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ReadyLIFT 2.50-Inch Leveling Kit with Track Bar Relocation Bracket (11-22 4WD F-250 Super Duty)

Item SD3030
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      Video Review & Installation

      Merideth: Hey, guys. So, today we're checking out the ReadyLIFT 2.50-Inch Leveling Kit with Track Bar Relocation Bracket, fitting all 2011 and newer four-wheel drive, F-250 Super Duties. So, if you're in the market for a leveling kit, you're looking to get rid of that factory rake, get some extra ground clearance for your truck, and fit up to a 35-inch tire on your Super Duty, this kit by ReadyLIFT will be a great one to check out. Now, this kit here will do a great job at leveling out that factory rake in the front, which will help you even out the truck stance, creating a better look for your Super Duty. This is also again going to increase your ground clearance. So, if you wanna make your truck a little bit more functional in off-road situations, this is going to do the job.Now, like I mentioned, this will fit up to a 35-inch tire, and that 35-inch tire will fill out the wheel well very nicely while still having some clearance for a bit of articulation in your suspension. Now, that will make this a great choice if you're looking to upgrade to those larger wheels and tires and you need a kit that's going to accommodate up to a 35-inch size. Now, when it comes to what is included, this kit will come with two spring spacers for the front. You're gonna get shock extensions, sway bar drop brackets, brake line drop brackets, bump stop extensions, and you're also getting a track bar relocation bracket, making this an incredibly inclusive kit as far as leveling kit is concerned.Now, most components here like the spacers and the drop brackets, will be made of a steel construction. Track bar relocation bracket here will have an OEM style to it with a cast iron build for a lot of rigidity. And the bump stop spacers here will be made of a billet aluminum material. And all of these combined will create a very sturdy kit that will be durable and give it a long lifespan for your truck. Not to mention, they'll have a nice black powder coat on all of them, making sure that they resist any rust or corrosion on the components. And of course, match very well with your factory suspension. This kit will also just come with all the necessary hardware that you need to install it. It's completely bolt on, so you don't have to do any cutting drilling modification, making this a very straightforward install when it comes to the installation process. I would like to call out that even though the full measurement of the spacer comes out to roughly four inches, the part of the spacer that is going to add the height to the spring will measure out to a true two and a half inches.Now, when it comes to the price, this kit is gonna come in at roughly $450, which is pretty average for what you're getting here. Now, when comparing this to some other choices on the page, you'll usually see kits will either come in different configurations as far as the components are concerned, or you're gonna see different solutions for a leveling kit or a lift kit. Now, for example, you may not see kits that come with everything that you see here. They may not include the drop brackets or the track bar relocation bracket to accommodate for those changed suspension angles. Not to mention, some kits will come with taller springs and taller shocks instead of the spacers that you see here, offering a different kind of way to level out the truck. Now, I think if you're happy with the factory suspension components but just want that extra height with a very inclusive kit, then this is gonna be a great option.Now, when it comes to install like I mentioned, it is going to be completely bolt on and it is going to be pretty straightforward, but I am gonna give it a three out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. Now, you will have to take a decent amount of your suspension apart in order to install this. So, I'm gonna say it's gonna take you about five hours to get the job done with the proper hand tools. Now, one of our installers here is gonna walk you through that process step by step. So, that's gonna wrap it up for my review, let's go ahead and get into the install.Man: Tools used for this install, 1/2-inch impact gun, 3/8 impact gun, 22, 16, and 13-millimeter sockets, 1/2-inch ratchet, 1/2-inch breaker bar, clip removal tool, long pry bar, short pry bar, 10, 13, 15, and 18-millimeter deep sockets, 22, 19, and 18-millimeter shallow sockets. Hey, guys. I'm gonna show you how to uninstall and install our ReadyLIFT 2.50-Inch Leveling Kit on our 2018 Ford F-250. So, let's get started.Hey, guys. So, we're gonna jump into the uninstall here of removing our coil spring from our F-250. First thing we're gonna do is make sure we have our truck secure and safe. I jacked it up. We have it on a lift right now, but I do have a jack underneath the center of the rear. What you're gonna need to do after you get it jacked up and supported, however you're doing that, if you're doing this in your driveway, you're gonna want to use jack stands. So, what I did was I have it on the lift here, I have a jack under the center of the rear to hold the rear up, because we're gonna be loosening the suspension up so we can drop the rear down so we can remove our coil springs. So, you wanna just make sure you jack it up high enough when you put your jack stands under, that way you can get your jack in the center of the rear. And then, we'll start removing our suspension here. We'll start by removing our brake hose, our shock, our sway bar, and then we'll be able to take our jack and start lowering the rear down.So, let's jump into this, and we'll start removing our upper bracket here for our brake hose. So, first thing we're