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Putco Luminix LED Tailgate Emblem (15-23 F-150, Excluding Limited & Platinum)

Item T542790
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys, Adam here with And today we're taking a quick look at and installing the Luminix LED Rear Emblem available for the '15 and newer F-150, excluding the limited and platinum models which have different rear tailgates. You should be checking this out if you're looking to replace the boring factory Ford oval blue emblem with one that's not only blacked out to give you a more stealthy rear end appearance but one that also has built-in LEDs to work in conjunction with either your tail lights or your brake lights. Now, this option here is definitely gonna be a little bit more premium for the guys looking to spend a little bit more money on an emblem that does a huge amount of difference and a huge change at the rear end of the vehicle. Now this guy is a black ABS plastic with a smooth matte black finish and it's got raised text in almost a clear or transparent white that gives you the Ford emblem and the trim around it which also illuminates in an extremely bright red LED. This LED is gonna be a whole lot brighter than your factory running lights or tail lights at the rear end as well. It's definitely gonna stand out and look a whole lot different than the other F-150s out on the road.Now, I will say, you have the option of wiring it in to your tail lights or you can wire them into your brake lights. Now if you run them to your tail lights, then all you're gonna have to do is wire them in and anytime you turn your headlights on and your taillights come on, this will come on as well which is exactly what you see here. The alternative would be to wire it into your brake lights and have them only illuminate when you hit the brake pedal. It's obviously personal preference but the option is extremely easy to do, one or the other. Once you get back to the wiring harness here, you just pick which wire you wanna go to. Now, as far as the wiring, it is gonna be pretty straightforward. It's a little bit tricky to feed the wiring harness through the tailgate and then back over to behind the tail light but once you get it down, I'd recommend using a coat hanger for it. It's gonna make life a little easier but once you get it there, it's simple and straightforward. The price comes in right around 190 bucks. Again, a premium price tag but a very unique emblem to say the least. The install is gonna get two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter because it does require some of that wiring, but again, it is pretty straightforward.You're just gonna unclip the factory emblem from underside of the tailgate and you're just gonna swap them out, run some wires, splice them in using quick splice connectors and you'll be good to go. I'm gonna show you every step of the process here. It'll take you about an hour, maybe, two from start to finish depending on your experience. What do you say we get started? Tools used in this install include an impact gun, ratchet, 8-millimeter socket, T25 Torx bit, needle-nose pliers and a panel removal tool. First up here, drop your tailgate. We're gonna grab a T25 Torx bit to remove the Torx screws holding on this cover here on the inside of your tailgate. So grab your impact gun or your ratchet and get those off. All right. Now, if you have a spray-on bed liner like we do here, it may be caked on a little bit so you might need to grab, maybe a flat head or something like that or a panel removal tool to pry up underneath but we got ours broken free. You're gonna grab that and I'm gonna set it right inside the truck bed. So now we have access to the inside. All right. So now underneath of the trunk latch mechanism is the back end of your factory Ford emblem on the tailgate. I'm gonna stick my arm in here with a flathead screwdriver just to point out these clips. On each corner, there is a clip like this, this metal clip.We have to basically pinch from the inside and push from the inside out to disconnect it. These little retaining plastic pins here help guiding it into place. You don't have to push on those much. You're basically just gonna pinch in these metal clips, one here, one here and then the same thing on the other side and push down. It's gonna be definitely tricky but it is something that can be done. All right. So what I'm doing now is using a panel removal tool on the oval emblem from the outside of the tailgate while pinching those metal clips from the inside with a pair of pliers. If you're gonna do this method, you wanna make sure you're using something plastic not to damage your paint. All right. And there we have it. All right. So we got our factory Ford badge off of our tailgate here on our '17 F-150 and it's on the tailgate next to our Luminix LED emblem and I wanna take you through some similarities and differences and I know it is pretty straightforward but there might be a couple of things you're not really aware of here. First off, the wiring is pre-integrated all the way into the back of that emblem there. All you're gonna have to do is run that wiring to your tail light to splice it into the light functionality. Now, as far as materials, your new emblem here is all ABS plastic.It's got a nice smooth matte black finish to the entire emblem itself and as far as the shape and design, it does of course still maintain the Ford emblem traditional logo but it's got its slight differences compared to the factory one. Your factory emblem is a completely smooth oval. It's very curved, not angular at all. Your new emblem here actually is a little bit more angular. It's got a harder edge going into the inside of the oval and then the ring that you would traditionally get in chrome on your factory one, the really thin chrome line here, is raised up off the surface of the materials and that's also an LED and then finally, the Ford lettering is raised up equally on the actual emblem itself and that's gonna illuminate as well. So, slightly more angular, a little bit more aggressive looking and of course, you're replacing the blue oval with now a matte black oval so it's got that black or stealthier finish at the rear. The actual illumination of the emblem will be red so it mimics sort of the running light functionality there that you get from your tail lights in red. Now, the next step we're gonna actually have to do is a little bit different in mounting as opposed to how we use the factory emblem. We have a couple of threaded studs we have to install on the back. Four are included in the kit.Two of them are gonna be used on our '17 F-150 here but depending on how your factory emblem was mounted, you may need to use different mounting holes on the back there. There are four pre-drilled, pre-threaded holes on the back of the emblem. Again, only two are gonna be used for hours. So next up, I'm gonna show you guys that. Let's install those studs on the back here and we'll move forward. All right. Now when it comes to installing our studs, you