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Truck Oil Catch Cans

To minimize unwanted oil build-up in your engine’s intake manifold, install any of AmericanTrucks’ truck oil catch cans. These simple devices are usually needed by vehicles with direct injection engines since they don’t have the option to have their valves regularly cleaned. As a result, these vehicles are more likely to accumulate oil and carbon deposits. These often lead to engine misfires, reduced engine power, and poor fuel economy, among other issues. However, if you get your truck an oil catch can, you can prevent these problems from happening. An oil catch can serves as a filter for your intake manifold. With its hose plugged into the top of your engine crankcase, the oil catch can “catch” the oil and other contaminants before they reach your intake system. This makes your intake manifold clean and oil-free, enabling your truck to maintain its peak power and performance. To match your truck’s intense driving performance, our oil catch cans were manufactured using high-quality and durable materials. Most of our oil catch cans are made of strong aluminum for a longer lifespan. They are also completed with protective finishes which help fortify their defenses against corrosive elements. What’s more, you can select from our variety of oil catch cans that come in different fluid ounce capacities. Larger oil catch cans let you enjoy longer intervals between cleanings, while smaller catch cans help you save on costs. Other than getting our truck oil catch cans, you may also want to check out our selection of air filters and cold air intakes. With these products, you can further enhance your truck’s engine performance for optimum driving action.