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RedRock Cold Air Intake; Polished (19-23 5.3L, 6.2L Silverado 1500)

Item S126726
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      Video Review & Installation

      Justin: If you're looking for a super affordable intake for that 2019 and newer V8 Silverado or Sierra at home that will also pack a whole bunch of flash at the same time, well, then this option from RedRock 4X4 might just be the one for you. Now, the RedRock polished intake will be the most affordable in the category for your 5.3 or 6.2 and will be a direct bolt-on, no tune required option that can be had for right around that mid to high $100 price point. Install is gonna get a pretty soft one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter here, gang, take about an hour at absolute most to complete from start to finish, but if you hang with me for a bit, we'll walk you through that job later in the video.All right, guys, let's just cut right to the chase and call this thing what it is, and that is a very budget-friendly or entry-level intake. Now, because of that, certainly not gonna have some of your more elaborate features, if you will, like a fancy sealed airbox or maybe a roto-molded plastic intake tube with big brand name stamped all over it. Instead, this is as bare-bones as it gets. However, it is one of only a couple of intakes in the category at this time with a polished finish for the 2019 and newer trucks, and most of your other options such as the K&N series 77, for instance, are gonna be considerably more dough than the RedRock option here. So, again, if you're looking for some underhood bling, you don't need a huge brand name attached to it, well, then the RedRock 4 by 4 is certainly gonna be a solid choice. So, what you guys can expect here with the RedRock option is that polished aluminum intake tube here, of course, your reusable high flow oiled filter along with all of your couplers, hardware, and heat shield needed to get the system in place. Now, that heat shield will certainly help block out I would say some of that hot engine bay air from entering the filter, especially when equipped with the included weatherstripping. But honestly, if you want a true cold air intake system, going with a sealed enclosure is gonna be the best way to roll.Now, the flip side of not having a sealed enclosure and having that filter exposed is that you are gonna experience a pretty dramatic increase in engine noise under hard acceleration. And that is one thing a lot of our customers have mentioned in the review section. As always, guys, check those out. You'll hear some of the pros, maybe even some of the cons of installing the RedRock, and see what fellow 5.3 or 6.2 owners are saying. But outside of the flashy aesthetics and the noticeable increase in sound, prospective buyers can also look forward to things like a little bit more throttle response here with this in place along with a small bump in power.Now, I'm not gonna sit here and tell you a 20, 30 wheel because that's frankly not gonna be true. Typically, you're gonna be looking at high single-digit, low double-digit gains in regards to both horsepower and torque. So, nothing crazy, but certainly gains that are worth mentioning. But now comes a time in the video where we actually want to show you how to remove that factory intake and then get the RedRock installed in its place. And I always like to say intakes are a great starting point because they often are very easy to install, even with limited mechanical knowledge. Therefore, the site is gonna stick to a pretty solid one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter here, maybe an hour from start to finish, depending on how fast you like to work, using nothing more than a few basic hand tools. But regardless, to give you a better idea of just how this job will go down on your rig at home, feel free to check out our detailed walkthrough and tool breakdown now.Man: Tools used for this installation, clip removal tool, Phillips screwdriver, 1/4-inch drive ratchet, extension, T15 Torx, 10, 8, 7, 6-millimeter sockets, quarter to three-eighths adapter, 13-millimeter socket, 10-millimeter wrench, and cutting pliers. First thing we're gonna do is remove our hood latch handle. That'll give us access to remove our rad support cover. I'll take my 15 Torx bit. You're gonna wanna make sure you hold onto this because we're gonna have to put this back on. Now that we have that removed, now we'll take our clip tool and remove our rad support cover. Now we'll take our clip removal tool, start removing our push clips. Now that we have all our push clips removed, we'll be able to grab our rad cover and remove it. Now we're going to remove this bolt here and this bolt here that holds this bracket on. It's gonna give us access to our air intake tube. I'm gonna take my 13-millimeter. Now, once I have this out of the way, I'm going to remove this push clip right here, which is going to release this air intake tube.Now we're going to loosen this air intake tube up and disconnect it from the airbox, but we're not gonna have to take it out of the vehicle. So, we'll get in here with our clip removal tool and pop that clip right off. That's gonna give us access to be able to just do what I just did there, which is slip it out of the box. You'll see it kind of...and then can kind of just rest right like that. Next, we'll go on and start disconnecting some of our wiring harnesses. Now, we're going to disconnect our wiring harnesses. We're just gonna lift up on this one, just like that. It's gonna come off of that tab. We're gonna place it out of the way for now. We're gonna disconnect our mass air flow. We're gonna pull back on this red glow clip, and now we have that off. And then down here, there's a little push clip that's holding the wiring harness to the airbox. I'm gonna take my tool and pop that off. Now we're gonna remove our PCV. We're just gonna give it a squeeze and then it comes off. Same on the bottom. Squeeze it. Now we have that removed. We'll remove our 8-millimeters for two hose clamps.So, now we'll remove or loosen our hose clamp here and then the one on the throttle body. Now the one on the throttle body. Now we'll be able to remove the upper part of our air intake. And now that we have that, now we'll remove our airbox. So, now we're gonna remove a 10-millimeter that we have right here. Now we're gonna keep this nut because we're gonna reuse this. This is what's gonna hold the new airbox in place. I'm gonna get it loose. Now that we have that off, we're going to be able to start removing our airbox. So, now we got our 10-millimeter off. We should be able to remove our airbox. We just gonna have to pull up and get it off the stud, fish it out behind the wiring harness. You might have to push the harness down just like that. It's a little tricky to get it out. Now we'll go on to the bench and start assembling our new cold air intake.Now that we have our old airbox off and we have our new cold air intake set up here, we're gonna have to remove some stuff from our old airbox to install onto our new setup. So, I'm going to go and we're gonna remove the stuff we need off of this and get this off the table and start installing the parts we need onto this, plus this has some assembly required here. We're gonna do it on the bench before we stick it on our vehicle. So, first things first, we'll get started. We'll remove our grommet and install it onto our new cold air intake. The first thing we're gonna do is remove this grommet. This is what you took your 10-millimeter nut off of. Just gonna pop it out of this one. Once we get it out, we're gonna install into our new cold air intake. Just push it down in just like that. Next, we're gonna remove our mass airflow. So now we're gonna take our mass airflow sensor off of