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Roush 0 to 2-Inch Lift by Fox 2.0 Suspension Kit (15-24 4WD F-150 w/o CCD System, Excluding Raptor)

Item T536829
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      Video Review & Installation

      Justin: So, Roush and Fox, two names that really need no introduction in the Ford and off-roading world, and easily two of the most highly regarded companies in their respective fields. Now, Roush wanted to take what Fox does so well in the off-road world and makes some minor tweaks to their standard 2.0 kit and as a result, you're looking at this epic collaboration that we have here today. But what do you say we breakdown some of these components a little bit further and let's start with the front setup here because there is a decent amount to talk about. Now, this is a true 2.0 front coilover with height adjustability ranging from zero to two inches over a factory setup. Now, the fronts do come pre-set for that 2-inches of leveling right out of the box, but again, can be changed to your liking if you prefer. Now, to put that to the test, we did bolt up the stock wheels and tires after the install and as you might imagine, it fit just fine. We also threw on a set of the 33 by 12.5s that we have laying around the shop and they fit perfect as well. In fact, that would be my recommended tire size for this particular kit. We did also bolt up a set of 35 by 12.5s and as you might imagine, the two inches of additional lift upfront just wasn't enough to accommodate this without any rubbing. And at that point, would require some modification to the crash bar and the fender area. So, ultimately, I would recommend sticking with a set of 33s here to be your max tire size when utilizing the Roush by Fox kit. Now, Roush did make some small tweaks to both the valving and spring right here with the standard Fox 2.0 kit and that was done so in a way to make for a comfortable on-road experience along with improved off-road capabilities, but at the same time to accommodate an upgraded wheel and tire setup as well. Full disclosure guys, this is the same exact kit Roush uses on their special edition Roush 2015 and newer F-150, and that truck does comes equipped with a 305 55/20 series tire which if you do the math, that works out to be just about a 33-inch tall tire with about a 12-inch section width. So, about anything in that particular ballpark should fit your truck with this kit installed as long that offset isn't terribly aggressive. I'm talking negative 10 or negative 20 in addition to using that full 2-inches of front end lift here with the Roush and Fox setup. But moving onto the rear setup here, and you'll see that Roush and Fox have included the two smooth body nitrogen 2.0 shocks. Now, smooth body in this case simply refers to the fact that there's no piggybacks on this thing. There's no reservoirs or bypasses or anything like that. Instead, these guys are gonna feature the internal floating piston design and valving to match the front setup perfectly. Now, both front and rear options have been constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum. They're all made in the USA here and they are backed by a 90-day warranty in the event you run into any issues right out of the box. Now, when it's all said and done and once everything has been installed, Roush claims that the truck will exhibit far more capability and stability both on and off-road with a lot less body roll. Basically, this just means you guys can charge at terrain a little harder than you did before and still maintain a very comfortable ride while on the road. In short, this kit is gonna help eliminate some of the floatiness or the hop going over bumps that is sometimes present with the factory suspensions still in place, while also making the truck just feel a lot more confident, a lot more controlled when you're pushing it harder and through a number of different scenarios. One more thing I would like to point out here with the Roush by Fox suspension kit is that everything is preassembled and pre-set right out of the box. Meaning, when they arrive to you, you simply swap them out with your factory components and you are good to go. No cutting. No permanent modification. Which means the install is going to be a lot easier than some other kits you might encounter in the category. Sure, this is gonna cost you a lot more than those typical strut spacer leveling kits. But with that said, I don't think anyone would argue with me when I say you're getting a superior system here with the Roush and Fox setup when compared to a strut spacer leveling kit on your factory components. But speaking of the installation, let's get into that a little bit more here, guys. And again, middle of the road two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter and about a half a day or so in the garage or shop to get everything knocked out depending on your setup and your expertise. Again, very simple swap. No cutting, no permanent modification needed. And to give you guys a better idea of what this job is like, here is a detailed walkthrough along with a tool breakdown. Male: All right, guys. First step of this install here after you get it up on a lift is to pull all your wheels and tires. I got a 22-millimeter on my impact gun here. Next up, we're gonna remove the brake line and the ABS line that goes along the knuckle here. We have a 10-millimeter bolt and we also have an 8-millimeter bolt. Now, what I like to do is just throw these bolts back in their spots, so we don't lose anything. And just to free up a little bit more slack, I'm gonna remove these two plastic push pins here on our control arm mount. All right. That should give us all slack we need. Next thing we're gonna do is separate the tie road end from our steering knuckle here. I have a 21-millimeter socket on my impact gun. And we're gonna lightly tap on the knuckle here to separate our tie rod. Next up is the center axle nut and dust cover. We're gonna pry the cover off with a screwdriver and then we'll remove the nut so the spindle can separate from our axle. Now, with a 13-millimeter socket we can remove our center axle nut here. Next up, we need to remove the lower portion of our sway bar mount here. I have an 18-millimeter socket on my impact gun. And again, we just need to undo the lower nut on this. We don't need to touch the top. All right. Back up top, we can now remove the upper ball joint. I have an 18-millimeter socket. We're just gonna remove this nut and tap lightly on our knuckle here to separate both of them. So, what I'm gonna do is leave the nut on here, so when I tap this, it's gonna drop down. The nut will catch it and I can hold it the rest of the way and pull the nut off. Back underneath our control arm here, we need to remove the lower shock mount bolts. There are two 18-millimeter nuts right here that we're gonna