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Truck Tuners

If you want to maximize your engine’s power output, then consider grabbing one of our truck tuners. These are remote-like devices that are used to communicate with your truck’s ECU, so you can easily change its various settings. Among the common adjustable parameters in truck tuners include torque management, tire size, gear ratio, rev and speed limiters, and active fuel management control. With these parameters tuned the way you want, you can squeeze out more speed and power out of your vehicle. AmericanTrucks carries different brands of truck tuners for sale. Many of them come in a stylish, handheld design for more convenient operation. Depending on the model, some tuners are touchscreen-operated, some are button-operated, or a combination of both. If you’re not that familiar with truck tuners and customizing their settings, you can still benefit from these devices since most of them are pre-loaded with calibrated tunes. This means that the tuners are already installed with several ideal parameter settings for different driving conditions. Most of our truck tuners also come with USB cables, so you can easily plug them to your vehicle’s dashboard or to your computer. By connecting the tuner to your computer, you’ll be able to download software updates or more calibrated tunes for your device. In some models, you only need to activate their Wi-Fi so you won’t have to use any USB cables. If you are already decided to give your truck a performance boost, get one of our truck tuners today. No matter what brand you choose, we guarantee that your truck will give you better driving performance. While you’re checking our tuner catalog, you may also want to check our line of cold air intakes and exhaust systems. With these aftermarket components, your truck will be able to achieve even greater power and torque.