gonna do is remove this 13-millimeter bolt here. I'm gonna take my 3/8 gun with my 13-millimeter socket. Remove this bolt right here. And once we get that bolt out and remove, we'll be able to drop the brake hose down. And you're gonna wanna repeat this same procedure on the other side because it's going to allow us that both sides are gonna have to be undone so that we can drop the rear out. So, now, we're gonna remove our shock bolt right down here. I'm gonna take a breaker bar with an 18-millimeter socket and break this loose. It is on there pretty tight.And once I get it loose, I will take my 3/8 gun with my 18-millimeter on, get in place. And then I'll ratchet this the rest of the way out. I'm gonna take my 1/2-inch drive now with my 18-millimeter on it, and just ratchet this out the rest of the way. So now, we have that out. You're gonna wanna repeat that procedure on the other side too. And now we'll go up to our sway bar. So now, we're gonna remove our sway bar nuts right here. There's one here and then one right here. I'm gonna take my 15-millimeter, my 3/8 gun, loosen these up, then loosen the other side up, then we'll drop the sway bar down.So now, you're gonna wanna repeat that on the opposite side. So now, I have the other side disconnected too. I'm just going to force sway bar down. You're gonna wanna be careful this thing can be a little bit heavy but it should just fall down just like that, which will allow our rear to drop down then. So now, we're gonna take our clip removal tool. We're gonna pop off this clip here. This is gonna allow the rear to hang down. It's kinda pulling tight on this already, so I'm just gonna pop this off.Pretty much like that. Get that outta the way. And then, our vent tube on our rear here, I'm just gonna twist and pull up, and remove that. That will allow our rear to hang down when we start letting the jack down. So now, we have everything disconnected, our shock, our front sway bar links on both sides. I have my shock removed on that side. I unhooked our connectors here for our vent tube. Our brake lines are disconnected. We're gonna be able to take our jack and just start lowering the rear down. That's gonna loosen up these springs and let these springs come out. And then we'll remove our springs. So now, we have our rear drop down, we're gonna be able to easily grab our spring, pick it up, and remove it right out of the location.So now I have our coil spring removed, we're just gonna look at our pad down here and notice that there is a notch right here where my finger is. This notch is where when we put the coil spring back in, you're gonna wanna make sure that the bottom of the coil rests down inside here so that you don't want to have it spun around because it is meant to sit in here so it doesn't spin. So just make sure when you put it back together, you put the bottom of the coil right into there. You'll see it fits right into that slot. So now, we're gonna remove our bump stop. I'm gonna get up in here with a screwdriver prior to splitting the out. Like so. Now, we're gonna remove our cup that holds the bump stop in. I'm gonna take my 10-millimeter and my 3/8 gun. Get up inside here. There's a nut or a bolt, I should say, right here. We're gonna remove that. Now, you're going want to just repeat this uninstall procedure on the other side.So now, if your kit is designed to replace the track locator bar bracket right here, I'm gonna show you how to take that off. You're gonna need a 30-millimeter socket, a 30-millimeter wrench, with a big impact gun, to break this nut loose. We'll pull that, get that outta the way, then we'll remove our bracket. So now, I'm gonna take my 30-millimeter wrench, put it on here. My 1/2-inch impact on my 30-millimeter socket, and we're gonna break this nut loose. Now that we have the nut loose, you should be able to pull out the bolt. And if you can't, you're just gonna want to take your 30-millimeter socket, your 1/2-inch dry ratchet, and you can just ratchet it on out. If it gets tight, I'll end up using my wrench to bring it the rest of the way out. Sometimes it takes a little bit of wiggling to get it to come out. You can also use a hammer if you want. I don't have one on me right now so I'm just gonna wrench it out And then I think that's about it.So now, we have our bolt and our nut out. I'm gonna drop this track bar out of the way. Then we'll be able to get to the rest of our bolts and nuts that hold this track bar bracket in place. So now, we got our bolt and nut out. I'm gonna take my pry bar, get up in the top here, and just pop our track bar right outta place just like that. So now, I'm gonna take my 18-millimeter and my 1/2-inch air impact gun. I'm gonna remove this bolt here, this bolt here, and then we have three other nuts that we have to take off up inside here, but we'll take these all first. Now, on the backside of this, is these little metal clips with nuts welded to them. That's why they came off. That's why there was no nuts on the top. So when you go to put this back on or you put your new one on, you're just gonna have to make sure when you put the bolt in, you line up with the nut. And I can actually put my finger up in there and kinda get the hole close, so you'll be able to put your bolts right back up in.So, now I'm gonna take my 1/2-inch impact gun. We're gonna remove these three nuts right here, one, two, three. I'm gonna try to get up in here with my gun. That's one. That's two. And the third one might be a little tricky to get in here with the radiator hose, but I'm gonna try it. Just like that. I'm gonna move the gun out of the way here. Now we're just gonna grab our bracket, pull the nut off, and slide our bracket out. So now, we're gonna stick our bracket in place, our new one. These three bolts here are tied together with a bar in the back so we don't really have to worry about them falling