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2013 Silverado 1500

The last year of the GMT900 platform, Chevrolet made very few changes to the 2013 Silverado 1500 lineup as their main focus was on the next-generation Silverado, to be released the following year. All in all, apart from three new colors added, the 2013 half-ton Silverado remains the same as the year prior. The Vortec lineup of engines included the 4.3L V6, 4.8L V8, 5.3L V8 and a 6.2L V8, all of them producing at least 300 horsepower.

Top Suspension Performance

Coil over shock absorber systems can perform a pivotal role in regards to off-road capability. In fact, 2013 Silverado 1500 trucks are equipped from the factory with a front coil over suspension; however, it is neither adjustable in height nor in dampening, and is tuned for comfort and load as opposed to off-road versatility. For the 2013 Silverado 1500 owners out there that are really into trail-driving, upgrading to an aftermarket front coil over will have a huge effect. Aftermarket coil overs are ride height adjustable, as the strut housings are externally threaded, the top plate can be moved up or down the body and thereby changes the ride height in that fashion. Additionally, aftermarket coil overs often feature an external valve control that allows you to change the compression and rebound characteristics of the strut. Extremely high end coil over components will also feature an external oil reservoir. Separating the reservoir from inside the shock body allows for greater capacity and better cooling, meaning these shocks can take more abuse before they start to degrade. In that regard, shock diameter is also important to pay attention to. The larger the shock diameter, the more oil it will contain and can more effectively dampen the coil spring before getting too hot. A 2" shock is well suited for mild off-roading whereas a 2.5" is more or less the industry norm for heavy off-road action.

Pumpkin Spice

The factory differential cover is a basic stamped steel unit lacking easy maintenance provisions. Replacing it with an aftermarket differential cover is a simple way to make maintenance easy and gain added flair. Aftermarket units are generally made from aluminum and are a lot thicker and more robust than a stock steel piece. Available with a raw, polished, black or milled look, these covers all look considerably more substantial. Further, in addition to a drain plug, a good aftermarket cover will also incorporate a fill plug, making it easy to perform routine maintenance on the differential and ensure the fluid level is where it should be. Selecting a differential cover is based on style, and then be sure to pick the appropriate size. 2013 Silverado 1500 pickups could be equipped with one of the following size differentials:

  1. 8.5" differential - 10 bolt
  2. 9.5" differential - 14 bolt
  3. 10.5" differential - 14 bolt

Determining which you have can be done by counting the number of bolt holes around the OEM cover, or more simply, check the RPO codes found in the glove box. If still unsure, your local dealer should be able to pull up the information through the VIN. Once you've selected your cover of choice, it is important to verify if it comes with a gasket and new bolts. If it doesn't, be sure to pick up a new set of each.

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