our factory airbox. We're gonna lift it out. We're gonna lay it down just the way we took it out. There's screws back in here. In case you ever wanna put your vehicle back to stock you can keep all your parts. And now on our new air intake tube, we're gonna remove the Phillip screws that come with it. We're going to install our mass airflow sensor. Now you're gonna wanna make sure that this opening on it is where the air is coming in. It's hitting that. So, you're gonna slide that right back down into place. Start your screws. Snug them up. Now that we have our mass airflow sensor removed from here, we're done with our airbox. We'll get it off the table and finish the install of our cold air intake.Next, we're gonna install our adapter into our airbox. We're gonna slide it through this way like this, line the holes up, run these in, get them tight. It is plastic, so just remember that when you're tightening them. This is why I'm using 1/4-inch drive hand tools. That's tight. Now we will install a bracket for our wiring harness on this side. This is the bracket we're gonna install with a 10-millimeter and the flat washer nut and lock washer. We're gonna put it like this so it hangs down. That way we can install and push the harness down on it when we get it back in the vehicle.Install the nut in the back. Take my wrench and socket, ratchet. Get it straight. You can kind of leave it just like that. It'll move around a little bit, but that'll be fine. Now we'll install our grommet and our gasket around the top. So, we're going to install our grommet now. It just pushes in place like this. And we're gonna go around the airbox. We're gonna start down this way and then work our way around. I just wanna push it down in. Now, what I'm gonna do is take the smaller piece and install it in this way and then trim one of them. I don't think it really matters which one you trim. This is gonna get slid underneath there. So, I'm gonna make this turn here. Some turns are a little tough because of just folding the material, but it pushes in place really nice. And once we get that done then what I'm gonna do is mark our rubber here, take my cutters, cut through that piece, slide that on. And now that we have our seal done, we have our air intake tube done, we're gonna stick our dow pin that they gave us our bushing with the two nuts on here that it's gonna slide in place, and then we'll be able to start getting ready to install this. So, now we're gonna take our support bushing.In the directions, they called it a dow. I don't know why. So, we're going to just put this in place. Take our washer and our nut, get it started. Spin it on like that. Take our 10-millimeter wrench. Ratchet it down. I'm gonna get that snug. Next, I think we're gonna install our air filter. I don't think it's gonna matter if we install it now on the vehicle. So, I'm gonna install it now. I think it'll make it easier. So, we're gonna put that in, tighten that up, and then we'll get ready to install this into the truck. Now I'm gonna install our air filter. I think it's gonna be easier to install it now. I can push down on it, spin it around till I see the...Okay. Once I got it in place, I'm gonna take my 8-millimeter. Once I got that tight, now we're gonna install our air intake onto our vehicle. So, now we're gonna install our airbox into our factory location where it went. So, what I did was I moved the harness out of the way, tried to get everything out of the way because it is gonna take a little bit to get this in here. So, what I did was I angled it like this. Move the one little hose out of the way. You're gonna have to push on it a little bit to get it to clear the harness in the back. It does take a little bit to get it in, that's for sure. Once you get that part in, then you can stick the down one over here where the 10-millimeter goes. Remove your harness. There we go.All right. Now we'll install our 10-millimeter bolt. We'll check everything. That stud that we put in on the table back here, you're gonna have to reach down in here, put the nut on it and tighten that up. That's gonna be a little tricky to get to too, but it's not that bad. You just have to make sure don't be afraid to push and get it so it conforms and falls down into place. So, now we got our airbox in place. We're going to use our 10-millimeter that we took off when we removed the old airbox and we're gonna tighten that up. So, now we got our 10-millimeter tight. We're gonna install our wiring harness onto our bracket that we installed earlier. It's just gonna slide on top of that and resting like that. Now, on the backside of this, we have this flat washer, lock washer, and nut. It's gonna go on that stud in the back. Now, if you're a big guy and you got big arms, you're gonna have a little trouble getting your arm in here to reach down in here like I am. So, you're gonna have to figure out, maybe get somebody, one of your friends that can put this on. But I already put one on, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna put this on, this on, and I'm gonna get in there and tighten it. We're not gonna be able to show that because the camera is not gonna be able to get down underneath the coned container. Now, you could remove your cone overflow, your reservoir if you wanted to. It might help make some room so you can get this in and out easier. I didn't have to. I was able to get it in and I'm able to get my hand in to put this on. So, we're gonna do that next then we'll go to our intake tube and start hooking that up.Now that we have our airbox in, we have both our nuts tight or 10-millimeters. I installed my rubber grommet here. I'm going to tighten up the hose clamps on this side. I like to keep the hose clamps going the same way so everything looks nice and neat. I'm gonna install this rubber grommet on our throttle body. Once I have that where I want it, tighten that one up. Next, I'm gonna install our intake tube. And once I have that one in place, takes a little bit to push them in. I'll spin the hose clamp where I want it. I want to get it in line with the other one. I'm gonna tighten this one up. Make sure this one is tight. Now I'll go back over here, make sure this one is in line where I want that one. We will tighten this one up. Now I'm gonna tighten my clamp up, making sure it's in line with the other one. Feels pretty secure. Now we'll connect our mass airflow sensor. Make sure the tab is pushed down and make sure our harness is out of the way here. Everything is secure. Now we'll install our PCV hose that they gave in the kit. Now I'm gonna install our PCV hose down here, and the hose supplied in the kit should go on fairly decent. I'm gonna install a hose clamp before I put the other side on here. I'm gonna put this hose clamp on up here and we'll tighten our hose clamps up. That's that one. We'll get down inside here, tighten this one. So, now we're gonna reinstall our air intake tube. I want to make sure we get it back up inside like that. Put our push clips back in. That'll hold that in place. We'll reinstall our bracket here, that one on the side, put a two 13-millimeters. Now we'll put our rad support cover back in place, set it down in, put our push clips in. Now we'll install our hood latch handle back in place with our two Torx.That wraps up this review and install of our RedRock Cold Air Intake- Polished for '19 to '22 5.3L and 6.2L Sierra and Silverado 1500s. Thanks for watching, and for all things Silverado, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Improves Airflow for More Power
      • Increases Throttle Response and Performance
      • Polished Aluminum Intake Tube
      • Reusable, High Flow Air Filter
      • Simple Bolt-On Installation
      • No Computer Re-Tune Required
      • Fits 2019-2023 5.3L and 6.2L Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Models


