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Chevy Silverado Bed Covers & Tonneau Covers

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How to Choose A Bed Cover For Your Chevy Silverado - The Haul

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Best Selling Tonneau Covers for your Silverado

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Chevy Silverado Bed Covers & Tonneau Covers

Make your truck more capable and efficient with a Silverado 1500 tonneau cover. Tonneau covers are special covers that sit over the flat of your truck bed to make it into a smooth, sealed surface. These covers protect the cargo in your truck bed from mild weather and help give you a space that isn't affected by air while driving at high speeds. At American Trucks, we have tonneau covers made from a range of different materials. Some covers are soft, while others are hard. The different covers all serve the same purpose, but they look and perform slightly differently while doing it. That's why it's helpful to read through our Guide to finding the right tonneau cover to learn more specifics. We'll cover more about how to select the right cover below as well.

Best Hard Tonneau Covers for Chevy Silverado Trucks

Among our Chevy Silverado 1500 tonneau covers, some of the best we offer are hardcovers. Hard tonneau covers are more durable and offer more protection for the items in your truck bed. These covers are often made from a hard plastic or fiberglass material. There are also some covers that are made from tough aluminum. The different covers are lightweight, rigid, and designed for optimal protection.


Choose the best tonneau cover for your Chevy Silverado and you'll enjoy:


  • A weather resistant cargo space
  • Protection for cargo
  • a more efficient pickup truck
  • storage versatility for your truck
  • a longer lasting truck bed


When choosing a tonneau cover for your Silverado, make sure you get a product that's going to fit it properly. That means choosing a cover that fits your truck bed properly, and that is meant for your specific truck model year. Different trucks have different style and length beds, which is why it's so important to choose a tonneau cover that's going to fit your ride right. As long as you're willing to spend the time finding the perfect match, your tonneau cover will install without too much trouble, and it should provide a nice snug fit and excellent protection for your truck's cargo. You can add a bed liner as well for even more protection.

Tri-Fold & Retractable Bed Covers for Chevy Silverado Trucks

When choosing a Chevy Silverado 1500 tonneau cover, you should look at how the cover functions as well and select a cover that's going to work the way you need it to. If you haul frequently, you should look for a tri-fold tonneau cover or a retractable tonneau cover. These special covers get out of the way when you have large items to put in your truck bed. Hard tonneau covers that are designed to block the entire truck bed will protect your stored items well, but you'll have to fully remove them in order to haul oversized items with your truck.


Different tonneau covers perform in different ways. Retractable covers roll up and out of the way and lock in position at the front of your truck bed, so they aren't blocking the bed. Tri-fold overs fold up into sections and take up only a portion of your truck's bed, depending on how they are folded. Full-sized hardcovers lift up with a hinge or a strut and are either fully engaged or fully disengaged.


Carefully choose a tonneau cover that's the color and style you want for your truck. Select between a soft vinyl cover or a cover made from a hard material such as aluminum, fiberglass, or plastic. Also, consider upgrading your truck's exterior trim for even better style improvements, decide on a cover that's going to protect the rear of your truck and help you do more with it.


Popular Chevy Silverado Tonneau Cover Types: Chevy Silverado Bed Cap, Chevy Silverado Retractable bed cover, Chevy Silverado Roll Up bed cover, Chevy Silverado Hard Folding bed cover, Chevy Silverado Hinged bed cover, Chevy Silverado Snap bed cover, Chevy Silverado Soft Folding bed cover


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