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SCT X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner (15-20 5.0L F-150)

Item T06G15-50
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey everybody, I'm Justin with, and this is my detailed review, dyno test and drive of the SCT preloaded performance tunes on the SCT X4/SF4 Power Flash tuning device, available for your 2015 and up five liter F150. The preloaded SCT X4 is going to be for the F150 owners out there looking to go with one of the most trusted names in the aftermarket tuning category and one that's going to get you some more all around performance out of your F150. Now you should also be considering this device here if you're looking for one of the most affordable devices in the category, along with one that's going to be very user-friendly and offers some pretty cool bells and whistles. Now in this video, guys, I'm going to walk you through the power improvements, overstock, the difference in fuel economy and the difference in drivability of our SCT Tune five liter truck, so hang out with me for a little bit because I'll walk you through the device, we're even going to hop in and go for a spin later on. But first, let's talk about what kind of power numbers you can expect with your own rig. Before we meet any pools on our Dynojet, we'll replace the big heavy aftermarket 35s in the rear of our truck with the factory wheel entire setup, just for the most accurate results on our dyno. We then proceeded to get our baseline numbers out of the way. After that, we uploaded our 87 octane SCT performance tune, and ran the truck one more time. Finally, we drained all that 87 octane, filled it with 93 octane, reran the truck with the corresponding 93 octane performance tune from SCT, and here are all those results. Baseline run using our 2015 5 liter F150 on 87 octane gave us 278 horsepower and 316 pound feet of torque at the rear wheels. With the 87 octane performance tune from SCT uploaded, the truck is now making 280 horsepower, 325 pound feet of torque. With the 93 octane performance tune from SCT, the truck made 290 horsepower, 339 pound feet of torque. So with the 87 octane tune in the truck, only picked up a peak gain of 3 horsepower, and 9 pound feet of torque, with curve gains of 12 horsepower and 13 pound feet of torque respectively. On 93 octane, the truck did much better, picking up peak gains of 12 horsepower, 23 pound feet of torque over the baseline numbers, and gains of 23 horsepower and 25 pound feet of torque under the curve. Now full disclosure, guys, I spent the last week or two driving our five liter F150 with a number of different tunes and devices just to monitor things like power improvement, fuel economy and of course drivability. Now my drive consists of a nice, healthy mix of highway and back roads, and with the factory calibration I was averaging roughly 11 to 12 miles per gallon with our 6 inch lifed F150 and those 35s. With the 93 octane performance tune from SCT, I was seeing 13 to 13 and a half miles per gallon, again taking the same route and with a rather heavy foot. One thing to point out here, guys, with other tuning options on this site, you are going to be receiving separate tunes for both towing and fuel efficiency, along with some kind of performance tune. Now, the SCT X4 preloads, you're really only receiving a performance tune, which is going to be good for stock to lightly modified F150s. Modifications such as your cold air intakes, exhaust, things like that. Now on the flip side, guys, if you do want a little bit more power or you want thosefuel economy or towing specific tunes, you can check out some of our more custom tuning options available here at On that same topic, if you're perfectly happy with those preloads for now, but you plan on adding some more modifications down the road, the SCT X4 and the SCT Livewire are the only two devices currently on the site that will be able to carry those custom tunes for you. So, we are going to touch on the drivability of the preloaded X4 tunes here in a minute, but first, let's quickly touch on price. The preloaded X4 is going to be one of your most affordable options here on the site when it comes to tuning your truck, coming in just south of that $400 price point. Only the Edge HT2 and the Super Chips F5 are going to be slightly more affordable. But honestly, guys, for the money, the X4 is going to be the most capable and most user friendly to device, while also being able to give you those custom tuning options down the road. Now guys, we can talk about this thing all day, but what do you say we hop in the truck, we'll go for a spin and we'll talk a little bit more about the drivability. Alright, guys, so we're out on the road in our 2015 5 liter F150. We have the SCT 93 octane performance tune up loaded in the truck. And again, just want to give you some of my basic impressions driving this thing around for the last week, and just basically how the truck feels now compared to how it did before in stock form. SCT went and just turned it up a notch, pretty much across the board. Everything is just a little bit more increased or a little better, I guess you could say. Power, again, not going to totally blow your socks off here, but you can tell the truck is a little stronger, especially down low. The shifts are a little firmer overall. Again, definitely not the firmest shifts I've felt out of all the tunes I've tested, but again, you can play with that a little bit as well. But overall, it really is just a nice well rounded experience with the SCT preloads. Again, the 87 octane, you're really not going to see a whole lot of a difference with that. Yes, you will see some of the transmission settings be improved slightly, the shifts are a little firmer, things like that. It doesn't do anything it shouldn't do. It's definitely not stalling. There's no surging issues anywhere. It idles rock solid. It drives like a stock truck, again, just turned up a notch or two. That's the best way I can describe it. I wish it shifted with a little bit more throttle input. One thing I did notice is you really got to lean into it to get it to downshift, and that's something I know a lot of you guys at home watching this probably want to fix. I will say that another tune option that I tested, the throttle input and the sensitivity was a lot better. Basically, you got the truck to downshift a lot easier, so you're always in the power bend. With the SCT I did notice you really do have to lean on it if you want this thing to boogie. But once you get into it, it definitely hauls the mail and for being a big truck lifted with 35, it definitely moves along pretty good. The miles per gallon, again, not too bad considering we are lifted 6 inches, we are hauling around some heavy 35s on this thing. Just a great driving experience. So, if you have a daily driver, you just want to turn it up a little bit, you don't want to get too crazy, you might throw on a cold air intake, or an exhaust down the road, the SCT preloads are a great way to go. You really won't be disappointed with them. And if you do want to go with a custom tune down the road, you can do that with the SCT device, so it is giving you the best of both options there. So that's my driving impressions of the SCT preloads. So let's head back into the shop, and I'll walk you through the SCT X4 tuner itself. And I think you'll find the SCT is going to be one of your most popular devices in the tuning aftermarket. The X4 is definitely one of the most user friendly devices, at least in my experience, and