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2015 Ford F150

The 2015 F150 is the first year of the twelfth generation of this iconic pickup truck, and Ford certainly made some big changes. First and foremost, the new 2015 half-ton makes heavy use of aluminum alloys in the cab and bed. Sitting atop a high-strength boxed steel frame, the 2015 F150 is up to 700 lbs lighter than its predecessor. Also new for the lineup is the introduction of a 2.7L EcoBoost V6 putting out 325 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque. This new EcoBoost V6 will support up to a 2,250 lb payload and 8000 lb towing capacity. All said, the 2015 F150 is a huge leap forward in half-ton capability. Outlined below are two ideas to make the inaugural model of the twelfth-gen F150 even better.

Aggressive Truck Sound

An easy, and coincidentally the least expensive, way to get your 2015 F150 pickup to produce a more aggressive sound is by replacing the muffler. The factory version is an aluminized, baffled muffler that has multiple internal chambers. This type of design is efficient but overall is made to really keep things quiet. Aftermarket F150 performance mufflers range from a moderate rumble to an all-out racing like roar. Multi-chambered and baffled mufflers will be on the low-to-moderate end of the sound spectrum whereas a straight-through single chamber design will offer the most volume. For best sound, performance and longevity, avoid a muffler that uses fibreglass or steel wool packing. Overtime this packing can deteriorate and actually end up clogging the muffler, muting the sound and killing performance. Another area to consider when replacing the muffler on your 2015 F150 is the configuration of the piping. All mufflers have an inlet and an exit. Take a look at the stock muffler beforehand to determine what configuration muffler you need. They come either center-center (meaning the inlet is centered in the muffler and the exit is as well), offset-center, off-set-offset or center-offset. Also pay particular attention to the direction of flow - some mufflers are meant to flow only one way.

Rugged Good Looks

With no shortage of places to mount them on a 2015 F150, adding an LED light bar has a two-fold effect. First, they work great off-road and really help to navigate the trails at night. Second, auxiliary LED light bars add aggressive desert-racing-like Baja style to the pickup. From as small as 8-inches all the way up to a massive 50-inch, modern day LED light bars typically feature an aluminum casing and a minimum IP67 water immersion rating. Like the old incandescent lights of yore, F150 light bars can come in a spot or flood beam, or if big enough, a combo spot and flood beam. Each has their respective pros and cons.

  • Spot beam: Spot beam are better at penetrating further ahead of the truck, but do not provide as wide of an illumination area. Think of them similar to a powerful flashlight.
  • Flood beam: A flood beam, on the other hand, diffuses the light in a much wider pattern, illuminating the width of the trail but not as far down. Think of a flood beam as a powerful lantern, casting light in many directions.
  • Combo spot/flood: A combination LED light bar that has both spot and flood capabilities is the best of both worlds. Most F150 light bars produced today feature this combination, with the outer diodes using a flood lens and the inner diodes projecting through a spot lens.

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2015 Ford F-150

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