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Customer Service

General Warranty Top

Unless otherwise stated on a specific product page, all items sold on AmericanTrucks.com will be covered by a limited warranty ensuring the product is free from material defects in workmanship or materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of 30 days from the original purchase date. AmericanTrucks.com makes no other warranties, of any kind whatsoever, whether express, implied, oral, or written.

Extended Warranty FAQ Top

Q: Who do I contact with questions about the extended warranty, or to place a warranty claim?

A: Please call us at 844-870-4881 with any questions, issues or claims you need to make on your warranty.


Q: Do I need to return the item that my extended warranty covers?

A: If using the extended warranty, no, you do not need to return the item.


Q: If I use my warranty to have my item replaced, can I get another warranty on the replacement item that I receive?

A: No, you cannot get a warranty on a replacement item.


Q: Can I use my warranty to get a refund on the item, instead of a replacement?

A: No, the warranty covers a replacement only. You cannot get a refund.


Q: What if the item my warranty covers is discontinued or otherwise no longer offered by AmericanTrucks?

A: We can assist in choosing another item that is of equal value to the purchase price of the item that was previously ordered that your warranty covers.


Q: Is the warranty refundable?

A: Once you purchase the warranty, and if you decide to return the item and there is nothing wrong with it, you will not receive the cost of the warranty back.


Q: Could I use my warranty towards another item of equal or lesser value?

A: No. Your warranty only covers the exact part you purchased.


Any questions about the specifics of the definitions or information about this warranty, please see our Warranty Details page.

Extended Warranty Summary Top

Extended Limited Warranty (12, 24, or 36 Month)

  • Replace the Cost of the Covered Part
  • No Deductibles Required
  • Notification of Enrollment within 24 Hours


Extended Warranty. AmericanTrucks/Turn5 Inc. is proud to offer an optional 12/24/36 month extended limited warranty to our customers that purchase an eligible product. The program administrator will replace the cost of the covered part of a period of 12/24/36 months after the manufacturer's warranty elapses, or from the date of purchase if the manufacturer does not offer a warranty.

Coverage. A Covered Part has failed when it can no longer perform the function for which it was originally designed solely because of its condition and not because of the action or inaction of any non-covered parts. The benefits available under this Limited Warranty are strictly provided to you for the replacement of the Covered Part(s) which fails due to a defect.

Notification Sent Via Email. You will receive notification of your enrollment in the extended product warranty program via email within 24 hours of placing your order. Please save this email for possible future reference.

No Deductibles Required. There are no deductibles required for use of this extended product warranty. If your covered part fails within the extended warranty time frame, simply call the program administrator at 1-844-870-4881 for instructions before any repairs or replacements have begun. Additional contact details and instructions will be included in your confirmation email.