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Powered Heated Towing Mirrors with Ambient Temp Sensor and Smoked LED Turn Signals; Black (14-16 Silverado 1500)

Item S114234
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey guys. So today, we're checking out the Powered Heated Towing Mirrors with the Ambient Temp Sensor and the Smoked LED Turn Signal fitting all 2014 to 2016 Silverado 1500s. So, if you are looking to tow it with your truck and your factory mirrors are just not cutting it, you're looking for a solution for that, these are going to be a great choice to take a look into. Now, these are gonna be significantly larger than the factory mirrors, offering you a large standard mirror for your daily driving applications for your truck. And then you're going to have a large convex mirror down at the bottom. And this is gonna give you a ton of visibility when it comes to seeing what's behind your truck, making sure that your towing is in optimal condition when you are driving your truck. Now, not to mention, not only are the mirrors just significantly bigger on the actual face of them, but these are going to come out a lot farther and extend a lot farther than the factory mirrors, which again is going to help you out with your visibility.Not only are you getting the functionality, but you also are getting a new look of the tow mirror. So if you're a fan of that, this is gonna be a great choice, especially with the smoked LED turn signal on the side. Now that is going to add more of a stealthy look in comparison to some other choices that are not going to come with the smoked look there. They may come up with the Amber LED or Amber lens there. I personally think that that smoke lens there is going to add a very stealthy look to the truck and match with any other smoked accessories that you already have on your Silverado. Now, this is also going to come with a number of different features, but I would like to mention that only the features that your factory mirrors have will swap over and will transfer over into these new mirrors.So these will come with that ambient temp sensor. These will come with the smoked LED turn signals and they are going to be powered and heated and also have a backup light over on this side. Now, what I would like to say, if you don't have a turn signal or a backup light on your factory mirrors, you will be able to wire that in with a wiring harness that's provided in the kit. However, if you do carry that over from the factory, if you have those features from the factory, then everything is going to be plug and play making it pretty easy to install these new mirrors. When it comes to pricing. These are gonna come in at roughly $275, which is a pretty good price for a set of towing mirrors, especially with all the features included. Now, some other options available on the page may be set up a little bit differently.As far as the features are concerned, they may not include a turn signal. They may not include a smoked turn signal like that. It may be a different finish. Like I mentioned before, it may have a chrome look to it as far as the turn signal's concerned. Or it may also have a different color on the cap of the mirror itself, so you may have a stainless or a chrome look, or you may have some color-matched options to your Silverado. Now, my personal opinion, I think if you're looking to keep it pretty simple, but you're still looking to carry over all of the features that your factory mirrors have and even add features, if you'd like to, then this is going to be a great choice to take a look into. With all that being said like I mentioned, these are going to be mostly plug and play. If you do have to do a little bit of wiring, it is pretty simple. So, I'm gonna give this a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, taking you about an hour to get both sides installed. So, speaking of the install, let's jump into that now.The tools that I used for this install were an impact wrench, a trim removal tool, a soft pry tool, a 1/4-inch drive ratchet, a pick, an extension, a 10-millimeter socket, 7-millimeter socket, and a 4-millimeter socket. So the first step of taking off our mirrors is actually to take off our door card. So our first step is to remove some of these small trim pieces that are going to expose some 7-millimeter screws that we have to remove. So our first trim piece that we're gonna take off is right behind this door handle here. Now you can usually use a soft pry tool for this. You can also use a pick. There's a small little window on the left bottom corner that you can pull back, then we can put this to the side. Right behind that small panel there, we're gonna have a 7-millimeter screw. I'm gonna take a 7-millimeter socket. And I'm also gonna use a small extension just to give myself a little bit of room and we can remove that. So right underneath the door handle in our door panel, we're also going to have another small trim piece. I'm gonna use that same pick, and we can just pull this up and that's going to expose two 7-millimeter bolts or two 7-millimeter screws. I'm gonna use the same 7-millimeter socket with our extension to remove them. Next, we can remove this lower trim piece on the side of our controls here. I'm gonna use a soft pry tool, go underneath, and we can just pull this forward. And then that will expose a bolt on the back here that we need to remove. It's also gonna be a 7-millimeter. It is going to be pretty difficult to see. However, it is in the corner.Again, this is going to be difficult to see but it is in the inner plastic piece here. And it's going to be in the inner corner. So I'm gonna take that 7-millimeter socket and the extension, and we can go ahead and remove that. Now the last two screws that we have to remove are at the bottom of our door panel here, we're gonna still use that 7-millimeter socket, and there's gonna be two at the bottom. So in order to take our door card off, we do have to take off