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Edge Evo HT2 Gas Tuner (15-18 5.0L F-150)

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    Features, Video & Details

    • Full Color, 2.8 in. High Definition Screen
    • Pre-Configured Tunes - Including Performance, Tow and Economy
    • Improves Horsepower, Torque, Overall Performance, and More
    • Curve Gains of 14 RWHP / 18 RWTQ - 87 Octane Economy Tune
    • Curve Gains of 15 RWHP / 14 RWTQ - 91 Octane Towing/93 Octane Race Tune
    • Eliminates Excessive Downshifting When Climbing Hills
    • Easy-to-Use Graphic Interface
    • Slim Compact Size
    • Data Acquisition - Advanced + PIDS
    • Reads/Clears DTC Trouble Codes
    • Internet Updateable
    • PC/Windows Compatible Only
    • Works on 2015-2018 5.0L F-150s

    Review & Installation Video

    Review & Install Video

    Hey, everybody, I'm Justin with and this is my detailed review dyno test and drive of the Edge Evo HT2 tuning device loaded with three Edge tunes, an economy, towing, and race tune available for your 2015 and up 5 liter F-150. The Edge Evo HT2 is an excellent choice for any F-150 owner out there who is looking for a simple, no-nonsense handheld tuning device that will come loaded with Edge's preconfigured or preloaded tunes, their economy, towing, and race tunes. The HT2 will be one of your most affordable options here on the site and is pretty basic by nature but it's still capable of doing some cool things outside of actually flashing your truck. Now in this video guys, I'm going to talk about the power improvements over stock, the fuel economy benefits, and the improved driveability of the Edge Tune 5.0. But first, hang out with me because we have a lot to talk about in this video. I'm going to walk you through the device itself. We'll even go for a spin later on in the truck. But first, let's break down the power numbers you might be able to expect using the Edge Tunes. Before we made any pulls with our 2015 F-150 we replaced the big heavy aftermarket 35s in the rear with the factory wheel and tire setup just to get the most accurate results with our dynojet. Now we got our baseline run out of the way using our factory calibration and 87 octane. After that we drained all the 87 out of the truck, filled it with 93, and then uploaded the 91 performance or race tune from Edge, reran the truck and here are all the results. Based on run using our 2015 5 liter F-150 on 87 octane gave us 278 horsepower and 316 pound-feet of torque at the rear wheels. With the Edge 91 octane race tune, the truck made 282 horsepower, 328 pound-feet of torque at the rear wheels. Four horsepower and 12 pound-feet of torque peak and 15 horsepower and 14 pound-feet of torque under the curve. Breaking down these numbers a little further guys, the blue line is our baseline pull using 87 octane with basically a factory truck, however with our 91 octane race tune installed or uploaded, our truck definitely a lot better throughout the entire RPM range especially down low here. We picked up a good amount of torque and your big operating RPM range basically 2 to 4, 5,000 RPMs. The truck is definitely a lot torquier and that's what you want when you're driving one of these rigs around all day long. Now, overall guys, you're probably wondering why these numbers aren't as good as some of your other options here on the site. And the answer is pretty simple. Edge designs their tunes to work for 87 to 91 octane. They don't design a specific 93 octane tune, and as such they can't be as aggressive with things like ignition timing for instance or air fuel ratio and again the numbers suffer because of that. Now overall they're still a very good tune. You can just use them with a lower octane fuel. You're not going to see as big a numbers as you might see with an SET or an MPT for instance, but overall it's still a very solid tune. So the numbers out of the way, let's get back to the table and we'll break down the Edge tunes a little further. The Edge Tunes are 50 state legal and they are carb certified. So even truck owners out there in tough states like California for instance, you can still take advantage of the benefits of Edge tuning without running into any issues. One of the nice things about the Edge device is that you are getting those three preloaded or preconfigured tunes. The towing or economy tunes which do require the use of 87 or higher octane, and finally that race tune which does require the use of 91 or higher octane fuel. Now this is nice because you do have some options here. If you were to go with an SET preload, for instance, they're only giving you the option of an 87 or 93 performance tune, you're not getting the benefits of that economy or towing. Now, guys, I've been putting the HT2 through its paces all week long here just to get a better idea of what to expect when it comes to power improvements and driveability benefits and of course, fuel economy. I'll be honest, all the tunes I've tested they all improved somewhat over the factory calibration and overall fuel economy but some did better than others. Now even though the Edge tuners didn't do as well when it comes to wide open throttle power and torque, they absolutely crushed it when it came to miles to gallon, tying Superchips with the best fuel economy in the category. Guys, I've been driving the truck all week long to and from work here consisting of some highway and back road driving, a nice healthy mix, if you will, and over that time, we averaged about 11 to 12 miles per gallon on 87 octane. Yes, I know this sounds pretty terrible but keep in mind our 5-liter truck is lifted 6 inches, we're hauling around some 35s and I have a heavy foot. With the Edge economy tune uploaded I was seeing upwards of 15, 15 and a half, even 