      Better Flow for More Power. Improve the power and performance of your 2019-2023 5.3L or 6.2L V8 Silverado with a RedRock 4x4 Cold Air Intake. By replacing your Silverado's restrictive factory intake with a high flow filter assembly, you will see and feel a noticeable increase in rear wheel horsepower and torque. This RedRock 4x4 Intake not only improves airflow for an increase in power, but it will also add a show-winning appearance to the engine bay with its brightly-polished aluminum intake tube.

      No Tune Required. RedRock 4x4 engineered its Cold Air Intake to improve the performance of your V8 Silverado without the need of reprogramming your computer. By utilizing flow dynamics, this Intake will increase power using the original factory tune. Even though a re-tune is not required for operation, AmericanTrucks recommends a custom tune to reprogram the vehicle's computer (ECU) to get the best possible performance from this Cold Air Intake.

      Reusable Air Filter. The included high flow air filter effectively filters out power robbing particles with its multi-layer design. The specially-treated media creates a sticky surface to capture microscopic contaminants before they can enter your engine and do harm. Seeing that the filter is reusable, there is no need to buy a new filter every few thousand miles. You can just clean the filter, re-oil it, and reinstall - saving yourself money in the long haul.

      Simple Bolt-on Installation. RedRock 4x4 designed its Cold Air Intake kit to be a direct bolt-on replacement. With no special tools or extra modifications required, installation can be completed in under an hour. All parts and detailed instructions are included.

      Application. This RedRock 4x4 Cold Air Intake; Polished is designed to fit 2019-2023 5.3L and 6.2L Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models.



      RedRock S126726

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

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      What's in the Box

      • (1) Intake Tube
      • (1) Heat Shield
      • (1) Air Filter
      • Clamps
      • Couplers
      • Installation Hardware

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