we're going to walk you through it right now. We'll start with the gauges and data logging. Now I think this is going to be probably the most popular feature with the X4. It's something a lot of you guys are going to use the most I think, when having this thing in your rig. You're starting off with two pieces of data here, now you have your intake air temperature and your control module voltage. Now this is only one of many layouts with the X4, we'll get into a little bit here. We can actually go ahead and select our gauge layout. Now you have a number of different layouts to choose from with the X4. So two is what they start you off with, but you can go all the way down to eight here at one time to be displayed on the screen. We'll rundown through some of them right now. Of course, starting with boost if you had an EcoBoost, that would probably be a very useful one. Voltage, coolant temp, intake air temperature, fuel trims, things like that, we have all kinds of stuff. Your air fuel ratio, which is a big one with the SCT. A ton of different stuff to choose from with the X4 and have it all be displayed here for you. So, you can go through the menu, you can actually choose a horizontal or landscape mode and have it be displayed sideways if you prefer. Personally, I like using it in the vertical mode, and I found that you can buy the suction cup mound if you want, but I actually have a holder for my iPhone, works perfectly in there. Not a bad idea for you guys. Now if you want to actually data log this stuff, if you're, like I said, making a wide open throttle pull, if you want to review some data logs, see what the truck is doing, very, very easy to do. You're going to want to set up all the stuff you want to data log and when it comes time to record it, all you do is simply hit that middle button there, you can see the record button flashes up, you let it go as long as you want and you can basically stop at any point hitting the center button again. And this is something that you probably want to offload onto your computer to be reviewed by your tuner, by yourself if you're into that sort of thing. So we'll go down one to your vehicle functions. This is your diagnostic tool with the X4. This is going to be where you read and clear diagnostic trouble codes or your check engine lights, better known as we have no codes currently. But if you did, it would display the code and it's identifier basically, starting with a "P" or something like that, and it would actually expand upon what it is. So if you had a misfire code, something like that, it would tell you on here. And you can actually clear the codes too, if you wanted. Go down one, clearing your codes, all of our codes are cleared, so there you go. Go down one more. This is your special vehicle functions. You can do a cam reset, which is your keep alive memory, basically stored in the ECU. Basically, this gets cleared every time you disconnect your battery anyway or your crank relearn if you happen to have a misfire code, something like that, you'd get into that. So, again, very useful things to have here on the X4. Go down to vehicle info, you can view your VIN here, your strategy code, which is what you're going to need to look at once in awhile when communicating with your tuner, ECU, all that good stuff there. Now a nice thing about the X4, this thing has built-in wireless, so if you do need to update your firmware, which is something you need to do with tuners frequently, they oftentimes send out updates. You don't need to plug this thing in to update it. It's wireless, so as long as it hooks up into your WiFi, the X4 will download the necessary firmware updates for you automatically and it's a very useful feature to have. Here's the display orientation I talked about. We can change to landscape if you want. So now, there you see. You can turn it sideways and you can do more of a landscape setting if that's what you're into. We'll change that back to portrait real quick. Light sensor. Again, this is your light sensor. You can actually see it right here. It's built in, so it'll just dim it. If you like automatically, we have that set up already on ours, so it detects automatically when it's dark out, dims it for you, it's pretty nice. Power management mode, that's a way it won't kill your battery. Basically, you can leave this thing plugged in at all times. You leave it on auto here, it'll basically be powered down after being inactive for a few minutes. If you leave it always on, it's going to drain your battery, so just leave it on auto and you should be good to go there. This is pretty cool as well. Start up, you can either have it start up every time you plug it in or turn your truck on, it'll default to the main menu. Or what I do when I had the X4 in my truck, I have it start automatically to the gauges, because that's where you usually end up anyway. So that's pretty cool, they give you that option. And then your factory reset. This is just going to reset the gauges. The X4 can do custom tunes for you if you eventually want to go down that road. As you can see, there's no custom tunes found on the device right now, and that's perfectly normal, because we do have the preloads in here. So we're going to select the five liter F150 of course. You're looking at an 87, 91 and 93 octane preload. These are all the performance tunes. You can switch easily. For instance, if you want to do a 93 octane tune, there you go, we're in 93. Speed limiter. Again, pretty cool here. You can basically set your speed limiter to whatever you like. We have rev limiters here while driving, 6250 is what we're looking at now. Again, if you wanted to keep more of a nanny feature on this thing, you can keep the rev limiter down. Again, rev limiter in neutral as well, so you're not revving this thing to the moon while in neutral. Idle speed neutral, set at 600RPMs. So these are all the, basically, the different features you can adjust before you actually upload the tune. We'll go back to 87 octane here, but this is the stuff you can change. Now yes, this is a preloaded tune. You can have some flexibility with it. You do have the ability to play with it a little bit. So this is what your basic options are when it comes to that. So if everything looks good, you're going to approve that. And then your special operations are unavailable, you hit continue, and then at that point, you're uploading your tune. Now when it comes to uploading your tune, guys, a basic one out of three install here. As you can see, we just plug it into the dash or underneath the dash. It's going to take 15 minutes or so, give or take, to flash the truck for the first time. Plug it in, navigate through a few menus and you're good to go. The truck's been flashed. So, the easiest thing you'll ever do to your truck, you're not going to get your hands dirty. So that's going to wrap up my review of the SCT preloads on the X4 tuner device. Be sure to learn more about the device and the tunes right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • SF4/X4 is the Newest Replacement for the Popular SF3/X3
      • Pre-Configured SCT Tunes (Not available for 2020 Model Year)
      • Supports Custom Tuning
      • Improves Horsepower, Torque, Overall Performance, and More
      • Curve Gains of 12 RWHP / 13 RWTQ - 87 Octane Tune
      • Curve Gains of 23 RWHP / 25 RWTQ - 93 Octane Tune
      • On Screen Data Logging and Monitoring
      • Reads/Clears DTC Trouble Codes
      • Full Color LCD Display with Auto Dim Feature
      • PC/Windows Compatible Only
      • Works on All 2015-2020 5.0L F-150s


