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Ford F-250 Brake Rotors

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Ford F-250 Brake Rotors

One of the most important parts of your Ford F-250’s braking system is its brake rotors. These components are the iron discs attached to the wheel hub assembly. Every time you hit the brake pedals, the brake pads press onto the brake rotors to stop the wheels from spinning. With these braking components working together, you can prevent your vehicle from crashing especially during emergency stops. If your truck’s brake rotors are already damaged, you can replace them with AmericanTrucks’ high-quality brake rotors. We offer different types of brake rotors. Among the products included in the catalog are cross-drilled, slotted, and drilled and slotted types. Cross-drilled rotors have discs that are drilled with a series of holes, while slotted rotors have slots or thin hole lines on their discs. While rotors have differently shaped holes, they all do the same job of cooling down the rotors’ surface. The holes on the discs help dissipate heat to prevent brake fade and ensure longer rotor life. The holes also help vent gas or water away from the rotor surface, so the brake pads can have a better grip. You don’t have to worry about AmericanTrucks Ford F-250 brake rotors breaking too easily since they are crafted using only the finest materials. Their heavy-duty iron construction enables them to endure stressful braking conditions. Their rigid build and high heat resistance prevent them from easily cracking and deforming. What’s more, the rotors often come with a zinc plating to safeguard them from the damaging effects of corrosive elements. For an even more powerful stopping performance, you need to pair your new Ford F-250 brake rotors with reliable brake pads. Our best-selling brake pads include the ceramic types as they provide excellent brake pad bite. We also have a selection of caliper covers to keep your wheels free from brake dust.

Fitment Includes:

  • XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited Models

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