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HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard; Black (19-23 Silverado 1500, Excluding Diesel & ZR2)

Item S113370
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys, I'm Eric with AmericanTrucks. In this video, I'm gonna give you my review and installation of this HDX Winch Mount and Grille Guard for all 2019 and later Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500s. Now, this HDX winch mount and grille guard from Westin is ideal for the Sierra or Silverado owner out there who's looking to add a winch to the front of their truck, as well as some wraparound protection for their radiator and headlights, but they don't wanna add all that extra weight of a full-width steel bumper, and also probably prefer the chrome look of their factory grille and bumper. Like I said, this kit from Westin offers a very rugged yet attractive alternative to a full-width steel bumper for adding a winch to the front of your truck and it's gonna give you a solid protection for your front end as you're going down those less-traveled roads or off-roading altogether.As you'll see in our upcoming installation part of this video, this winch tray is very solid. In fact, the steel on that tray is thicker than some of the steel bumpers that I've seen here at AmericanTrucks. The other nice thing about this design is its low center of gravity, it's gonna keep it below your bumper line and keep the winch from blocking any incoming air to your radiator. And basically, lines up directly to your factory frame rails, which is gonna make it a very solid connection and very durable. Westin rates this winch plate as being able to handle up to 16,500 pounds on a direct line pole. Now, the upright grille guard portion of this kit is just as durable as that solid winch blade.You have these one-piece uprights and the 2-inch wing tubes are welded directly to those for a very solid setup. Now, the solid construction of this grille guard is 304 stainless steel and it's also protected by a thick and durable black powder coat. You also have these thick rubber guards here on your uprights for that added protection. Now, coming in right around $1,200, this kit is towards the upper end, but I gotta tell you, working with this kit, it's very well put together and very well designed. Now, offers the same HDX kit from Westin without the winch mount if you don't need a winch on the front of your truck, but you still like the aggressive looks and you still want that protection for your radiator and headlights.Now as far as the installation goes here, guys, I'm giving us a very solid two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. As you'll see in the installation portion of this video, we are gonna be removing our factory grille and our factory bumper so that we can mount these heavy-duty arms and brackets that this whole setup rests on. That's a very heavy-duty setup and it bolts directly to your frame rails. And you're gonna want to remove those pieces for better access for inserting those bolts and other bits of hardware. Adding a little bit difficulty to this installation, guys, is on your factory bumper, you're gonna have to do some cutting and expand the holes where the factory tow hooks come out in order to accommodate the mounting brackets for this kit. All in all, you're gonna need some basic hand tools, a cutting tool, and I'll show you all those in a second. I would budget about three hours of your time to get this installation done properly. So, with all that said, let's go ahead and do this installation.Okay. Tools we're gonna use for this installation, guys, are an electric impact wrench, a trim removal tool, a pair of 18-millimeter sockets, as well as 16, 15, 13, and 10-millimeter sockets, a 3/8ths-inch swivel socket, 8-millimeter and 6-millimeter Allen keys or Allen sockets, a T15 Torx bit, a 1/4-inch socket wrench, 15 and 18-millimeter crescent wrenches, a 15-millimeter ratcheting wrench, an 18-millimeter ratcheting wrench, a pair of extensions, a body saw or a similar cutting instrument, as well as some protection for your hands and your eyes, and some PB B'laster or similar solvent.Okay. The first steps we're gonna do to get this grille guard mounted is we're gonna remove some locking pins up top here. Remove the radiator shroud. That's gonna give us access to more hardware that's holding in our grille. We're gonna have to remove that to access the bolts holding on our front bumper. Ultimately, we're gonna remove the front bumper so we can attach some brackets and get access to our frame rails. All right. Now if you've never worked with these before, guys, they are two-piece pins. The center part of it kind of locks it in place, so you lift that up and then you can pull the whole pin out. If you end up pulling out that center section, no big deal. It'll go right back together. You haven't broken it. Just like that. I'll be able to put that back together.This is all loose now, but to make it a little easier to get this off, I'm just gonna remove our latch handle here using a T15 Torx bit. Fits nicely in these little bolts. All right. Those little bolts I just removed, I just thread them back in there. Nice place to keep them so they don't get lost. And I can just pull us right off. All right, guys, now to get the grille off, you should have like four of these bolts right here. I'm using a 10-millimeter. We're gonna take these out. All right. Once we get those bolts out, you should be able to just give a firm pole on your grille. There's just some lock tabs or clips that are holding it in place right now.All right. Next, we're gonna go after four bolts that are just below the bumper line here, guys. Two on each side, one's a 13 and one's an 18. And to get at them, your truck probably has a rubber trim piece like this, so you can just lift up the front edge. I switched over to a swivel socket. It's a little tight in here and this piece kind of gets in your way. So, we kind of want a little bend there. All right. I'm just gonna repeat what I did on the passenger side. Yeah. It's pretty tight in there, especially if your truck has this louvered system as part of the radiator setup and you got a wiring harness here. It's really tight in there, guys. Really ought to think about getting the swivel socket or something smaller than this big impact wrench that I've got.All right. Now we're gonna take out these two bolts here. This connects a bracket that supports the end of the bumper to the frame. These are 15 millimeters. All right. Now we're gonna remove these three bolts here that are holding this bracket. It's connecting the lower part of the air dam to the frame rail. These are a 10-millimeter. All right. Now, both of those brackets that we unbolted, you can repeat those on the driver side. Same exact hardware setup. Now we're back on the top side of the bumper. We only have a couple of more bolts to go before we're gonna be able to pull the bumper off. We're going back in, peel