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Truck Lift Kits

Truck Lift Kits

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One of the best upgrades that can turn your stock pickup into a powerful off-roading beast is a truck lift kit. This system is designed to raise your vehicle’s ride height, giving you more ground clearance to overcome various obstacles and install bigger tires. Depending on how you want your vehicle to perform off-road, you’ll need a lift kit with different components. For the best aftermarket truck products, check out the catalogs on the AmericanTrucks website today. We at AmericanTrucks know that not all pickups are used the same way and that’s why we carry a wide range of truck parts and accessories. You can definitely find lift kits for trucks that fit your vehicle’s specs and your budget in our inventory. Each of our lift kits is made by a trusted brand, so you know that what you’re getting is built to handle the toughest off-road terrains. Our kits also come in a variety of height levels, with some boasting up to 8.50 inches of height increase. You can also get lift kits that are designed to raise a specific part of your pickup like its suspension and radius arms. We even have lift kits that can lift your truck’s front, rear, or both. Plus, you can get additional upgrades to further improve your vehicle’s performance once the lift kit is installed. Products like shocks and aftermarket truck suspension components, for example, can greatly enhance the vehicle’s ride quality and shock absorption capabilities. Want to know more about the products we’re carrying? Feel free to visit our contact page and give us a call today.


Raise the height of your pickup while making it better for off-roading with truck lift kits. A lift kits for trucks are a special suspension enhancement that lift the body of your pickup further away from the wheels. These kits are designed to increase ground clearance and to allow for larger tires to be installed. By adding a modest lift to your truck you could increase the ground clearance of your ride dramatically by investing in oversized off-road tires. There are many different lift kits to consider here at American Trucks. The trick is deciding on the kit that’s going to help you achieve your lift goal without costing more than necessary or raising the height of your ride more than necessary.

Truck Lift Kits for Leveling

Some truck owners simply want truck lift kits to change the look of their ride. For these owners it often makes the most sense to invest in a leveling kit. A leveling kit raises the front of the truck more than the rear to make the truck level from front to back. Stock trucks are higher in the back than they are up front for towing and hauling purposes. A leveling kit helps even things out and can change the look of a truck substantially. If you want to enhance the appearance of your ride, getting a slight leveling kit can help. Invest in truck lift kits and:

  • increase the ground clearance of your pickup
  • make space for larger tires
  • enjoy off-roading more capably
  • enhance the style of your ride

A simple leveling kit is an easy way to change the appearance of your pickup and it won’t require many modifications either. Most leveling kits are simple spacers that install on key suspension components such as the struts. Once the spacers are added the rest of the vehicle performs the same with a slightly different look. You could invest in new GMC Sierra wheels or exterior trim to change the look of your ride as well. There are many different aftermarket parts and accessories you can use to dress up your ride in a major way. Invest in a few of these different improvements to make your pickup stand out the way you want it to.

Larger Truck Lift Kits for Off-Roading

If you’re planning on taking your truck off-roading it makes sense to invest in more extreme truck lift kits to fit oversized tires and other upgrades. A lift kit is one of the first improvements you can make to a pickup that you want to take on trails and in other off-roading situations. Along with a lift kit you should get new tires and a set of Dodge Ram LED light bars for enhanced vision while driving at night. A set of rock lights will also help you see where you’re driving and help you avoid obstacles while driving at night. Many truck owners will invest in body armor, grill guards and skid plates as well for more serious off-roading adventures. With so many different aftermarket truck parts to choose from, lift kits for trucks are just one of the many different improvements you can make to your ride. Getting to know the upgrade options that are available to you will help you choose the options that will help you make the most out of your truck. Invest in the right improvements and your truck will be more powerful, more stylish and more enjoyable to use as well. The trick is deciding which upgrades you want to make and choosing the right parts for each of your upgrades to help you achieve the goals you have for your truck.