16 miles per gallon depending on my route here which is absolutely incredible. That's approaching EcoBoost territory even more impressive when you consider our truck setup. Guys, earlier I mentioned that the HT2 will be one of your most affordable options here on the site and it is coming in south of $400 bucks which is really great considering the device. It's going to be a great option for someone who might be a little bit more familiar with the Edge name and their tunes, but doesn't really need all the bells and whistles of their more fancy devices which also do cost you a little bit more. Guys, to ultimately see what this thing is capable of, we need to plug it in. So let's hop in the cab of our F-150 and then we'll take the truck out for a spin. All right guys, so driving around our F-150 with the 91 octane Edge tune uploaded, let's hammer it a little bit here. As you can see it definitely ripped off a big downshift and we're motivatin' man. Here we go. Definitely stronger than before in factory trim. The factory calibration. Overall the truck feels good. It definitely feels a little bit more powerful than it did before and factory form, especially over 87 octane. The transmission settings, I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed. The trans feels a little soft for my liking personally, preferably I like to see a little bit more shifting, especially here with the 5-liter truck. This thing likes to see those higher RPMs. I would have liked to have seen maybe more shifts to get me up in that higher RPM a little bit more and downshifting I should say, but overall, again, this is going to be geared more towards somebody that might be a little bit more after a towing specific tune or maybe even more, that fuel economy, again, because the Edge Superchips are both in the same ballpark in regards to fuel economy and they both did astronomical. The truck, for being lifted 6 inches, for hauling around these 35s, to get the miles per gallon I was seeing with this thing all week long, again, it made me reconsider my EcoBoost F-150, because I was impressed. I'll be honest, on 87 octane, factory calibration, this thing is a pig, especially with these wheels and tires, especially with the lift. For making a little bit more power but still picking up that kind of fuel economy, that's huge. The nice thing too with the Edge preloads is just how easy it is to switch tire size, switch axle ratios, things like that. All of the devices I tested from Edge are very user friendly so I guess to summarize, I'm driving my truck around with the Edge preloads 91 octane race tune, again, you're going to see similar power using their economy, and using their towing as well, as long as you're using the same octane. But the driveability is slightly different as well. So you're seeing a little bit more throttle response with their race tune. The tune is a little softer with their economy tune as far as off throttle or part throttle, but again, the economy is as advertised. You're seeing a ton of economy and really if you couldn't tell, that's the big seller here I think with the Edge products. Honestly, at the end of the day, if you're after a tune that's going to be very pleasurable to drive every day as far as it won't be snapping you around, some people might like the snappy shifts, some people might like the fact that this thing shifts very soft and very easy. If you're basically happy with the truck being a little smoother, maybe riding a little bit more like a caddy or something like that, then you might prefer the softer shifts of the Edge products. But overall I'm pretty happy with how this thing's driving. Now let's head back to the shop and I'll walk you through the operation of the device. So first you want to plug this thing in and wait for it to power on. Again this is going to be the most basic device when it comes to the Edge lineup. Of course, we have the big brothers, the CS2 and the CTS2, both being far more expensive than the HT2 here. Again, this is going to be for someone who just wants to take advantage of the tunes, maybe a couple other little features here that this thing has to offer. But more or less if you're into the big features, you're going to want to check out one of the more fancy devices. So okay, here we go. It drops you off at the home screen here which is tune, scan, and then, of course, we have the info. So we'll save the tune section for last. Scan is where you're going to want to go basically to do your diagnostic stuff, reading clear those diagnostic trouble codes or check engine lights. You also have your gauges and data logging and of course, it just throws in battery voltage for you there as well. So let's go through the gauges and data logging because again, this is a little bit more basic as well that we're used to compared to some of our other devices, it really only gives you a few options. So here we go, our key's already on. It asks you to select four of the different values you'd wish to display on the HT2 here. So go ahead and select a few of those. So here you go guys, it drops you off when it comes to your data logging stuff. It gives you a bunch of things to choose from whether it be engine miscellaneous, your fuel trim, time and distance, so basically if you're doing a trip you can select some stuff there. Let's run down a few of them. Here in engine miscellaneous, you're going to see engine load, manifold absolute pressure, engine RPM, spark advance, intake air temperature, things like that. We'll go back. The fuel trim, again you're going to see your short term and long term fuel trims for your truck. And here command fuel ratios. Time and distance here as well. This is going to be used if you wanted to use it as a trip meter, time since your last engine start, distance