this back. And there's an 18-millimeter bolt about straight down from here and there's another one on the other side. And I've got my leg up against the bumper just to hold it snug against the truck.All right, guys, like I said, on the driver side, we have the same size bolt here. It's an 18-millimeter. A little bit tighter in here. And you might have seen my bumper move a little bit after I loosened that. It's pretty loose, so I have my knee up against it just as a safety precaution. Before we take the bumper off, two things I wanna call out to you, guys. I always recommend wearing gloves. Sometimes you have a sharp edge on the backside of the metal parts. And also make sure if your truck has fog lights or some other electrical equipment on your bumper, that you're unplugging those wiring harnesses. This truck does not, so we don't have anything to show you, but I did wanna call that out to you. All right. Go ahead. You might wanna slide your bumper over a little bit because it tucks into that little pocket on the side there and pull it off.Okay. Next step is we're gonna have to make room inside the frame rail here for the heavy-duty support arms that are gonna hold the winch plate and the grille guard. These are heavy-duty pieces from Westin that we're gonna slide right inside the frame rail. So, to get these out, we've got two 18-millimeter bolts here, and then this nut on the inside happens to be a 19. So, we're gonna go ahead and remove those right now. As you can see, once you get that loosened, you can just take it off by hand. Then this bolt on the inside, there's no nuts. Just remove that. And we're just gonna repeat this on the driver side.Okay. For this next step, I got our stock bumper up here in a table so we can give you a better look at what we're gonna do. You're gonna need to find the two brackets in your kit that look like this. They're labeled with a P and a D that'll tell you for passenger side or driver side. And what we're gonna be doing is removing these bolts here. This bolt, and that bolt. Now, what you're looking at that's closest to you, this is the top side of the bumper, just for your orientation. We're gonna remove these bolts here and here, then slide these brackets on like so. We attach these bolts. These are basically support brackets that are gonna help support the upright part of your brush guard.All right. Now to get this out, we're gonna use a 13-millimeter socket. I'm gonna tighten this up a little bit, but leave it a little bit loose so we have some play once we mount the brush guard. And we'll do the same thing on the driver side. And just something to note, once you have those brackets installed, Westin recommends that it should be about a little bit over 41 inches between the brackets for proper spacing to meet up with your brush guard uprights.All right. Next up, you're gonna have two of these in your kit. You'll see right here, there's a letter P stamped for passenger side. That's how you know which bracket you're going to use. And just so you know, guys, you might need a pry bar or something like that to make this opening just a little bit wider. These are designed to fit in there very snugly. And you might have a little bit of difficulty getting it in there. Maybe a little bit of grease or some PB B'laster or something like that shooted on the inside to help get this thing in there a little bit easier. But you're gonna set it in here like this. And just because you're gonna have to maneuver this around a little bit to get these different holes lined up for your bolts, I like to grab this large 18-millimeter hex-head bolt. Once I get that lined up, I'll get that started and that'll be kind of our starting point to get the other holes lined up.All right. Next bolt, guys, we're gonna get in here. Let me get started. And as we were messing with this here, I noticed that these two bolts are the trickiest ones to kind of get lined up here. So that's the reason why I'm doing in this order. I'm gonna go ahead and tighten that down. It's a 16-millimeter socket. Then this front bolt here, I already put a washer, lock washer, and a nut on the other side. I'm gonna go ahead and tighten those down now. All right. Now, for this last hole back on this side, grab one of these long bolts. You're gonna have an 18-millimeter head there. And there's a pair of large washers. Go ahead and feed on. Then you have a matching washer, lock washer, and nut for the inside.All right, guys, next you're gonna wanna grab those bolt plates. There's two of them per side in your kit. One is noticeably larger than the other. You're gonna wanna grab the small one for this. We're gonna end up using this little spring fishing wire right here. And we're gonna end up bringing this plate with the bolt through this hole on the side of the frame rail down through to this hole. So, what you're gonna need to do is fish this thing empty first up through there. And when it peaks through the side here, grab it. Don't pull it all the way through. Leave it so you got some extra right here. Then go ahead and thread it on to the spring, kind of the springy part there. Once you get several threads on there so it's not gonna come off, go ahead and pull it through.The kit also comes with these plastic retaining clips. You can thread these on. And then it'll kind of hold that nut plate in place. It's not as crucial with these because of aiming down, but the ones we're gonna do in a minute that aim on the side, these will be a little bit more important. Then you're gonna have a washer, lock washer, and a nut which you're gonna put up on these. And we'll tighten that down with a tool in a second. Just grab a 16-millimeter socket. All right. Then go ahead and grab the larger nut plate. I've already got this one started. Again, fish it through the same hole on the side. Once you get it through, you can take this off. You can use those plastic retaining clips if you want, guys. I have my hand in there pushing up against the back of that nut plate. It's just gonna hold it in place. I think that's actually easier, my opinion. But go ahead and grab this large washer. Slide that on. And you got a lock washer.All right. Now that we completed the passenger side frame rail mounting bracket, you go ahead and repeat that on the driver side. It's pretty much the same process we already showed you. It's all the same hardware and you're gonna be fishing through a couple of bolt plates. Same exact steps that we just showed you. So, what we're gonna do now, I have the stock bumper up here. And as we were trying to line things up and check for fitment for shooting video of it, we noticed that we're gonna have to trim some of these areas on this plastic on the bottom part of our bumper around where the tow hooks protrude out from the frame rails.Now, obviously, we removed the tow hooks during the uninstaller if you remember to make room for these mounting brackets, But these mounting brackets are a little wide, and just the way they sit we're gonna