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Top Five F-250 Accessories

Outfitting an F-250 with aftermarket accessories is almost something that needs to be done. As capable as the truck is in stock form, it does have limitations. Off-roaders, daily commuters, and even the serious, workman or workwoman, can greatly benefit from adding accessories to their truck. To help you decide where you should start making upgrades, we have broken down the top five accessories for the F-250, and explain their benefits.2011-2016-f250-with-aftermarket-suspension-and-lighting.JPG

Table of Contents
  1. Bed Covers
  2. Running Boards
  3. Leveling Kits
  4. Bumpers
  5. Bed Storage
Shop F250 Bed Covers

Bed covers are one of the most popular truck accessories, and for good reason. Outfitting your F250 with a bed cover not only streamlines its appearance, but also protects your tools from quick fingers. Depending on how your F250's truck is setup, there's a bed cover for your configuration.

F250 Bed Covers

Bed Covers

It’s no surprise bed covers make it to the list of top 5. Bed covers are responsible for keeping cargo safe and dry from the elements and even potential thieves. Bed covers also have a relatively low cost, and they are easy to install.

Bed Cover Types: Not all bed covers for the F-250 are the same. Buyers have a variety of options to choose from. Rolling soft vinyl covers are very common because of their affordability, but those with security and durability in mind can opt for alternative options. Folding and locking covers are offered in both soft vinyl and hard materials. Retractable covers are also a wonderful option for those looking for the best of the best when it comes to covers. The materials used and features included will impact the price point so buyers will need to be aware of this.

Toolbox Accommodation: If a toolbox is present many may feel a bed cover is out of the question, but this is far from the case. Bed covers in almost every material and configuration available can be made to accommodate for a toolbox in the bed.

Running Boards

Running boards are a beneficial upgrade for the F-250. The height of the vehicle in stock form can make getting in and out of the truck difficult, and as lift kits or even terrain changes, it can become even tougher. Running boards are also a way to add a personal touch to the exterior of the truck.

Running Boards vs Side Steps: Running boards arrive in a variety of shapes and sizes, and this can cause some troubles when choosing. What makes things even more confusing is side steps are a similar option thrown in the mix. The difference is simple; running boards are flat and tuck closer to the body of the vehicle while side steps are tubular and extend further out. What gives running boards the real edge is they are offered in a powered form. These boards tuck away when not in use but drop down to offer a lower stepping platform as needed.

Leveling Kits

Very few F-250 owners are going to retain the stock height. Big lift kits can be quite expensive, and the F-250 is already plenty off-road capable as is. Leveling kits are a great option for those who don’t really need much more ground clearance but would like to correct the rake on the vehicle by lifting the front end an inch or two.

Bigger Wheel and Tires: A lift kit can improve the trucks off-road capabilities when paired with larger wheels and tires. With just a leveling kit, F-250 owners can slide larger tires under the truck. This is great for the visual appearance, but it will help the truck perform better off-road. This is important both for those who have a work truck that spends its time on rugged terrain and for those who need a little more clearance for their weekend activities.


As a natural work truck, the F-250 is prone to facing some serious danger. Stack on that on its days off it’ll be slamming through the trails, and the factory protection stands little chance of surviving. Aftermarket bumpers are a natural choice for F-250s for many reasons including what we just highlighted and more.

Tubular vs HD Bumpers: HD bumpers used to be the reigning king of aftermarket bumpers on account of their unparalleled style and rugged form. These bumpers have thick steel walls which make blasting through obstacles a breeze. Today, tubular bumpers are giving them a run for their money. Tubular bumpers may not be as known for their ability to take blows but the additional wheel clearance they offer makes them an obvious choice for off-roaders.

Bumper Accessories: The buck doesn’t stop here with added protection and wheel clearance. Aftermarket bumpers make it possible to add on a plethora of options including winches, lighting, and storage options. This alone is the reason many opt to make this upgrade.

Bed Storage

The bed of an F-250 is a sacred place for most owners. If there were a car that could deliver on the same fronts an F-250 does, such as towing and off-road capabilities, people would still buy more F-250s on account of the bed. The problem is the bed is a blank canvas and offers little in the means of organization and protection of what’s stored there. This is why bed storage upgrades are such a big deal.

Toolboxes: The addition of toolboxes to the bed of an F-250 offers immediate safe storage for tools and other small cargo. Toolboxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, most lockable, and can be stacked together to offer a completely custom storage situation for the owner.

Bed Drawers: Bed drawers are excellent for those who have either a lot of cargo or large cargo that can’t simply be stored in toolboxes. These are an excellent option as they take no volume from the bed in terms of length. Bed slides are also an ideal upgrade because they make access to cargo extremely easy and can even transform the bed into a workbench of sorts.

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