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2019 GMC Sierra 1500

2019 was the debut of the fifth-generation GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck. Entirely refreshed, a major theme of this new pickup is weight loss. Improvements to the frame (high strength steel), extensive use of aluminum in the body panels, reworked suspension components and a first-ever carbon-fiber bed make the 2019 Sierra 1500 the strongest to date and close to 500 lbs lighter than its predecessor. The new 2019 Sierra 1500 is wider, taller and longer than before and hosts a few unique features. Available on the truck is what GMC calls the MultiPro tailgate. This tailgate within a tailgate can split and fold into six different configurations. For off-road enthusiasts, a trail-oriented AT4 (all-terrain four-wheel drive) trim is a factory option, equipping such trucks with improved ground clearance, all-terrain tires and additional under-chassis skid plates. A 4.3L V6, 5.3L V8 and a 6.2L V8 are the base engine options, with plans to include a 2.7L turbo-four and a 3.0L turbodiesel down the road.

Instant Load Adaptability

The 2019 Sierra 1500 uses a multi-pack leaf spring system at the rear. For those that tow and haul frequently, improving the ability of this live axle system can be done by installing air ride suspension. An air suspension kit, or air spring, installs alongside the factory leaf spring and is purposed to provide additional load bearing and leveling capability. By varying the air pressure within the air bag, you can control the level of sag and ride firmness of the rear suspension. If you need a firmer ride or to eliminate squat, increase the pressure of the springs. Conversely, if lightly loaded, reduce the pressure accordingly. Entry level kits will include two springs, the brackets and nylon lines. It is recommended to install an air suspension kit that includes internal jounce stops, as the factory stops are removed in order to accommodate the air spring. When the bag is deflated or at low pressure, the internal jounce stop will prevent the suspension from completely bottoming out and damaging any components as result. Stainless steel air lines are preferred over the basic nylon variety, as they are significantly more robust and much harder to kink or pinch. When it comes to adding or removing air, this can be done using an external compressor. Of course, for those that want instant adaptability anywhere they go, air suspension systems can be linked up with an onboard compressor and automated monitoring system, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments.

Bed Protection

If not already equipped with one from the factory, it is highly recommended to add a bed mat or liner to the floor on your 2019 Sierra 1500. Both the steel and carbon-fiber beds offered by the factory are strong, but they can still easily suffer damage from cargo being unintentionally dropped or inadvertently shifting around.

  • Reduce cargo from sliding around
  • Absorb impacts

The purpose of a bed liner is to add an additional protective layer that adds friction to the bed surface and yet is also impact absorbent. That's why you'll find that Sierra 1500 bed liners are usually made from a polypropylene elastomer or a rubberized compound. Both offer good tensile strength, are easy to mold, can be textured (for non-slip) and are impact absorbent. And of course, being in the bed means they are likely to be exposed to the elements, and both of these materials are waterproof and UV-treated resistant.

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2019 GMC Sierra 1500

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