have to trim this area here. Westin mentions this in the instruction manual, but they don't tell you precisely how to do it. So we're gonna give you a little bit of idea how we're gonna do it and see if we can get it to fit here with this bumper. All right. We got our pneumatic body saw here. If you have another similar cutting tool at home with a cutting wheel, you could also use that here. This plastic isn't real thick and it cuts pretty easily with a power tool. So, we're gonna trim up these edges here, kind of along where you see that line that's kind of already molded into the plastic.Okay. Now that we've trimmed up the other side as well, we should be able to just slide our bumper right back up over top of the Westin HDX brackets that come with this kit. And once you get it nice and lined up, go ahead and start a bolt in there just to hang it in place. And then we'll go ahead and tighten those up. Grab this bolt too, slide it in here. This is an 18-millimeter. Then this bolt here is a 13-millimeter. And go ahead and grab these top-hat bolts, 18-millimeter. Once you have those three bolts tightened up, you do the same exact thing on the driver side. All right. Now go ahead and grab your winch plate and set it in place. We're gonna have three bolts per side to attach this to our mounting brackets.All right. Now we're gonna be going for these three holes right here in the triangle pattern. We wanna grab these button head hex head bolts. These require an 8-millimeter hex key and you're gonna wanna grab this serrated nut and this washer as well. That's gonna go on our underside. And we tighten that down. I'm gonna use an 18-millimeter crescent wrench for the nut, and again, an 8-millimeter hex key for the bolt. I'm just gonna get the other bolts started. That's for those two holes here. This outer hole kind of in the corner, I wanna grab this top-hat bolt and nut with a serrated edges there. And that piece is gonna go in over here. I'm gonna go ahead and tighten these down. And for the solder bolt here, use a 13-millimeter socket and a 15-millimeter wrench for the nut on the underside. And then we'll go ahead and repeat those same bolts on the driver side of the truck.All right, guys, now the instructions say you've gotta mount these spacer blocks on the end of our winch plate. The diagonal holes should line up kind of angled forward towards the front of the truck. And as we're working on this, we noticed the fitment is really tight in here. So, what I recommend doing is starting the bottom bolt and getting that up and grabbing one of your top-hat nuts here with the serrated surface, and line that upright with the hole. And as you put the bolt in, just kind of threaded on by hand. It's really tight in here. The mounting bolts for the winch plate are right there. So, you're gonna have to get your crescent wrench up on it like this. Right now, I'm gonna mount this other one up top. That'll help hold this bracket in place while I tighten everything down. And these are 18s again. If you have a ratcheting wrench, that's perfect for in here. And I'm just gonna use the open end of the crescent right here and kind of tighten it. And we'll do the same thing on the other side.Okay. Now that we have these extension blocks on the sides mounted on both sides, next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna tighten down these brackets that are gonna help secure the upright portion of the grille guard. Now, to know exactly where you need to have these positions so you can tighten them down, the instruction manual shows 41.3 inches between the outer edge of each one of these brackets. Now we test-fitted this off-camera and that is accurate. So, if you make these 41.3 inches apart, you can go ahead and tighten them down right there. And that's what we're gonna do right now. And the reason we need to tighten those down now is the bolts are here. And after that, we're gonna be reinstalling our factory grille. So, once you have that in place, it's gonna be a lot tougher to access these bolts. We're gonna tighten them down now.And that's a 13-millimeter. If you have a ratcheting wrench, it makes it a lot easier. Okay. We're gonna reinstall our factory grille. We're gonna drop the bottom in place and pop in the lock tabs. All right. Now go ahead and grab these bolts that we uninstalled earlier. These are 10 millimeters. Go ahead and replace your top radiator shroud. And then we'll do a series of lock tabs to secure that in place. Go ahead and slide your hood latch back on. And reusing the two tiny screws. And tighten it up with a T15 Torx bit.All right. So, at this step, guys, you're probably gonna want a second set of hands. This has some weight to it, but it's also very large and unwieldy. This grille guard comes in one piece, so it's very large. And you're gonna be lining up a couple of holes here and you're gonna have to get some starter bolts in there to hold it up. There's nothing you can just kind of set it on and leave it there. This will totally fall if you don't do that with the starter bolts. So, I'm gonna grab a friend here, we're gonna line it up and start some bolts.Okay. Now we already started some bolts, like I said, just to hold it up there, but to give you a closer look what ones we're using, we're using these hex socket button head screws or bolts, and what they call Bellville washers. They're these washers that are kind of bent so they can crush a little bit and they have the serrated edges there that's gonna help hold this in place. And then the serrated flange nuts right here. You're gonna wanna point the bolt in and just get it started finger-tight. And to tighten them down, we're gonna use an 8-millimeter hex key or a hex socket and an 18-millimeter crescent wrench for the nut.Okay. Now to mount up here to the bracket that's coming out from our bumper, it's basically a slightly smaller version of what we just put in down below. Same thing, hex socket button head screw with that crushable washer and the serrated flange nut. And to tighten these down, go ahead and grab a 6-millimeter Allen socket for that and a 15-millimeter for the nut. And go ahead and repeat those steps on the driver side. All right. The last few things we gotta do, if you remember, on the underside, we have a couple of 15-millimeter bolts we're gonna put back in here and a bracket that's gonna go up over here.Okay. I'll go ahead and replace these brackets. Just so you know which one goes where, there's a little RH for a right hand so you know which bracket to use. Get the little lip in there. Get it started. We got these two bottom ones down here. And then you go ahead and grab a 10-millimeter socket to tighten them down. Go ahead and repeat the same steps on the driver side of your truck.All right, guys, that about wraps up this review and installation of this HDX Winch Mount and Grille Guard from Westin, for all 2019 and later Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500s. Now, for all things truck, keep it right here and