during your check engine light. Warm up sensor code's been cleared, distance traveled since the code's been cleared, things like that. Oxygen sensors here, you can just measure them, select them if you want to keep an eye on things. Miscellaneous non-engine, this will again throw in your fuel level. I don't know why you'd like to look at that, obviously you can see it on your dash. Barometric pressure which is interesting, control module voltage basically your ECU voltage, ambient air temperature, and your ethanol fuel percentage. So again, this is a flex fuel truck, may be a good way to measure the ethanol content of the fuel you might be getting here from your local station. That's pretty cool. I do enjoy that. Keep it going down here. EGR, again your evac purge. You can control or take measure of some pretty miscellaneous and pretty crazy stuff here. Catalyst temps, so again your cat, catalytic converters, it'll show you your catalytic converter temperature. And again finally we have your throttle detail. So throttle position, accelerator position, basically the same thing there. So you have some different things to choose from. So let's go ahead and select a few. We'll do coolant temp, we'll do our engine RPM, we'll do spark advance, and there we go. So there you have it guys, this is pretty much all you're going to be working with when it comes to layout. You really don't have a ton of options here, again, with the other options from Edge, the CTS2 or the CS2, you have a number of different layout options, again this is the more basic device from Edge. It's going to be the most affordable option from them as well, but again, if you're looking for the tunes and just to be able to upload those tunes, capture some data logs, this is going to be the best bet for you here because this is a simple device. Again, if you do want to data log here and this is the stuff you want to capture, all you're doing is hitting the okay button there you can see all the gauges turned to green. That basically means you're capturing the data log. Hit okay to stop it and you're good to go there. So let's get out of this screen here. Again, we showed you where you need to go if you want to read and clear those diagnostic trouble codes. Basically letting us know that our 5-liter truck has no diagnostic trouble codes or check engine lights. We'll go back, that's tuning of course. Info here, you've got some stuff, vehicle info it's going to show you your VIN, things like that. The tuning, the current tune that's on the truck I should point out. Of course, the truck is stock at the moment. We're going to flash it here in a minute. And then, of course, your vehicle info. Device info, this is again just going to show you current firmware with the Edge device and the Edge software. You will need to update these things from time to time and this will be a good idea to catch where you're at as far as the firmware updates. All right, so let's get in the tuning section here because this is where you want to go if you do want to upload those tunes. So again, plug it in, very simple install guys. I'll call it one out of three wrenches on my difficulty meter. It's going to take you maybe 15 to 20 minutes tops before you're all said and done. Very, very easy stuff. So you go to tune, it's going to link up with your car here, read the ECU, and here's where you can select a few different tunes. Now we have trailer, basically 87 octane, economy, and race, so select any number of those. I'll go ahead and go with the race tune here. This is the tune we talked about a little earlier, that Edge requires 91 or higher octane fuel so that's what we want, we'll go ahead and select that one. And then we can customize the options. Now if we want to customize the options we do want to hit okay for this. This is cool because this is what you want with a preload. With custom tunes you can basically run down your tire size, your gear ratio, things like that. With the preloads, you really need the option to do something like this. So you have your speed limiter, you have your actual axle size, you have your tire size, fan temperature, things like that. Speed limiters always come in handy because if you let your kid use your truck on the weekend you don't want them blasting up and down the highway. You can set that to a lower level. I'm sure they won't like that too much but it is nice for you as a parent. Axle size again, here's your axle ratio, I'm sorry, your gear size, the 315s, 331s, 355 or 373 gears. Again, you're going to want to go crazy if you're into rock crawling or something like that and you want a big tall gear or short gear I should say, you probably have to go with a custom tune. Tire size, this always comes in handy right? Because here you are, basically looking at your stock tire size. We don't have the stock tires on this thing. As you know we have the 35s, very simple to adjust for this. Punch it up to 35s here, boom there we go. So we're set for 35s this way our speedometer's now going to be calculated or calibrated to our correct tire size, we're even going to be getting accurate ratings with our speedometer, fuel ratings, things like that, fuel economy. So there you go. Fan temperature again, something pretty cool you can mess with this. We can leave it to the stock value if you like or you can have it come on a little earlier with a cooler temperature. So again, just something you can play with, with the Edge tune. So if you're all set there, you're basically going to hit continue, the truck's going to go ahead and flash you with that 91 octane race tune, which again we saw the biggest gains with. There you go. So that's my review of the Edge Evo HT2 Gas Tuner available for your coyote powered F-150 which you can grab right here at