impact off. From there, we need to pound these nuts out. They are pressed in from the top. You can either use a hammer. I'm gonna use an air hammer. Next, we have three 18-millimeter nuts we need to remove on the upper portion of our shock here. Once we have these nuts off, we'll be able to pull the entire assembly out of the truck. We're now ready to remove the entire assembly out from the truck. All right. We are now ready to install our new Fox shock assembly here. We're gonna slide the top end in first. So, what I'm gonna do is get another top nut started here. And I'm not gonna tighten this down all the way, I'm just gonna get them started. And from there, I'm gonna get the two bottom bolts started. Fox provides you with new bolts. They're gonna go from the bottom up. I'm back up top now. I'm gonna put the last nut on top of the coilover here. From here, I will tighten all three of these top nuts up and then we'll go down on the bottom and tighten up our two bottom bolts. I have an 18-millimeter ratchet wrench to tighten up our upper nuts. All right. I have a 19-millimeter socket on my impact gun here to tighten these lower shock bolts up. And while we're down here, we can reconnect our lower sway bar end link. Again, it's an 18-millimeter socket. Next thing I'm gonna do is reconnect our tie rod to our spindle here. I'm gonna leave this loose until I get the upper ball joint set in place. Now, we have two ways of doing this. We can put the truck down, someone on the ground can use a floor jack to push up, or you can have one of your friends use a pry bar to pry down on your control arm here, so you can get your nut started. I'm gonna stick a pry bar right through the top here and get my nut started. Just pull down. You don't have to go too crazy. It's probably good right there, just so we can get the nut started. All right. We're good. We're gonna tighten up the upper ball joint now. I got an 18-millimeter on my impact gun. And right back down to our tie rod, this is a 21-millimeter. Next, I'm gonna put the 13-millimeter center axle nut back in place followed by the dust cap. We have three bolts left to put back in, it's gonna secure our brake and ABS lines. I have two 10-millimeter bolts and one 8-millimeter. The first 8-millimeter goes upfront on the ABS line. A good tip I'll give you here, guys, is when you take bolts out, put them back into place that they go so you cannot mix them up. We're gonna do the same thing that we did on the other side of the truck. Now, I'm gonna start off with the brake lines and the ABS lines. We have two 10-millimeter bolts and one 8-millimeter bolt. Next, we're gonna hit the tie rod, 21-millimeter socket. A couple little taps with our hammer here should release it. Now, with the 13-millimeter socket, we can remove the center axle nut. Using the 18-millimeter socket, we can now disconnect the upper ball joint. Just gonna let it go. And from underneath, we're gonna disconnect the lower sway bar end link nut with an 18-millimeter socket, followed by the two nuts that hold the shock into place to the control arm. They are also 18-millimeter. All right. We got an 18-millimeter ratcheting wrench. I'm gonna break these loosen and get my power ratchet, zip these off. We're now ready to pull the entire assembly out of the truck. All right. We're gonna get our new assembly into place. All right. Keep in mind here that you wanna get all three of your top nuts started loosely and then we'll get the two bottom bolts started loosely as well. This is gonna help you line everything up, so you're not fighting yourself. Gonna use a 17-millimeter to get these top nuts going. Once I've got all these tight I'm gonna go back through and check them with a wrench. With a 19-millimeter, I'm gonna now tighten up the lower coilover bolts that hold coilover to the control arm. Followed by the nut that goes on our sway bar end link which again is an 18-millimeter. All right. We're gonna get our tie rod back into place now. Just gonna loosely put this bolt on here until I get the upper ball joint back in place. Using a 21-mill to tighten up our tie rod. Next up is the center axle nut. Again, that's a 13-millimeter. The dust cap. To get our brake lines and our ABS lines hooked back up. We got one 10-millimeter up here. Another 10-millimeter down low. Followed by an 8-millimeter for the speed center wire, and we'll get these tightened up. We are now ready to start the rear shock installation. First thing you wanna do is to get the truck up in the air on a lift and I have two pole jacks under the rear end to support it. If you guys don't have a lift or pole jacks, grab yourself a floor jack and some jack stands. That will do just fine. And first thing we're gonna do here is remove the lower bolt that holds the shock to the rear axle. I have a 15-millimeter socket on my impact gun and an 18-millimeter wrench. Next, we're gonna move up to the upper bolt here. Again, this is a 15-millimeter bolt and it's gonna be 18-millimeter nut. And we're gonna pull out shock out. Fox provides us with these cool dust covers. We're gonna go ahead and install them now onto our shocks before we put them on the vehicle. With the screws that they provide, we'll get these started. These are stainless screws, so they're not magnetic. We can now install our new Fox shock. Just keep in mind that you want your barrel on the bottom half of the shock. Do not install this upside down or the shock will not function properly. We can now get the lower bolt in place, might have to compress the shock up just a little bit to get this bolt started. And now, we can tighten the upper and lower bolt up. Again, we got a 15-millimeter socket on the impact gun with an 18-millimeter wrench. 15-millimeter bolt with an 18-millimeter nut. All right. We're on the other side of the truck now. We're gonna do the same exact thing, 15-millimeter bolt with an 18-millimeter nut. Bottom side first. All right. The top bolt on the driver side of the vehicle has a flag nut on the back side, so you don't have to hold it with a wrench. All right. We're now good to get our new Fox shock installed. Our bolt in, followed by the flag nut, get this guy started. All right. We're gonna get this guy compressed up a little bit. That's gonna wrap our review and install. Be sure to check out more at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • 2” Upgrade/Leveling Kit
      • Full Suspension Upgrade - Front & Rear Axles
      • Boosts Off-Road Performance
      • Increases Stability and Reduces Body Roll
      • Enhanced Ride & Handling On-Road and Off-Road
      • Accommodates Wheel & Tire Upgrades
      • Upgraded Aluminum Body Shock Absorbers
      • Tuned Matching Performance Front Coil Springs
      • 90 Day Limited Warranty
      • Not Compatible with Continuously Controlled Dampening (CCD) Suspension
      • Fits 2015-2024 4WD Ford F-150, Excluding Raptors


