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Ford F-150 Fender Flares

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Ford F-150 Fender Flares

At American Trucks, we offer a variety of Ford F-150 fender flares and other exterior enhancements you can make to your ride. Fender flares might seem like a simple enhancement you can make to your truck, but they are good for style purposes and for protecting the paint and finish of your truck as well. The right fender flares can keep rocks away from the body of your vehicle and give you the durability you need to drive on rough terrain without as many issues. If you're considering enhancing the tires of your pickup, or you want to make other off-road improvements to your ride, consider fender flares as well. Learn more about fender flares and their styles in our guide here, or keep reading to find out about some specific flare options for you.

Fenders for F150 Trucks

Every Ford F-150 comes with F-150 fender flares as a stock offering, but the flares that come with your pickup aren't meant to take major impacts, and they have a pretty subtle appearance. Our aftermarket flares are built for durability and to give your truck a more custom look. If you're looking to up the wow factor of your truck, consider an off-color set of fender flares that match exterior trim enhancements such as a new grille guard, or a set of side rails. Fender flares will likely be just one of the upgrades you add to your truck. Choose the flares that look best, and you'll love the new appearance of your truck.


Adding quality fender flares to your truck won't just change its look. They'll give you the following benefits:


  • Protect your truck from rocks and other loose debris
  • Enhance the style of your F-150
  • Improve the side-protection of your ride
  • Improve your truck's overall durability


To enjoy the full range of benefits that quality fender flares offer your pickup, the flares you select must be matched to the year and model of your pickup exactly. Choose fender flares that match your ride while looking good at the same time, and consider if you need flares that reach out further than the stock options do. You can get fender flares that stretch outward for more protection; this is important when you invest in oversized tires and other off-road enhancements.

Wheel Flares for F150 Trucks

F-150 fender flares or wheel flares are powerful off-roading tools that keep your truck in better shape while you drive over gravel and other potentially harmful surfaces. These accessories are simple to install, and once you have your new F-150 wheel flares, you'll be more prepared for oversized tires and other enhancements.


Consider how fender flares can work to protect your truck, along with improvements such as mud flaps, skid plates, body armor, lift kits, and more. With the right set of exterior accessories, you can take your truck from a stock driver to a more capable off-roading machine. Even if you don't want to go off-roading, a new set of fender flares along with exterior trim can help enhance the look of your pickup exactly the way you want. Fender flares are simple accessories, but when combined with other aftermarket items, they can deliver some very big performance and style improvements for your pickup truck. Look through our selection of aftermarket lift kits, exterior trim items, and our performance-enhancing parts for your Ford F-150 pickup truck at American Trucks. A few simple enhancements can completely transform the performance and appearance of your truck, and that's exactly what many truck owners are looking for.


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Fitment Includes:

  • Base Model, XL, XLT, Lariat, Lightning, King Ranch, Harley Davidson,STX, FX2, FX4, Limited, Platinum, Raptor
  • 2.7L EcoBoost, 3.5L V6, 3.5L EcoBoost, 3.7L V6, 4.2L V6, 4.6L V8, 5.0L V8, 5.4L V8, 6.2L V8

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