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2014 Ram 1500

The big changes to be found within the 2014 Ram 1500 truck lineup are in regard to the engines. The 4.7L V8 gas motor has been dropped entirely, leaving the 5.7L HEMI as the sole gas V8 choice. More exciting, however, is the addition of a 3.0L diesel V6. Rated to tow 9,200 lbs, the 3.0L turbocharged EcoDiesel puts out 240 horsepower and a powerful 420 lb-ft of torque, making it an extremely stout engine that should see good fuel economy when unladen. Turning to the 5.7L Hemi, it receives an uptick in power and torque to 395 and 410, respectively. Other than that, the 2014 Ram 1500 remains the same as the year prior, with 8 trim levels, 3 cab styles (single, crew, mega) and 3 bed lengths.

Easy Added Style

Modifying the look of a car or truck has been done time and time again with the use of decals. Inexpensive, highly customizable and easy to use, personifying the look of your 2014 Ram 1500 with some custom decals and graphics is a no-brainer. Manufactured in all sorts of shapes, patterns and colors, there are a few key components to a quality graphic or decal set that is important to watch out. First off, all these decals are made of vinyl, usually in conjunction with a PVC liner. The thickness of the decal is critical to the durability of it. The thicker the vinyl material, the harder it will be to tear. For exterior grade Ram 1500 decals, the norm is 4-5 millimeters. Heavy duty decals may be in the order of 8 millimeters thick, which is ideal for placement in areas like the fender or lower sections of the door where there is likely to be higher risk of road splash. UV protection is also paramount, as without, a decal placed on the exterior of a Ram will fade very quickly. Finally, the type of ink used in coloring the decal or graphic is also influential. Solvent inks, which are not water based, offer the best durability and weather resistant characteristics.

Rear End Bling

The factory Ram rear differential cover is a stamped steel unit with no fill plug, only a drain. A new differential cover can improve a 2014 Ram 1500 in a few different ways.

  1. Unique, custom look
  2. Increased strength
  3. Easier maintenance

A stamped steel cover is cheap to produce and widely effective - the two main reasons why it is standard equipment. However, given its thin nature, a stamped steel differential cover can prove damaging in an off-road environment, where its malleable nature is easy to peel and bend out of shape if smacked against an obstacle. This is where aftermarket differential covers have a big advantage. Made from cast aluminum or nodular iron, aftermarket Ram 1500 differential covers feature a much thicker construction, making them more robust and better suited to venture across trail obstacles. Cast aluminum is very popular given its relatively high strengh, good cooling characteristics and easy milling nature (easy to make a cool pattern on a cast aluminum cover). Nodular iron, manufactured with a thickened flange and recessed bolt holes, offers the best strength and impact resistance, but does not score as high as aluminum in terms of fluid cooling ability. The last area in which a new differential cover will score points is maintenance. Checking and maintaining the proper fluid level is made easy with a second fill plug, which most aftermarket units incorporate. A secondary touch is a magnetic drain plug, which features a ferromagnetic tip that will attract and trap small metal shavings that may be created inside the differential over time.

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