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Truck Driveshafts

The driveshaft is one of the key components of your truck responsible for turning the wheels to give you better control. As such, keeping it in good working order should be among your top priorities. While your stock driveshaft is built tough because it’s constantly subjected to shear stress and torsion, it can sometimes fail for various reasons. This can lead to a range of driveline problems and even accidents. Some of the signs and symptoms of a failing drive shaft include jarring shakes and vibrations that seem to come from beneath the vehicle. These may indicate that u-joint bushings need to be replaced. Another sign of a u-joint issue could be clunking noises when shifting. Next, if you’re having a hard time turning the steering wheel or hearing clicks as you turn, you should check the drive shaft for broken or misaligned parts. Finally, if you feel the truck shake during acceleration, the problem might be the bearings on the driveshaft or the u-joint. AmericanTrucks offer OEM direct replacement driveshafts and driveshaft components that are all engineered and manufactured according to your vehicle’s specifications. That said, repairs on the driveshaft might be too advanced for beginners and would require mechanical expertise. Consult with your mechanic and then get the necessary parts here at AmericanTrucks, so you can be sure you’re getting high-quality automotive parts at a price that won’t break the bank. AmericanTrucks also has a catalog of more drivetrain components. And if you’re thinking of upgrading your differential gears, check out our ring and pinion gears page.