      Increased HP and Torque. From the factory, the manufacturer programs their vehicles to cater to the needs of the daily driver, not the performance enthusiast. After loading a SCT pre-configured strategy tune on a vehicle, even a bone stock, unmodified coyote powered F-150 will realize noticeable gains in Horsepower, Torque, and Fuel Economy. Curve Gains of 12 RWHP / 13 RWTQ (87 Octane) and 23 RWHP / 25 RWTQ (93 Octane) have been seen on a bone stock 5.0L F-150.

      Increase your mod's potential.
      Factory computer settings are calibrated for the original factory components. When making performance modifications, you need to recalibrate the vehicle's computer to realize the full potential that these modifications can achieve.

      Compact Design. The SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner measures in at 2.7” wide X 5.5” tall making it much smaller than the original SF3/X3 for easy storage in your center console or glove box. The cord is detachable and there is no battery or power supply needed. It uses the power from your vehicle's diagnostic port or computers USB connection.

      Full Color Display. The SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner features a full color 2-3/4" diagonal LCD screen with user adjustable portrait or landscape modes. The SF4/X4 also has a convenient power saving auto dim feature.

      Diagnostics. The SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner can also be used as a diagnostic code reader. Save yourself hundreds of dollars each year by reading and clearing your own trouble codes rather than paying a dealer to do the same. Its as easy as a few simple steps.

      On Screen Data Logging and Monitoring. With a full color LCD display, the SCT SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner makes it EASY to read the Built-In Data Logging or Real Time Monitored Vehicle Data, view popular sensor data such as EGT, Air/Fuel Ratio or any other 0-5 Volt source.

      Easy to load; easy to restore. When you load a SCT pre-configured strategy tune on the vehicle, the tuner automatically stores your vehicle's factory settings. To return the vehicle to its factory settings, just plug the tuner back in, select the option to restore the factory settings, and you're done.

      SCT SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner Features:

      • The SF4/X4 by SCT is the newest replacement for the popular SF3/X3
      • Full color LCD display with auto dim feature
      • On screen data logging and monitoring
      • Reads/clears DTC Trouble Codes
      • PC/Windows compatible
      • Tuner can be taken to a local shop for DYNO tuning

      SCT SF4/X4 Adjustable Parameters:

      • WOT Fuel Adjustment
      • Idle RPM
      • Spark Adjustment
      • Transmission Shift Points
      • Axle Ratio
      • Fuel Injector Size
      • Tire Size - Rev / Mile
      • Air Intake Selection
      • Cooling Fan Temps
      • Traction Control On / Off
      • Rev / Speed Limiters
      • Two Step On / Off RPM
      * Not all adjustments available on all vehicles.

      Application. The SCT SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner is designed for use on all 2015 to 2020 F-150s equipped with the 5.0L V8 engine.

      Technical Note. This SCT Power Flash Tuner is not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles.

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      SCT 7015

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) SF4/X4 Power Flash Tuner
      • (1) USB PC Interface Cable

      Tech Specs

      Memory Size:4 GBCustom Tunes Held:10
      Year:2015-2016 5.0LModel:SF4/X4 Power Flash F-150 Pre-Loaded Tuner
      Manufacturer:SCTSpecial Features:Full color LCD display

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