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Aggressive Winch Mount Grille Guard Design
      • Can Accommodate a Variety of Winch Models
      • Durable Steel Construction
      • Black Powder-Coated Finish
      • Features a Full Grille Style
      • Straight Forward Installation 
      • Fits 2019-2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500s, Excluding Duramax and ZR2 Models


      Provides Additional Strength and Functionality. Improve your Chevrolet Silverado 1500’s off-road-ready build even further by installing the HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard in Black. This impressive grille guard offers full front-end protection, so even your truck’s headlights are shielded against flying off-road debris and hazards. Plus, it features heavy-duty winch trays that are capable of handling winches that have a minimum straight line pull of 16,500 pounds. With this upgrade, you can ensure that your truck will be ready to take on any challenge it encounters during your off-road adventures.

      Built for Heavy-Duty Off-Roading. The HDX Winch Mount Grille Mount boasts a durable 304 stainless steel tubing construction and is coated with a tough black powder coated finish. It also features 1-piece fully welded uprights and durable 2-inch wraparound wing tubes, so it can stand up to extreme off-roading situations.

      No-Fuss Installation. This aftermarket upgrade comes complete with all its necessary parts and hardware. It’s also designed for bolt-on installations, so there won’t be any drilling or cutting involved during the setup. As a result, you can easily mount this HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard using simple hand tools.

      Application. The HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard in Black is compatible with 2019-2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500s, excluding Duramax and ZR2 models.

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      What's in the Box

      • (1) Winch Tray
      • (2) Driver Side Winch Tray Mounting Brackets
      • (2) Passenger Side Winch Tray Mounting Brackets
      • (2) Spacer Brackets
      • Mounting Hardware

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