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RedRock OEM Style Fender Flares (14-18 Silverado 1500)

Item S111309
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$179.99 (set of 4)

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      Video Review & Installation

      Justin: The RedRock OEM Style Fender Flares that we have here today will be a great choice for the 2014 through 2018 Silverado owners looking to add a very subtle factory-style flare but without breaking the bank. Now, this set of four flares will feature a durable automotive-grade matte black plastic, along with all of your hardware needed for the install for just north of the $200 price point. Install, at least according to the site, guys, is gonna get a very strong one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, take a couple of hours to complete from start to finish. But if you hang with me for a bit, we'll walk you through that job a little later in the video.If you're thinking about adding flares to your 3rd Gen Silverado at home, you're gonna find a few different options here on the site, a majority of which will be, let's face it, pretty aggressive. Now they typically are gonna offer a bunch of coverage for an aggressive offset, or in some cases, even offer that bolt-on or pocket-style appearance, both of which will appeal to a lot of truck owners out there.Now some Silverado owners, on the other hand, might just prefer to add the contrast of a black flare, but keep things pretty mild in regards to styling. And if that sounds like you, well, the RedRock options that we have here on the table today, certainly worth consideration. Now don't get me wrong, there still are some coverage benefits here, but we're talking maybe an extra inch off the fender, and that's pretty much it. Nowhere near the 3 inches or more that other pocket-style flares might potentially deliver.Now, another thing I do really dig about these options from RedRock is the fact that they are nice and smooth and free from any of those fake bolts or rivets, which does make for a more factory-style appearance. But aside from the low-profile look of the RedRock flares here, Silverado owners definitely have some options when it comes to their final appearance. Now, right out of the box, you're getting the smooth matte black finish, which will offer a nice contrast on any color Silverado out there outside of black, of course.Now, if you weren't a fan of that big contrast and wanted to add even more OEM styling, well, then you could always have these things paint-match the color of your truck for a different look. Just know that we're not currently offering anything like that here on the site. So if that was a look you were interested in, you would just need to go to your local paint shop or paint hookup, have these things prepped, and then sprayed to match your rig.Now, as far as your construction is concerned, well, you're looking at that smooth automotive-grade polypropylene or plastic build here that's gonna be equal parts durable and lightweight. Now the RedRock kit does include all four flares, along with all of the hardware needed to get all four in place. But now this is gonna be a great time to switch gears and get into the installation. So without further ado, guys, check out our detailed walkthrough and tool breakdown now.Man: Tools used for this installation, clip removal tool, cutting pliers, black magic marker, 1/4-inch ratchet, 7-millimeter and 8-millimeter sockets, T15 Torx, 3/32 drill bit, 8-millimeter wrench, Phillips screwdriver, and electric drill. Hey, guys, I'm gonna show you how to install our fender flares on our 2014 Silverado. We're gonna have to do some table work here and connect this one piece to our front flare. And then we're gonna go over to our truck and start removing some of the plastics. So let's get started.So before we go over and start taking stuff off our truck, we're gonna have our front flare here on the table. Now, it comes in two pieces. You're also gonna have two 8-millimeter bolts. I'm gonna take these 8-millimeter bolts with the flat washer, and we're gonna put this piece together right here on the table. Same goes with that one. Then I'm gonna take my two flat washers, put them in like this. And our nuts, I'm gonna get them snugged up here.And once I get them snugged up, I'm gonna take my 1/4-inch ratchet with an 8-millimeter socket and an 8-millimeter wrench. I'm gonna tighten these up. Same on this one. And with that, I'll take our front flare and get it all assembled. Now you're gonna wanna do this to the passenger side flare too. And now we'll go over onto our truck to start removing some of our plastics.First thing we're gonna do is remove this plastic piece right here. I'm gonna take my 7-millimeter on my 1/4-inch drive. Pull these two screws out, one here and one down there. Once we get these out, we try to pull this out of the clip and remove it like that. And now we'll go on to the front. There's a screw there we have to remove that holds that whole front piece on, and then we'll be able to start fitting up our flare. So now we're gonna remove this screw right here. I'm gonna take my Phillips, pull this screw out.Now, once I have that out, now we're gonna get our flare. We're gonna hold our flare up on here. I'm gonna show you how to mark your holes. And you're gonna have to drill some holes. The kit gives you some self-tappers. So we'll go through that next. So now we're gonna take our flare, we're gonna put it in place. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna line this hole up down here that we took out and get this bolt started. That's gonna hold it in place for me.I'm gonna get this one started, put back into place here. This will hold the front part of the flare where I want it. And that's pushed up against there pretty nice. So next, we'll just go around the edge here, make sure it lines up, and then we'll start marking our holes. So you're just gonna hold your flare up in place where you want it to be. I'm gonna take a marker. Silver one works the best, but this is all I have, so I have a black one. And I'm gonna just go in the hole and start marking the holes where I'm gonna drill.And once I got all my holes marked, then I'm gonna take this screw back out in the front, remove the flare, and then we're gonna start drilling. So now that I have my mark, we're going to take our drill with a 3/32 drill bit and we're gonna drill our holes. I'm gonna just have my light on here so I can see where the hole is. Now I'm going to drill one up top here. And now you're just gonna wanna repeat that on the rest of your dots all the way around.So now that we have our holes drilled, I find it's easier that in this kit, they give you the self-tapping screws. I actually went around and ran a couple of screws into each one to get some threads started. It makes it easier than when you're trying to hold the fender flare up and then try to put it on. So I already have threads. It should go right in. So we're gonna start with our screws. And over here, we're gonna put our flare back on.We're gonna line this bottom hole up. We'll get this one started first and I'm gonna run it in. I'm not gonna tighten it though, I'm just gonna snug it because I wanna be able to move it. And I'm gonna start taking my self-tappers, start going around and installing them. Again, I'm not gonna tighten them. I'm gonna leave them loose so I can move the flare around in case one's just a little bit off.Now, you're gonna wanna go around and tighten all your flare screws on this. And then there's one more we have to put in the bottom. So now the last one is right underneath here. We're gonna take our three 3/32 drill bit, drill a hole there, take our Phillips head self-tapper. Get it started, run it up in, and you're gonna wanna repeat this whole procedure on the other side.So now we're gonna remove our splash guard down here in front of our rear tire, three T15 Torx. I'm gonna take my 1/4-inch drive with my Torx on it. Now that I got my Torx out, there was one more right in here that I took out and I loosened this one up and removed them too. This piece comes right out. We're not gonna be using that in the new fender flare. We'll go to the back and take the back piece off.So now we're gonna remove this T15 Torx here and then we have some two push clips underneath that we're gonna have to remove, and then we can move our splash guard back here. So I'm gonna get in here. Now I have that off, we'll get underneath and we'll take off our two push clips. So there's two push clips under here. We're missing one. But this one here, what I'm gonna do is take my cutter pliers. I'm gonna squeeze the tabs so it comes out, like that.And then once we have that off, you have two clips here on the side. So I'm just gonna get in here, squeeze these together and try to get this clip out. That was one. I'm gonna do the same for the other. You'll see it has tabs on it. And once you squeeze, I got one out and one broke. It actually didn't break, it just popped out of the bracket, but you still have to remove it. So you have to squeeze the tabs together to get it to come out. Now that I got that, I can put it back in the plastic. If it comes out like that, you're just gonna put it back in the plastic. That way, if you ever wanna reinstall these, you can.And it's back in and now we'll start putting our fender flare on. So now that we have both our splash guards off, I'm gonna take our new flare, stick it in place. I'm gonna line up one of the original holes that we took out for our splash guard that lines up with our new flare and get a bolt started or a screw started in that one. That'll hold it semi in place, and I'm gonna do the same on the back. And I'm gonna tighten them up a little bit.And now that I got them in place where they both line up, I'm gonna take my marker. I'm gonna push and hold my flare in. I'm gonna do one hole at a time, make sure I get it where I want it. Go around, make my marks, make sure you're pushing it in when you do it too. Now that I have all my marks, I'm gonna take our screws back out. Remove our flare and now we'll look and then we'll draw our holes.So now we're gonna take our drill with our 3/32 drill bit. And I'm gonna drill the holes that I marked. You're gonna go around and finish drilling your holes. And then we'll put our screws in and start getting them threaded, so that makes it easier when we put our flare on. So now I'm gonna take the fender flare. I took my self-tappers, ran them in a while, got them so that we got threads, makes it a lot easier when you put these on. So I'm gonna put this back into place, do what we did earlier, which is start one of these already drilled bolts here, or screws here, and get that started.And I'm gonna do the same on the backside here. So now once I get them started, I'm gonna take my self-tappers and line the holes up. Just get a couple of them started all the way around before I tighten them. So we'll get all these started and in, just like that. Now what I'm gonna do is just go around and tighten these, and then we got one more to drill on the bottom.So now we got one more hole to drill right underneath here. We're gonna take our drill and our 3/32 drill bit. We wanna make a pilot hole, take our Phillips self-tapper supplied in the kit, tighten that up. Now you're gonna wanna repeat the same procedure on the other side. And then that'll wrap up this installation.That wraps up this review and install of our RedRock 4x4 OEM Style Fender Flares for '14 to '18 Silverado 1500s. Thanks for watching. And for all things, Silverado, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • OE Style Fender Flares
      • Provides Extra Protection from Road Debris
      • Durable Automotive Grade Polypropylene
      • UV Treated Matte Black Finish
      • Paintable - Install As Is or Paint To Match
      • Installation Requires Drilling
      • Sold As a Set of Four
      • Fits 2014-2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Models