apart. You're just gonna have to put your hand on the back of it. So, I'm gonna take this, get this started like that. And then what I'm gonna do is take one of the long bolts that we took out earlier and stick that in place here. It helps hold it in place. And with that in place, and I'm gonna install our three nuts. Reach up in here and install our three nuts. So now, we're gonna tighten up our two 18-millimeters here before we tighten up our nuts. I'm gonna take my 1/2-inch gun with my 18-millimeter socket, tighten these up here. So now, you're gonna wanna look into the manufacturer spec to make sure you torque these to the proper spec they require.So now, we're gonna tighten up these three nuts right here, one, two, three. I'm gonna take my 1/2-inch impact gun and my 21-millimeter. Get it up in here. And we will tighten up our last one. And you're gonna also want to check them out for their torque spec that the manufacturer requires. Okay. Now, what we're going to do is reinstall our snubber, and what's going to come in this kit is a spacer here that we have. As you notice, the plate here that the snubber bolts to, has a little tab here that goes up into the frame. And this also has a little tab in it, too, with the spacer. So what you're gonna do is, you wanna put that tab into the spacer like that, and you're gonna use the 10-millimeter bolt with the flat washer that's supplied in the kit. And now, what we're gonna do is reinstall this up into our frame and then put our back in place underneath. So now, we're gonna install our spacer for a snubber. So now, we're gonna take our 3/8 gun with our 13-millimeter. We're gonna get up in here and tighten this back up. Like that.So now, we have our spacer and our snubber holder or rubber bump stop holder in place. I'm gonna take it and push it back into place here. Like that. Give it a twist. And that's reinstalled. Now, you're gonna want to just repeat the same procedure on the opposite side. So now, what we're gonna install is the little bracket that they give us for our brake line right here. I had to pull down on it a little bit. You're gonna have to pull it down. And just make sure it slides out of the bracket that it's held into up here to get it down. And you're just gonna want to tweak it just a little bit like that. And then what we're gonna do is reinstall this spacer, adapter here to lower the brake line down a little bit. And how this is going to go in place is, it's just gonna go in like that. And then what we're going to do is take our bolt from behind, with our flat washer that's supplied in our kit. We're gonna put that in like that. So now, we're just gonna take our bolt with our flat washer and nut, go in place like this with our bracket, take our other flat washer and put our nut on in place like that. And we'll be able to take this bracket, put it in place there. You reuse our factory nut that we had. And you're gonna have to just bend it around a little bit to get it where you want it. Pretty much like that.Now, we'll take our 13-millimeter and start tightening up our bolt and nut here, and our bolt up top here. Again, we're gonna take our 13-millimeter on our 3/8gun with my wrench. I'm gonna get behind here, hold the bolt, tighten that up, and we'll angle a little bit here, put it on our bolt up here. Now we have that tight, what I'm going to do is just pull out on it a little bit. It's pretty easy, bendable, like that right there. And once we have that in place, you're going to want to just repeat that same procedure on the opposite side. So now, we're gonna install our shock extension bracket right here. They give you this bracket plus this bolt with flat washer and this nut in a flat washer to install this on to our shock to make sure we have enough extension on the shock to go back down into our factory bracket. So, we'll install this now.So now, we're gonna just slide this into place here. Install our bolt. Put our flat washer nut on the back side of it. And you might want to get a hammer, tap it into place. Kind of just wiggled it where it's gotta go for now until we start jacking it up after we get our coil spring in. Now, you're just wanna repeat the same procedure on the opposite side. So now, we're gonna install our sway bar spacer. This is going to go just like this. You'll see it has cut-out hole in it like that. So you can get in and tighten the nut up. And then this nut goes here. This is just gonna slide in place over top of our two bolts that are hanging down just like that. We'll put our nuts on, and then it supplies us with some bolts here that are gonna come through this end of the sway bar spacer and drop down like that with the washers and nuts. And then, we will bolt our sway bar to this instead of actually bolting it to the frame. So, let's go ahead and install this. So now, we're gonna install our spacer bracket for our sway bar. We're gonna take this up, put on our two nuts. These are our factory nuts that we took off. I'm gonna stick this one on, get it started. So once I get them started, I'm gonna take my 3/8 gun and my 15-millimeter and tighten these up.I'm gonna do same for this one. And now, we're not gonna put our sway bar up in place yet, because we're gonna put our coil spring back in and jack it up. But you're gonna wanna repeat this same procedure on the opposite side too. Now, we're gonna install our coil spring. We're gonna take our 2-inch leveling block, slide it right on top of our already, our rubber grommet there, and we're gonna put our other rubber cup here on top. And now that we have that in place, and then you're gonna wanna remember, I showed earlier, that there is a little knub here. We're gonna take the coil spring, stick it in place. We might have to lower down the rear some more because we are adding the 2-inches to this. So, we're gonna take this, put this in place, get it into this knob