this top trim piece. I know this is gonna start over at the mirror and extend to the frame of the door. So I'm gonna take that soft pry tool, and we are just going to kind of pop this out of place so we can pop our door panel out of place as well. So this is tucked behind our door panel here. We can just maneuver this out because we're gonna have to lift up our door panel in order to remove it. So once the panel is removed, we have a couple of things that we have to remove on the back. So there are two cables that we have to remove. One is just the manual cable here. I'm just gonna use my pick in order to unclip this and pull it back. And then there is a large wiring harness down at the bottom that we can pull up and disconnect.So you have to lift up on this large gray tab, we can pull back and put our door panel aside. Now that we have our door panel off, you'll see that there is a plug that goes all the way up to our mirror. What we're gonna do is push down on that tab and pull back so we can disconnect this plug. And then we can take a trim removal tool or a pry tool, and just remove the clips that are holding in our wiring harness. Next, in order to fully remove our mirror, we have to remove the three nuts here on the inside that's holding onto the studs that's holding our mirror on. I'm using a 10-millimeter socket, my impact wrench, and we can remove those. Now for the last one, you wanna make sure that you have a hand on the mirror. It will pop out. And we can maneuver our wiring harness through and fully remove our mirror.So before we hop into our install, I do wanna stop down and tell guys a little bit more about these new towing mirrors, especially next to our factory ones and show you some of the similarities and the differences between the two. Now, there is not gonna be a lot of similarities considering that this is going to be a big upgrade for your Silverado. And this will offer a number of different features over your stock mirrors. Now starting off with your stock mirror, this is going to be great for stock applications. But it's not necessarily going to be great for towing considering the size of not only just the mirror housing itself and the length of the mirror housing, but this is also gonna have a small standard mirror for daily driving and then a small convex mirror over at the side, which is gonna give you some wide visibility, but it's not going to be as good as these towing mirrors here.Now on some trucks, you might also have painted caps. That is going to be a feature that you're not going to be able to carry over to this new one, considering that this is gonna be made out of a textured plastic material, very similar to the plastic that you see on the factory mirror, but it's not going to come up with those caps there. It's gonna have a pretty standard look as far as the housing itself. Now, when it comes down to the mirror and the overall construction, this is going to, again, provide you a lot of benefits. Not only is this going to be a lot longer than the factory mirror, giving you a lot more room to work with when it comes to visibility, but the mirror is going to be substantially larger. Not only just that standard mirror that's good for daily driving, but the convex mirror on there as well.Now that is going to give you a ton of visibility out of the back of your Silverado, which is going to be great for towing applications, considering that this is specifically made for towing. Now, this is also gonna come with a number of different features, including powered and heated mirrors. This will come with a smoked turn signal, so if you do have a turn signal from the factory and you're looking for a smoked option for more stealthy look, this is going to have that as well. It's gonna come with an ambient temperature sensor, and this is also gonna have a nice little backup light on the side there. Now, what I would like to mention is that whatever features you have out of your factory mirrors are the features that are going to carry over into these new mirrors. And you won't necessarily be able to add all of the features. Now, there is additional wiring where you can wire in the backup light and wire in the turn signal if you don't have that out of the factory. But there is a plug-and-play option if that does come factory.So if you have non-powered non-heated mirrors that will not transfer over into the new mirrors, and so forth and so on. So as long as you have those features, those will carry over, but you will be able to do a little bit of wiring if you need to. Now, overall, again, this is going to be a big upgrade not only because of those features that I just mentioned, but because this is going to provide you a whole ton of visibility out of the back end of your Silverado. So what do you say we go ahead and install our new mirrors? So as you probably saw on our Silverado mirror, we did only have three studs. Now, on some models, you will need this fourth stud here, but we will not need it. So what we're gonna do is remove it. There's a couple of ways that you can remove it. I'm gonna be using a 4-millimeter socket. This will fit around the end of the stud, and we'll be able to turn it out. Now you can use the jam nut method if you do not have a 4-millimeter socket. So you can essentially just put two 10-millimeter nuts on here, and then you can thread it off with those, and a 10-millimeter wrench. I am just, again, going to use the 4-millimeter socket. These are pretty standard in a socket set. If you have access to it, that's probably going to be your easiest method. Now we can wiggle our front cover back up into place, and we can head over to the truck.What we can do now is take our wiring harness and we can fish this through our door. There is gonna be a grommet that we can set in just a minute. We wanna make sure that is in place and we can line up our mirror with our studs. And what we can do just for the time being is take our provided hardware and just thread that on