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Truck Suspension

Truck Suspension

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Your pickup truck is built to handle like a dream the minute it comes out of the assembly line. However, after years of use, many of its stock components will wear out and start performing poorly. Your vehicle’s suspension system, for example, can get damaged due to overloading and constant exposure to rough driving conditions. If the problem isn’t addressed, you’ll notice that your truck is sagging on one side or becomes difficult to steer over time. In some cases, repairing your truck’s suspension will solve the situation. But if the issue calls for a replacement or an upgrade, you can rest assured that you can find the parts you need at AmericanTrucks. As a reliable online aftermarket retailer serving North America, AmericanTrucks is a name you can trust when it comes to acquiring high-quality truck parts and accessories. We boast extensive catalogs that feature automotive products made by reliable manufacturers, so finding a truck suspension that fits your pickup will be a breeze. We carry various types of suspension components that can maintain or improve your pickup’s stock ride quality. These include shocks and struts, coilover shocks, and springs. You can also find items that are designed to fit both stock or lifted truck configurations. AmericanTrucks is your one-stop shop if you’re looking for the best automotive products that suit the specifications of GMC, Dodge, RAM, Ford, and Chevrolet trucks. Want to learn more about our suspension system upgrades? Visit our contact page today and fill out the form or give us a call.


Make your pickup drive more smoothly, toughen up your ride, or replace broken components with our truck suspension parts. The suspension in your truck is responsible for absorbing all the bumps in the road as you drive around to help keep your tires firmly planted on the ground. The better your suspension is, the more control you’ll have while driving around. The suspension is made up of many different parts, which is why it’s important to upgrade several of the different parts to help boost the performance of your ride as much as possible. Along with many different suspension components, we also offer new Ford F-150 tires you can add to your ride for different driving conditions. With the right suspension enhancements and tires, you can tackle more serious driving conditions with confidence.

Truck Performance Suspension

Whether you just want to replace worn parts, you want to lift your ride, or you want to make your truck more rugged, you can get truck performance suspension components that will work for you. The stock suspension parts on your truck are built to last for thousands of miles. They aren’t the best parts you can get for your truck, though. We offer aftermarket suspension parts that are tougher and built for more demanding conditions than the standard driving conditions you’ll face. We offer braces and bushings, control arms, steering components, sway bars, end links, shocks and struts, coil-overs, springs, and more. Between all these different components, you can enhance specific areas of your truck’s suspension to make it more capable than ever. Upgrade your truck suspension and:

  • enjoy a smoother ride
  • raise or lower your pickup
  • tow or haul more effectively
  • extend the lifespan of your ride
  • repair damaged or failing components

While looking at different suspension parts, it’s important to verify you have matching enhancements you can add to your ride. Only parts designed for your specific model and year of the truck will fit properly. You will have to match the parts you choose carefully to be sure you get products that will install easily. If you choose the wrong set of shocks, control arms, or another enhancement, they either won’t work at all, or you will have to make significant modifications to get them installed. Either way, it’s faster and easier to choose matching parts and add them to your vehicle instead.

An Enhanced Truck Suspension

You can accomplish a few different goals by upgrading the suspension in your pickup truck. By installing an enhanced truck suspension, you can make your truck more durable or more comfortable. There are suspension components that are designed to offer a smoother ride and others designed to handle the forces put on your truck while off-roading. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll use your truck and to choose a kit that’s going to meet your needs nicely. We also recommend a Ford F-150 lift kit for your truck if you plan to go off-roading. Many suspension components are part of lift kits, but it’s up to you to choose a kit that’s going to meet your needs properly. Get the right matching parts for your ride, consider what upgrades you want to make for towing, hauling, or your specific performance needs, and then invest in equipment that’s going to make you happy and meet your needs. It takes time to figure out which upgrades are right for you, but when you make them to your truck, you’ll get more out of it. Your truck should perform the way you want it to, and that means putting in the right parts to allow it to.