      Extra Protection. A must have exterior upgrade for any Chevrolet Silverado that spends its time out on the trail or work site is a set of RedRock 4x4 OEM Style Fender Flares. These Fender Flares will give you the extra protection you need to guard your Silverado's body and paint from the stones and debris that get kicked up by your tires. These great looking RedRock 4x4 OEM Style Fender Flares feature a clean design that will further enhance the appearance of your 2014-2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

      Durable PP Construction. RedRock 4x4 manufactures their OEM Style Fender Flares from an OEM quality polypropylene (PP) material. PP is known for its light weight, superior durability and impact resistance making it the ideal material for use on and off road. RedRock 4x4 then completes their Fender Flares in an smooth, matte black finish that matches your Silverado's existing factory trim.

      Paintable Matte Black Finish. Completed in a matte black finish straight out of the box, these RedRock 4x4 Fender Flares can be installed as is for a great aggressive look. However, if you're not a fan of the black finish, these Fender Flares can be painted to match your Silverado's exterior color scheme, the choice is up to you.

      Drilling Required. These RedRock 4x4 Fender Flares are designed to be installed using the factory mounting points with the include hardware. Please note that drilling is required for installation, but no additional modifications are necessary.

      Application. This set of four RedRock 4x4 OEM Style Fender Flares are designed to fit the 2014-2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models.

      RedRock 4x4

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      RedRock S111309

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      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • Left Front Flare
      • Right Front Flare
      • Left Rear Flare
      • Right Rear Flare
      • Two Bumper Piece Flares
      • Hardware Kit (Ph Drill Screw, Ph Screw, Hex Nut, Phillips Ph Screw, Flat Washer)

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