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Truck Differential Covers

Truck differential covers are among the essential automotive parts you may need to upgrade before you go on more challenging off-road adventures. The stock differential cover just doesn’t cut it on the trails, with their thin stamped steel construction. What you need are heavy-duty, high-performance differential covers that can withstand the impact of trail hazards. Aftermarket differential covers are manufactured using various materials that exceed factory standards such as cast-aluminum, cast-iron, and high-gauge steel. Aside from increased strength, these premium materials also deliver better heat dissipation. This is essential in prolonging the service life of your expensive differential gears and components. Before choosing from a number of differential covers available on our store, there are a few things you have to consider. First is the strength and durability of the build. Cast-aluminum differential covers have a number of pros — it’s lightweight yet strong, but it’s also on the higher-end of the budget. On the other hand, steel differential covers are incredibly affordable but offer only stock-level protection. Next is the ease of maintenance. Since the differential fluid needs regular replacement, it’s better to opt for a cover with a drain plug and a magnet feature to filter metal contaminants from the fluid. Last is the efficiency of the cooling and flow. As your engine runs, differential oil is constantly dispersed by the gears, lubricating the components. The shape of the cover plays a role in how efficiently the fluid is distributed, while the material and design can help dissipate heat from the fluid. For more differential components, check out our differential accessories page and differential carriers page.