heavy-duty sidewalls, or a thick construction, greatly improving your vehicle’s performance and style. Plus, they’re available in many different sizes, so you can get a set that fits your pickup’s stock or aftermarket wheels. Do you have any questions about our tires or other tire products and accessories? Then visit our contact page and give us a call today.


Enhance the performance of your pickup truck and drive with a renewed sense of confidence by investing in high-quality truck tires. A good pair of tires enhance your traction and prepares your pickup for different driving conditions. Most pickups come with a set of all-season tires installed, but these tires aren't the best for most conditions. By upgrading to more specialized tires, like the options offered at American Trucks, you can make your ride more capable. Along with truck tires, it's worth investing in Ford F-150 lift kits as well to give your truck additional ground clearance for difficult terrain. Finding the right truck tires isn't always easy to do, but we'll go over some of the different options offered here below.

Light Truck Tires

Lightweight pickup trucks have different needs and different use-cases than the heavy-duty models. If you have a half-ton pickup truck, you will likely use it for towing and hauling occasionally, but you won't be hauling or moving the same loads that a heavy-duty pickup truck is. That's why we offer light truck tires for different truck models. These tires are designed to offer an impressive level of traction in different driving conditions without being larger or more reinforced than necessary. Light truck tires are more affordable than heavy-duty tires are, and for everyday use, they are probably good enough. Consider upgrading your truck tires to:

  • enhance your truck's traction in specific driving conditions
  • extend the lifespan of your tires
  • customize your pickup for your specific driving conditions
  • enhance the exterior look of your pickup

By investing in a new set of tires for your truck, you'll equip it to handle different road or trail conditions depending on how you want to use it. If you are taking your ride out onto the trails, you should consider getting a Chevy Silverado light bar as well to help you see better at night. A set of rock lights are a worthy investment as well, especially if you'll be traveling over difficult trails.

Heavy Duty Truck Tires

When you're using your pickup truck for more difficult tasks, or you have a 1-ton or greater pickup, you should invest in heavy-duty truck tires. These tires are designed to tow more, haul heavier loads, and to handle more difficult driving conditions. If you are pushing the weight limits of your truck on a regular basis, you need to get yourself a set of heavy-duty truck tires to help with the task. We offer thick reinforced tires with a tougher sidewall and a higher weight rating. These tires are meant for towing and hauling, and they won't fail like some of the light-duty tires will during intense work situations. Along with a good set of work tires for your truck, you can equip your pickup for difficult jobs by adding Dodge Ram truck bed storage solutions to hold your tools and additional equipment. This simple modification gives you the space you need for what matters most while working hard with your pickup. A good set of truck tires makes the difference between being able to use your pickup effectively and spinning and losing traction. Whether you need to haul heavy loads, take on difficult terrain, or just drive in a range of weather conditions, you can find the right tires for your ride with a bit of searching and testing. Upgrade your truck tires today and consider adding a lift kit, enhancing the suspension of your ride, and investing in some other aftermarket improvements to your pickup to customize it better to your needs.