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2017 GMC Sierra 1500

The 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck keeps the status quo, as it just received a mid-cycle refresh a year prior. GMC only made a few changes to the available paint colors and re-arranging certain features into different option groups. Otherwise, the 2017 Sierra 1500 continues as the upscale version to its bow-tie sibling, the Silverado. Powering base model and SLE trucks is the EcoTec3 4.3L V6, which in this current iteration produces 285 horsepower mated alongside a 6-speed automatic. The 5.3L V8, rated at 355 horsepower, becomes the standard engine for SLT and higher level trims and uses an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The most powerful engine offered for the 2017 Sierra 1500 lineup is a 6.2L V8, which ups the horsepower by 65 as compared to the 5.3L. Single cab, extended cab and crew cab suffice as the cab configurations, with the last of those getting a 500 lb max towing bump, landing squarely at 17,500 lbs of max tow.

Factory Confirmed Performance

For 2017, Sierra 1500s optioned with the 5.3L V8 All Terrain X package actually get a 10 horsepower boost (now rated at 365 HP) over the other models thanks to a GMC installed performance exhaust system. This is a clear sign that performance exhaust systems do net gains in addition to producing a deeper, more aggressive sound. Mimicking these gains of the All Terrain X package can be done easily (and cost less!) by equipping your own 2017 Sierra 1500 with a cat-back exhaust system. As the name implies, a cat-back replaces all of the factory exhaust components right up until the catalytic converters. Mandrel-bent piping combined with a high flow muffler reduce exhaust back pressure on the engine and ultimately net more horsepower. This is of course beside the fact that a cat-back system will drastically change the sound of the exhaust from anywhere between moderately aggressive to outright thunderous, with the mufflers becoming less restrictive and more straight-through as the sound levels progress from muted to loud.

  • Reduce back pressure and gain horsepower
  • Aggressive, real V8 sound
  • New look with customized exhaust tips

Custom, Affordable Style

When it comes to customizing the look of a 2017 Sierra 1500 pickup, the value of body and window decals and vinyl simply cannot be beaten. Given the size of the pickup, there is a ton of real estate to deck out with a custom decal or print. Some popular spots are of course the hood, the back glass and the tail gate. Modern decals are made from a 4 mil (with actual measurements at 3.6 mm thick) PVC vinyl, which is an outdoor grade material. The expected lifespan of an exterior grade decal is 5-8 years, depending on climate (exposure to sun, rain etc). High quality decals and vinyls will also have an embedded top layer clear coat that helps minimize ink fade from UV exposure.

Eliminate Factory Rake

All 2017 Sierra 1500 trucks rolling out of the GMC factory sport a raked profile, meaning the rear of the truck is slightly elevated as compared to the front, giving the truck a nose down appearance. This is done so that once some weight is put in the back of the truck, it should even out as opposed to have the back end sag lower. Nonetheless, if you are one of the many that don't like this raked appearance, fixing it is quite easy through the installation of a leveling kit. Depending on how your Sierra 1500 is equipped, a 2" or 2.5" leveling kit should be enough to raise the front evenly with the rear. Comprised of aluminum or billet aluminum cylindrical blocks, the spacers install atop the factory front struts and mount through the top plate. Once installed, it is recommended to have the front alignment checked and adjusted in order to maintain proper tire wear patterns.

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2017 GMC Sierra 1500

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