      Ford-Approved FOX Suspension Quality. The ROUSH F-150 Fox 2.0 Suspension Kit is the very same set installed at the factory on the ROUSH Edition F-150s. This kit gives your F-150 the same incredible suspension performance needed to meet the demanding specifications of both ROUSH and Ford.

      FOX Shock Upgrades. Up front, the FOX 2.0 features a pair of high-performance aluminum-body nitrogen charged coilover assemblies. The coilovers are adjustable through 0–2” of leveling and preset to 2”. These are matched at the rear with FOX 6061-T6 aluminum shocks of internal floating-piston design, and all four corners have valving specially matched to this application.

      Specially Tuned Front Springs. ROUSH provides tuned high-performance coil springs for the front coilovers. Debris guards are provided to protect the rear shocks.

      Bolt-On OEM Swap. ROUSH has designed the F-150 FOX 2.0 Suspension Kit to be a straightforward swap from the stock suspension. Full, detailed instructions are provided. No drilling, cutting or welding is required. 2021+ Model Year trucks will require the Lower Spring Perch to be adjusted 5/8 of an inch down the strut shaft (towards the lower control arm) for proper suspension travel and improved ride.

      90 Day Limited Warranty. ROUSH provides a 90-day warranty on the Roush by FOX 2.0 Kit against defects in the original manufacturing or materials.

      Application. The Roush by Fox 2.0 Suspension Kit is designed to fit 2015-2024 4WD Ford F-150s, excluding Raptor models. It is not Compatible on trucks with Continuously Controlled Dampening (CCD) Suspension.

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      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (2) Front Coilovers
      • (2) Aluminum Mounts
      • (2) Rear Shock
      • (2) Rear Shock Guard

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