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2017 Ram 1500

Coming standard on the 2017 Ram 1500 is a capable and efficient 3.6L V6 with 305 horsepower that provides enough muscle for everyday tasks. Dodge axed the six-speed transmission for this model year, meaning the V6 is mated with an eight-speed automatic. Opting for the available 5.7L V8 engine delivers 395 horsepower, while the 3.0L turbo diesel EcoDiesel V6 outputs 240 horsepower. Like its predecessors, the 2017 model comes with the coil spring rear suspension, which delivers the smooth ride quality that the Ram 1500 is known for. The trade-off however is a reduced maximum towing capacity compared to the conventional leaf spring setups of other full-sized pickups. The 2017 1500 is rated to tow between 4,210 and 10,620 pounds, depending on configuration, while its payload ratings range from 1,250 and 1,880 pounds.

Wheel Well Style

Brake calipers can wear down with time, and can become a bit of an eyesore. Caliper covers are designed to fit on top of the caliper, hiding existing flaws and giving the truck a new refreshed appearance. They can also help to control brake fade, brake dust and caliper heat. Most high-quality covers are made from aerospace grade aluminium, which has excellent heat conduction properties, which helps to dissipate heat away from the brakes. Covers will also redirect brake dust away from the wheels and towards the back of the vehicle, keeping the wheels cleaner for longer. Caliper covers are reasonably easy to install, the hardest part is removing the wheels. With many featuring brightly colored finishes and the “Ram” or “Hemi” logos, once in place, caliper covers can really help to make your wheel wells pop.

Beef up your Suspension

Control arms are a critical component of any suspension; it controls the movements of the tires and ensures they go up and down smoothly. The most common problem with a control arm is a worn down ball joint, which can lead to a poor ride quality, loose steering and front end popping. Considering the Ram’s reputation for ride quality, that’s probably the last thing you want. For lifted rigs, aftermarket control arms are a necessity. Unless it's a very mild lift or levelling kit (2-inches or less), a stock control arm will likely not be able to handle the amount of suspension travel resulting from a lift. Raising the Ram up extends the control arms to their full droop, and this can be a real contributor to the stock ball joints popping out of their seat. Most aftermarket control arms specify the range of lift they are compatible with, meaning there really is no one-size-fits-all solution. Be sure to choose the right control arm for your planned lift: they can vary from 2 all the way up to 6inches. The additional benefits of aftermarket control arms include:

  • Beefier ball ball joints with a heavy duty design that use sealed dust boots, forged housings, low-friction cups and cold-form steel studs. Most also feature an external zerk grease fitting that is used to service the ball joints, and extend their lifespan.
  • Superior strength courtesy of their low gauge steel construction with thick welds. Aftermarket arms are designed to withstand significantly more stress before failing.
  • Their bushings are available in either rubber or polyurethane. Rubber is also used on stock, and their malleability means they are great at reducing road noise but their shelf life is short. Polyurethane bushings are more rigid and will deflect less under load. They’re louder than rubber, but much more durable with a longer life-span.

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