    Increase Horsepower and Torque. Unlock the hidden potential that your coyote powered F-150 has to offer, all in the palm of your hand with the Edge EVO HT2 Gas Tuner. When your truck rolled off the assembly line, Ford programmed them to the needs of a daily driver and not the performance enthusiast. After loading one of the Edge Economy, Performance or Tow Pre-Configured Tunes, you will see a noticeable gain in horsepower and torque. Curve Gains of 14 RWHP / 18 RWTQ (87 Economy) and 15 RWHP / 14 RWTQ (91 Towing/93 Race) have been seen on a bone stock 5.0L F-150.

    Compact, Convenient and Efficient. Featuring a full color, 2.8 in. high definition screen, this Edge EVO HT2 Gas Tuner is a slim, sleek design that makes it easy to handle and store in your center console or glove box when not in use. Not only is it compact, but its exceptionally graphic interface provides an improved user experience, when compared to the older EVO HT model. Powered by your F-150's OBD-II port or USB connection when connected to your PC/Windows computer, this HT2 Gas Tuner features increased memory with a high speed processer to provide extraordinary tuning and updating speed.

    Diagnostics. The Edge EVO HT2 Gas Tuner can also be used as a diagnostic code reader. Save yourself hundreds of dollars each year by reading and clearing your own computer codes rather than paying a dealer to do the same. Its as easy as a few simple steps.

    Internet Updateable. This EVO HT2 Gas Tuner includes a USB cable to enable quick updates or upgrades over the internet. It is recommended to update your HT2 to ensure you have the latest software updates and calibration files before installation. Updates are available at

    Easy To Load; Easy To Restore. When you load a tune on your 5.0L F-150, the Evolution EVO HT2 Tuner automatically stores your vehicle's factory settings. To return the vehicle to its factory settings, just plug the Tuner back in, select the option to restore the factory settings, and you're done.

    Adjustable Parameters. The Edge EVO HT2 Gas Tuner features end user adjustable parameters so you can customize the tune and maximize the performance of custom modifications you've made to your 5.0L F-150. These parameters can be adjusted on the pre-configured tunes and/or the stock tune. Please note not all adjustments are available on all models/vehicles.
    • Calibrate Speedo for Gear Ratio
    • Calibrate Speedo for Tire Size: 26"-38"
    • Shift Points
    • Shift Firmness
    • Adjust Fan
    • Rev Limiter
    • Speed Limiter
    • Transmission Tuning

    Application. The Edge EVO HT2 Gas Tuner is designed for use on the 2015-2018 F-150s equipped with the 5.0L V8 engine.

    Technical Note. This EVO HT2 Gas Tuner is not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles.

    Fitment: 2015 2016 2017 2018 Details

    MPN# 16040

    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    What's in the Box
    • (1) Evo HT2 Gas Tuner
    • (1) USB Cable
    Installation Info
    Will it fit my F-150?

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    Will the edge programmer eliminate throttle lag on a 2015 5.0 F150?

    • This Evo Tuner will calibrate your throttle response which will eliminate a majority of the acceleration lag you have from production.

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    Overall Rating 4

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    Installation Time:Less than 1 Hour

    • Protection 4.75 4.8
    • Fit 4.6 4.6
    • Appearance 5 5
    • Bang For Your Buck 3.75 3.8

    • 5/5

      Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

      February 27, 2019

      Works Awesome

      this unit works nice easy to install i have had it in my F150 2015 for 3 months


      Year: 2015 Submodel: Lariat Engine: 5.0L V8

      Helpful (1)

    • 4/5

      December 22, 2018

      Edge Evo HT2 Tuner

      Does not have the gas savings I hoped to get with it. I do see a increase in power and better mileage pulling my boat.


      Year: 2017 Submodel: XLT Engine: 5.0L V8

      Helpful (2)

    • 1/5

      Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

      October 09, 2018

      Save you money

      I purchased this product since it was supposed to give you better throttle response and also better gas mileage. I couldn't tell any difference in the throttle response and after checking a couple of tanks of gas with and without the tune installed, it actually gets better mileage stock. I live in the Shenandoah Valley and maybe it doesn't do well with hills. Unfortunately they won't let you return tuners so I'm stuck with a $380 code reader/reset. Very disappointed with this tuner.


      Year: 2015 Submodel: Lariat Engine: 5.0L V8

      Helpful (3)

    • 5/5

      Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

      July 15, 2018

      Great product!

      Very user friendly from the start. After you download the ignition program on your home computer your making significant power gains in ten minutes


      Year: 2015 Submodel: XLT Engine: 5.0L V8

      Helpful (4)

    • 5/5

      December 15, 2017

      As advertised

      Easy interface functioned as advertised, satisfied and happy about product. AM is a great company, great service, easy to navigate site and functions very well. Thanks AM


      Year: 2017 Engine: 5.0L V8

      Helpful (6)

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