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Barricade Retractable Bed Cover (15-20 F-150 w/ 5.5 ft. & 6.5 ft. Bed)

Item T539108
AmericanTrucks no longer carries the Barricade Retractable Bed Cover (15-20 F-150 w/ 5.5 ft. & 6.5 ft. Bed). Please check out 2021-2022 Ford F-150 Bed Covers & Tonneau Covers for an updated selection.
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    Video Review & Installation

    Hey, what's up, guys? I'm Ryan from AmericanTrucks. And today, I'm here with the Barricade Retractable Bed Cover, fitting your 2015 and up F-150. It's gonna be for the F-150 owner that is looking for a simple low profile clamp-on rigid bed cover to keep their cargo safe and dry. It is perfect for those of you that are looking for the convenience of a retractable cover. This cover will not only improve the look of your truck, but it may just improve some of your miles per gallon. This cover allows you to open and close it easily with one hand, allowing as much access as needed. And not only that, but it's lockable in any position due to those movable latches. This bed cover features a rigid polycarbonate construction and it's engineered from a single sheet designed to roll up and close without the use of hinges or joints. This comes complete as a kit with everything needed to install. And like I said, it is a simple clamp-on design so there's no drilling or modification required. This particular bed cover that we are installing is for a six-and-a-half foot bed. However, Barricade does offer it for eight-five-and-a-half foot bed. This is reasonably priced on the site when compared to others of the same design and construction at just around $900. I think this is a great option to go with. As far as the install goes, I'm gonna give this one out of three wrenches since you can install this in about an hour using basic and tools. Now, with that being said, let's hop into the install. Tools required for this install: a tape measure, the two provided Allen keys with the kit, T25 Torx bit that is also included with the kit. So the first thing we're gonna do since we have a lot of parts and hardware with this kit, so we're gonna start assembling some of this stuff on the table. So you're gonna have your bed rail end caps, your stops, and your clamps. We're gonna start with our end caps. You're gonna have these small bolts and a lock washer with a nylon ring inside. These are gonna go up through the bottom of these caps and we're just gonna screw this nut on, loosely for now. After that, we're gonna assemble our stops. So we're gonna have those small little bolts, again, and those are gonna go up through into this recessed hole and then we're going to screw a nylon lock nut on top of that. And we're gonna do that same thing for the other five. So the next thing we're gonna do is assemble our clamps. The first thing we're gonna do is take this nylon set screw and we're just going to thread this gently into this threaded hole on the side. Then we're gonna take this large bolt that comes in the kit, this is gonna go into this recessed hole and just poke out the other side, for now. Just lay that down like that, move on to the next one. So we'll do the same thing for the other three. So next, we're gonna take our retractable bed cover, we're gonna place it in the bed of the truck, centering it between the two bed sides, all the way up against the back. Once you get this set all the way in the back of your truck, you're gonna have this seal on the back edge, you're gonna make sure that that is pulled out and laying flat. And we're gonna push this thing all the way back up against the rail. So once we have the actual cover installed, the next thing we're gonna do is install our rails. You're gonna have this long flat edge with a seal, this is gonna ride along the bed edge and you want the pre-drilled holes to face towards the front because we're gonna slide these into this section and put a set screw in there.So you're gonna have this edge here, this has pre-drilled holes for a set screw. We have this edge on our new frame rail so we wanna slide this edge over this and then this flat edge is gonna go underneath here. So I'm gonna lay this on the bed rail, then we're gonna line this up, slide that under, you wanna feed this cover through there and then slide this underneath the rest of it. Once it's all the way in, it'll stop and you'll see that the holes have lined up. So wanna take these little black set screws that they give us that have a Torx head, and we're gonna use the provided Torx bit to screw those in. Then we'll do the same thing for the other side. So now, that we have our rails installed, the next thing we're gonna work on is installing these stops. Now, Barricade provides you with three per side and you can use as many as you would like, so you can stop your bed wherever you would like it. So we're gonna install two per side and the first one we're gonna slide all the way to the back, I'm gonna place it a 16th of an inch away from that set screw and tighten it up with the provided Allen key. So, the way these go in is this nylon lock nut that we installed on these just slides into this rail and then that's gonna hold that in place while we slide these all the way back.So, like I said, this first one, we're gonna slide all the way back to the set screw. We're gonna place it a 16th of an inch away, then we're gonna use the provided Allen key to tighten it up. Now when you're tightening these up, you do not want to tighten them too much. You should torque them maximum of five foot mounts. So you wanna snug them just enough so that they're gonna stay in place. So we're gonna do the same thing for the other side. Like I said, we're using two per side, so you wanna make sure that you use the same on both sides. We're gonna slide one all the way to the front, we're gonna leave one here at the back. So same thing, this one is gonna go about a 16th of an inch away from that set screw that we installed. So next, since we have to install our clamps eventually, what we're gonna do is take two nylon lock nuts and we're gonna face that nylon up and we're gonna slide this into this rail. Once we get those in, we're gonna slide our last stop on. And then after that, we're gonna install our bed rail end cap. Now, this end cap is gonna have a hole on the top, that's gonna get a set screw and you're gonna have this flat area over here, this is gonna lay over top of that. So, once again, since we installed that bolt with a nylon lock nut, that is gonna slide into that rail. Then once we get that in, we're gonna tighten that up using that provided Allen key, the large Allen key. So we're gonna tighten that up. You wanna tighten that up more than five foot-pounds of torque. And then we're going to install that set screw. So we're gonna take that small little screw that we're provided with and then we'll take our Allen key and we'll screw that into there. So after you get all that installed, we're gonna make sure that we have plenty of clearance in between this edge here and the tailgate. Barricade provides you with this 8th-inch measuring device. So you wanna place this here, shut your tailgate and make sure that you have that space there available. Then we'll do the same thing for the other side. Once you have this rail cap on, the next we're gonna do is set up this last stop. Now, it is crucial to place both of these stops in the same position on both sides. We're gonna butt this all the way up to the end so our cover will lock when it's fully closed. So we're gonna take that same large Allen key and just tighten this up. So the next thing we're gonna do is attach our clamps to the bed rail. Now, these clamps are going to clamp on to the bedsides. We're also gonna screw that bolt that we put into there into these nylon lock nuts. So we're gonna slide a nut all the way to the back as far as we can and then nut all the way to the front, and we're gonna put a clamp as far front as possible and as far rear as possible. So we're gonna start with our back one. So once you have it started in that nut, we're gonna tighten that up using that large Allen key that they give us. Once we get that nice and tight, then we're gonna clamp it down on the bed rail using that same Allen key. So we're gonna go all the way back near the tailgate, we're gonna do the same thing. We're gonna get that screw started in that nut that we have in the rail and you wanna make this as far back as possible. So Barricade provides you with drain tubes and there's a hole underneath of the bottom of this rolled up section. So this is just going to press and click inside of that and then you can take these drain tubes, cut a hole in this plug back here, and then just route those out, that'll drain all of the water out. Do the same thing for the other side. So, at this point in time, everything is installed and tightened up. So now is the time to make adjustments. You wanna make sure that these rails are flat and parallel to each other, that's gonna allow this to have smooth operation. And you wanna adjust your latches, make sure that everything is tight and where it needs to be. So that's gonna wrap up my review and install. For more videos like this, check us out at