right here, then get it back up in. Then we'll start putting our rear back up in the vehicle.So, next thing we're gonna do is reinstall our track locator bar. Now, this is gonna take a little finessing to get in. You're gonna have to probably use a hammer, maybe a punch to center it up. So what I'm gonna do is get it up in there, probably hammer it up in the rest of the way, and then use the bolt, a pry bar, and a couple other tools to get it centered so I can get the bolt back in. So now I'm gonna put my bar up in place here. I put a little grease on the two ends. I'm gonna take my hammer, tap this thing up in place. I'll just take my finger in there and feel round, see if I'm close. Once you get it close, you can take a pry bar, put it in here, pull it into place where you want it. And if you feel up in there, you can see where it's at so you know where to move it around to. It's pretty close. And what I'll do is use my bolt, hold onto something, and just wiggle my bolt around until I get it just like that, to get it all the way through. I'm gonna put my nut on. I'm gonna take my 1/8th inch drive ratchet, my 30-millimeter socket, my 30-millimeter wrench, and we'll tighten this up.Now, what you're gonna want to do is look into the manufacturer of spec. I think it's 200 foot-pounds. So this thing has to be pretty tight. You're gonna need a torque wrench to really tighten this. Put your 30-millimeter wrench on, put your torque wrench on the other side, and really tighten onto this to make this bolt tight. So now, we have our coil spring and we're gonna put it up in place here. We have our spacer on. You're gonna look down inside here. There's a little tab that you gotta line up with the bottom of your coil spring to sit in place. And then, we'll push the top in and get the top started. I'll make sure you got your boot here, rubber installed so that it goes down in the hole. And as you can see, we got our coil spring back up in here. Everything's lined up. This is down in place here. We're gonna be able to take our jack and jack up, get everything in place, push and compress this together. And just make sure everything stays in place so that when you jack it up it gets right up in top there and it goes right into place.So now we got our coil spring in place here, what we're gonna do is we're gonna make sure the other coil spring is in place on the opposite side. Once you get them both in, then you're gonna want to jack the suspension up in one shot. That's how you get them out. That's how they come in. So now, what I'm gonna do is now I have them both in and they're both sitting in the pockets where they're supposed to be, I'm gonna jack them up that way. Our shock lines up with our bottom hole. Then we can stick that bolt in, and then we can stick and install sway bar to our new extension bracket on the front. So, let's go and start jacking this up and getting this back into place.So now that we have it jacked up in place, we're gonna just put our bolt in our bottom shock bracket here, make sure it lines up. And once we get it close, tap it into place. So now, we'll stick our nut on the backside, get it started, and then we'll secure this in the place then, and get this boulder back up in, and get our vent tube put back on. But first, what we'll do is tighten this top bracket first to get the shock straight. Then we'll tighten the bottom one. So, I'm gonna take my pry bar, just wedge it in here a little bit. Straighten our shock and our bracket out. We want it to point like that, straight up and down. I'm gonna take my 22-millimeter wrench, my 22-millimeter socket on my 1/2-inch drive ratchet, and tighten this up. And again, you wanna torque everything to manufacturer spec.Now, we'll go down and I'll take my 18-millimeter on my 3/8 gun. Tighten the bottom one up. And again, you're gonna wanna use a torque wrench. Make sure you tighten everything really good and tight so nothing moves. Now, we'll go up and hook our sway bar up. So next, we're going to just reinstall our breather for our rear. And now, this line until we get this jacked up, you're gonna want to just put this into place. I'm not gonna stretch it too far. But we'll get this in place once we get the rear back up to where it is when it's sitting on the tires. If it doesn't reach because of the drop, I'm just gonna tie it up with a wire tie and tie it so it doesn't dangle or it doesn't get caught. There's also a hose up here that it can get tied to. So, I'm gonna end up just tying it up to there, that way, it'll keep it from getting caught on anything.So now, we're gonna take our two 18-millimeter bolts that they give us in our kit. Attach our sway bar, one on this side and then we'll feed one up through here. It could be a little tricky to get your fingers in here, but we'll get them in like that. We'll take our flat washers and nuts and tighten these up and get these started. So now, I'm gonna take my 16-millimeter wrench and my 18-millimeter socket on my 3/8 gun and tighten to sway bar bolts up. So now, you're gonna just wanna repeat this same procedure on the opposite side, and that'll wrap up our install.That wraps up this review and install of our ReadyLIFT 2.50-Inch Leveling Kit with Track Bar Relocation Bracket for '11 to '21, 6.2L four-wheel drive, F-350 and F-250 Super Duties. Thanks for watching. And for all things F-250, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Lift-Leveling Kit
      • Front Lift of 2.50 Inches
      • Levels Off Front to Rear
      • Boosts Off-Road Capabilities
      • Hefty Shock Extension Spacers
      • Durable Coil Spring Spacers
      • Robust Track Bar Relocation Bracket
      • Allows Installation of up to 35-Inch Wide Tires
      • Convenient Installation
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty
      • Fits All 2011-2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD Models