a couple threads, just so the mirror stays in place for the time being. What we can do is just maneuver our grommet into place. And once that's in, we can make sure all of our hardware is on and we can tighten it down with our 10-millimeter socket. So, like I said before, if you don't have a turn signal or a backup light in your factory mirror, then you will have to utilize the wiring harness that comes with this and find a source for that backup light as well as a turn signal and a ground for that. But if you do, all you have to do is plug this in to the connector and then we can plug this into our factory one. And then we can piece back together our door panel.What we can do at this point is plug in our large wiring harness over on the side that we originally unplugged. It's gonna line that up, make sure that it's plugged all the way in, set that large gray lock and the little red locking tab. Next, we have to set our handle lever. So, this is going to have like a little ball on the end. You have to tuck in and then you can stretch the cable to tuck in. And there's gonna be a tab that aligns on the back and it'll just clip it into place. Then what we can do is align our door panel. So, first, we have to hook our door lock into place. So what you have to essentially do with the door panel is hook it on to the window trim right here, or hook the window trim onto that frame on the door. And you wanna make sure that the door lock is also going through. So you kind of have to fish it through at the same time where you hook the top. But once the top is hooked, then what we can do is kind of pull down into place and attach all of the other clips on the back of the door. So before we fully push the panel into place, we do have to maneuver our top trim piece in place as well. Because this is sandwiched by the door trim. So, we wanna make sure that this is sitting where it's supposed to be. And this kind of just molds to the trim on the door.Now that our top trim is basically set in place, what we can do is pull down on our door and we can push it into place. We wanna make sure that all of those clips are aligned. You may not have to pull down, but because this trim up here is not fully tucked in, what we can do is just pull down and it will line up those clips as you just heard. So, we can just continue to kind of press them in place. And then we can attach our screws and pop our trim pieces back into place. Now we can start to install our 7-millimeter screws with our 7-millimeter socket.I'm gonna be starting at the bottom here with the two bottom screws, go for the other one, then we can move up top. So, before we pop our silver trim piece on here, we are going to attach that 7-millimeter screw. Now, I would recommend to have the 7-millimeter socket and an extension to guide the screw in. It might be a little bit difficult at first to get it lined up. Once you get it threaded in, you can tighten it down, and then we can move to the top screws. Next, we can take our two that are in this cutout here, thread them in. I'm just using the extension and that 7-millimeter socket, then we can tighten them down with the impact in just a second.Once those are in, we can take our trim piece, pop that back into place, and move up to our door handle. Next, we can secure the 7-millimeter screw and the door handle compartment here. Our trim piece is back into place. And then we can pop our large trim piece down at the bottom. So this is going to hook in at the top, and we can just give it a good press and we're all set to go. And we can repeat that process on the other side.So, that is going to wrap it up for my review and install. Make sure you like and subscribe for more videos and products just like this. And always keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Towing Mirror - Increase Rear Visibility
      • Manual Telescoping
      • Manual Folding
      • Power Heated Mirrors
      • Power Operated Adjustment
      • Smoked LED Turn Signals
      • Ambient Temperature Sensor
      • Durable, Automotive-Grade ABS Construction
      • OE-style Black Pebble Textured Finish
      • Plug and Play, Bolt-On Installation
      • Sold as a Pair - Driver and Passenger Side Included
      • Fits 2014-2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Models


      Towing Mirrors. Manual Telescoping Towing Mirrors are a great way to increase your rear visibility. These Towing Mirrors are designed to replace the power-operated, heated, manual folding mirrors found on 2014-2016 Silverado 1500 models that feature the ambient temperature sensor system. These Manual Telescoping Towing Mirrors are the ideal solution for Silverados that are driven regularly, but only tow occasionally. Mirror length is approximately 22-inches when fully extended and 18.5-inches when closed.

      Durable ABS Construction. These Towing Mirrors are manufactured from an OEM quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material. ABS is known for its light weight, superior durability and impact resistance, making it the ideal material for use on and off road. These Mirrors are completed in an OE-style, black pebble textured finish that matches your truck's existing factory trim.

      Bolt-on Installation. These Towing Mirrors are designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement using basic hand tools. No cutting or drilling is required, as these Mirrors use existing holes for a painless installation. Removal of the interior door panel may be required for installation.

      Application. These Powered Heated Towing Mirrors with Ambient Temp Sensor and Smoked LED Turn Signals; Black are designed to fit 2014-2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models. Driver and passenger side included.

      Please note that the heated function, signal lights and temperature sensor only applies to vehicles that were originally factory equipped with these features.

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