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


    • Retractable Bed Cover
    • Low Profile Design
    • Opens and Closes Easily With One Hand
    • Rigid Polycarbonate Construction
    • Scratch Resistant Matte Finish - UV Protected
    • Simple Clamp-on Design
    • Fits all 2015-2020 Ford F-150 Models with a 5.5 ft. or 6.5 ft. Bed


    Protect Your Cargo in Style. Barricade's Retractable Bed Cover is a great way to discreetly conceal cargo and tools in the bed of your 2015-2020 F-150 while improving your trucks appearance with a low profile design. With the ability to open and close it with just one hand, this Cover allows you to easily access the cargo stored in your bed. Lockable in any position, the Cover gives you flexibility in hauling both small and large items. As an added bonus, you may even see up to a 10% increase in fuel mileage because of its sleek, aerodynamic design.

    Quality Construction. Barricade manufactures their Retractable Cover from a single sheet of rigid, polycarbonate that has been engineered to retract without joints or hinges. With an incredibly resilient matte finish, this Cover is UV, scratch, and impact resistance. A unique spiral track system prevents the cover from coming into contact with itself as it opens and closes for long lasting maintenance free operation.

    Clamp-On Installation. The Barricade Retractable Bed Cover comes with all the required mounting hardware, making for an easy install with no drilling needed. Designed to clamp-on to your F-150's bed rails installation can be completed in under an hours time with just basic hand tools.

    Application. The Barricade Retractable Bed Cover was designed to fit 2015-2020 Ford F-150 models with a 5.5 ft. or 6.5 ft. Bed.

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    What's in the Box

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    • Installation Hardware

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