      Dynamic Stance and Improved Off-Road Performance. If you’re looking to level out the stance of your Super Duty, the ReadyLIFT 2.50-Inch Leveling Kit with Track Bar Relocation Bracket is the way to go. This leveling kit is designed to provide 2.50 inches of lift up front to give your truck a more even and dynamic stance while also ensuring proper suspension geometry is maintained. Additionally, this increase in clearance allows you to install those larger 35-inch tires you’ve always wanted for a distinctly off-road appearance.

      Hefty Steel Shock Extension Spacers. This kit includes a pair of shock extension spacers to help with the increase in front lift. These shock extensions are fabricated from high-grade steel for superior durability. Additionally, these spacers are finished in a chip-resistant, black powder coating to offer maximum rust resistance.

      Durable Steel Coil Spring Spacers. This leveling kit also includes a pair of sturdy coil spring spacers which together with the shock extensions are what adds the 2.50 inches of front lift. These spacers are precision-crafted from high-grade steel ensuring a tight fit installed. These spacers are then finished in the same tough black powder coating as the spacers for superior rust protection.

      Robust Steel Track Bar Relocation Bracket. To ensure correct suspension geometry, this kit includes a track bar relocation bracket that’s fabricated from robust steel. This bracket is precision-formed for maximum accuracy when mounted and receives a black powder-coat finish for corrosion protection.

      Convenient Install Procedure. This kit is designed to install using factory locations on your truck. No drilling or other modifications are required prior to installation. What’s more, all necessary mounting hardware is included for convenience.

      Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This ReadyLIFT front lift leveling kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Please visit the manufacturer’s website for more details.

      Application. The ReadyLIFT 2.50-Inch Leveling Kit with Track Bar Relocation Bracket fits all 2011-2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD models.

      Application Notes. It is advisable to have your alignment checked after installing this kit.

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      ReadyLIFT 66-2726

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Track Bar Bracket
      • (2) Coil Spring Spacers
      • (2) Shock Extensions
      • (2) Sway Bar Mount Spacers
      • (2) Bump Stop Spacers
      • (2) Sound Isolators
      • (2) Brake Line Bracket (2011 to 2016 Models)

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