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Silverado 1500 Brush Guards and Grille Guards: Overview Guide

Silverado 1500 Brush Guards and Grille Guards: Overview Guide

If you plan on taking your Silverado 1500 off-roading, then you’ll need something to protect your front end. Between large boulders and the chance to encounter a deer, you’ll be thankful you protected your front end with brush guards. Brush guards offer an aggressive styling to your vehicle that can be spotted by any incoming car on the highway. At AmericanTrucks, we offer brush and grille guards that also give your Silverado a polished look. Best of all, they protect your lights and other vulnerable front end components from damage so you can retain the value of your Silverado for a long time. With different layers of protection and easy installation, grille guards are a great investment for your Silverado.

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A quality brush guard is perfect for the frequent off-roader who wants to prevent their Silverado's exterior from seeing more than mud. Brush and grille guards also ensure your engine components stay safe from rogue branches and rocks.

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Why Invest in a Silverado 1500 Grille Guard?

The front bumper of your car is only designed to withstand minor front end collisions. While they save you money on repairs to your grille and radiator, replacing a front bumper can run you hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

A brush guard offers extra protection to your front fascia by absorbing front end collisions and protecting your radiator and grille from brush. A brush guard is composed of metal bars that bolt directly onto existing holes in your front bumper. With a sleek powder coated design, they can withstand radiation and corrosion from the elements while offering a bold new look to your front end. 

Consider these benefits of upgrading your Silverado 1500 front end with a brush guard:

  • Protects the front fascia from minor collisions
  • Protects grille and radiator from brush and debris 
  • Can serve as a solid foundation for tow hooks
  • Provides a bold look for your vehicle
  • Easy, drilless installation 
  • Adds value to your Silverado 

We offer brush guards with available mesh shields that protect your grille from debris, such as tree branches and dirt, from clogging up the system. With the protection of hot rolled carbon steel, you can protect valuable engine components, such as your radiator, from collisions that can be costly. There’s even brush guards with added auxiliary light ports and winches to provide even more utility to your vehicle. 

Silverado 1500 Guards: Degrees of Protection

Full Grille Guards: This kit consists of two center upright bars with two side brush guards. They come with available mesh netting that offers complete protection to your Silverado front end. This includes your headlights as well as your grille and radiator. Brush guards improve upon the design of basic bull bars to offer complete protection. 
Center Grille Guards: Center grille guards do not feature the side brush guards that protect your headlights from collisions or debris. Cheaper than full grille guards, they still offer protection to valuable engine components. 

Bull Bars: Constructed of the same metals, bull bars are designed to protect your front end from small animals flipping over the hood. Bull bars protect your grille and the lower portion of your front fascia against low impact collisions.

Push Bars: Generally the same as bull bars, push bars are made of a weaker material. They’re designed to offer a light push or nudge for vehicles that are stuck in mud or snow without damaging the other vehicle. They’re not necessarily designed to protect your front fascia against collisions.

Skid Plates: Typically found on most bull bars, skid plates protect your front bumper against rocks and pebbles. They essentially fill in the gap between the upper bull bar and the mounting spot of your Silverado. 

Silverado 1500 Grille Guard Finishes

There’s also a variety of finishes you can choose for your brush guard. Black powder coating is the cheapest option, but it’s susceptible to corrosion and fade over time. If scratched, they're virtually impossible to buff out. 

Polished stainless steel finishes and chrome plated finishes offer a sleek look for your vehicle and won't rust for a very long time. They can also be re-polished regularly so you can retain that new, shiny look. 

Adding Auxiliary Lights to Grille Guards

Most brush guards come with available mounts for auxiliary lights. Choose from fog light add-ons to LED lights that add even greater visibility to your daily driving. Brush guards do not affect the visibility of your headlight as each is designed specifically for the make and model of your Silverado. 

Do Grille Guards Interfere with My Silverado 1500 Tow Hooks?

Again, grille guards are designed for your specific vehicle and won't interfere with your existing tow hooks. If they do, the manufacturer usually offers a replacement kit. Best of all, they serve as a sturdy base for tow hooks if you ever find yourself in a predicament.

Installing a Grille Guard on Your Silverado 1500

Grille guards offer a drill-less installation and bolt onto existing holes in your frame. Installation generally takes an hour and all you need to do is mount the brackets onto the existing holes. 

The guard’s manufacturer should provide you with easy instructions. Grille guards will not sag or affect your vehicle’s weight distribution as most are designed to be lightweight. Unfortunately, they’re still heavy enough that you’ll need a friend to keep them balanced while you install them. 

Fitment includes: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Hybrid, LS, LT, LTZ, WT, XFE, Custom, HighCountry