wanna make sure that you have the Ford logo oriented properly as it's going to sit inside of the tailgate there. So we wanna make sure we can read it and then we're gonna flip it face down toward us like that. Now, there are four threaded holes on the back. We're only gonna be using the two outer ones. Now, depending on how your factory emblem mounted to your tailgate, you may need to use the two inner ones. Just have a look on the inside and see where those holes are. So I can see that ours is on the outside. So I'm gonna grab these studs and you can see the little markings on one side. I'm basically gonna thread that right into the emblem there just like that all the way down. You can choose to use blue Loctite if you'd like but it's not completely necessary. Do that on both sides.So once you have that threaded all the way down, we're gonna basically seat this from the outside in underneath of our tailgate. The studs will come through the mounting holes, whether it be on the outside or the inside. Grab the nuts and you'll tighten it down with your ratchet then we're gonna set up our wiring harness in a position that it works with our tail light. I'm gonna start by feeding in our wiring harness and I'm gonna pull it up through with the emblem. All right. Now once you have that through, grab a couple of the nuts and tighten it down from the inside. All right. So we're actually gonna grab an 8-millimeter and tighten this guy down. We're gonna do the same thing on both studs. The next step is pretty tricky. We're gonna take this wiring harness and before we plug it into our additional harness, we're gonna feed it through our tailgate. So basically there's an opening right around here that feeds straight back into the middle. Now you'll know where the hole is because there's a grommet with a wiring harness coming out of it through here. So what we're gonna do is just squeeze that harness through and try to feed it back through the other side. All right.So what we did here as a trick was to just tape the wiring to a coat hanger and we just fed the coat hanger through and then once you get to the other side, right now I'm just untaping it so we can get the wiring off of it. All right. There we have it. All right. So now that we have these fed through, we still have a little bit more feeding through to do but before we go that far, let's plug in the rest of our wiring harness. So these are basically just plug-and-play. Take the black wire and the black wire and plug them in. You'll hear a click. Do the same thing for the red. Perfect. Now for the rest of this, we're going to feed it into the rest of that grommet here right on the edge and then we can crawl under our truck and pull it through then we're gonna feed that all the way over to our driver's side tail light. All right. So take the end of that where the open wiring is. We're gonna feed that through that grommet. I'm gonna feed as much as I can through really by hand just to make life a little bit easier. That should be good. Now we can go through and pull the rest in. So let's go under the truck. All right. From under the truck, we're gonna pull the rest of that wiring harness through and next, I'm gonna feed it over the frame to our driver's side just like that. I'm gonna feed all the excess through.Go straight up towards your driver's side tail light with both of them. All right. So once you get it up there, it should just be able to like hang out there and then we're gonna pop our tail light off and feed it through up there. All right. Next up, we gotta pop our tail light off. So grab an 8-millimeter socket. I'm gonna use my impact gun and remove the two bolts. From there, pull straight back. Now this part's not required but I am going to recommend just disconnecting the taillight all together and setting it aside. So just pinch, pinch and set this guy down. All right. So now you can stick your hand in here, grab the wiring harness and you can pull it through. You just wanna make sure that you have both the red and the black wires. All right. So here we have the red and the black and now we can splice them into our power and ground on our tail lights so they come on when we turn our tail lights on. All right. Now our brown connector is our tail light. The green connector is the reverse light so we don't wanna focus on the green at all. I'm gonna peel back some of this protective covering on our wires so we can expose a little bit more of them. You have three wires. Your colors may be different but if they are the same, the black and the yellow stripe is your ground, the gray and the orange stripe is your brake light and the blue is your running light or the tail light.The blue and the black are the two we're gonna focus on because we don't need the brake light. Now this guy here is the blue so we're gonna focus on that guy first. The blue is our tail light. Grab the quick splice connector. Insert it over the wire so the wire is completely in there. Grab the red wire from the ones we just fed up. This is your power. Insert that into the other hole on the side so that they're both all in together and pinch it with your fingers. Grab a pair of pliers. I'm gonna use needle-nose and I'm gonna crimp down this metal and it's gonna make contact with both wires giving us the power. All right. Click it all the way down. Give that red wire a tug to make sure it's secure and then from there you can close it up. So now we have power connection. Do the same thing for the black wire going to the black with yellow stripe. All right. So like I said, do the same thing to your black wire. Toggle black. Close up shop and now we can reinstall our tail light but first, I'd suggest checking to make sure your emblem works. Once you make sure that it works and it functions properly, then you can go back and reinstall our tail light. So let's move forward with the tail light.All right. So we confirmed that our emblem works. We're just gonna plug in our lights back into our taillights. Each connector is gonna go back to itself. Tuck in some of that excess wiring and reconnect the taillights to the body. All right. Grab the factory bolts and put them back through. The only step left here really is to grab the plate and put it back on the inside of your tailgate. Grab those factory Torx screws and put them back through. All right. The actual last step and this is optional, is to feed the rest of your harness underneath the truck body and zip tie them back. That's gonna wrap up my review and install for the Luminix LED Rear Emblem available for the '15 and newer F-150 without the limited or platinum packages. Again, if you're looking for a light that is completely different than your factory emblem, something that's gonna swap out the blue for a nice blackout version but give you bright red LEDs, this is a great way to go. Pick yours up right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Rear Oval Ford Emblem
      • Designed for Rear Tailgate Placement
      • Manufactured From Robust Materials
      • Rugged Black Finish
      • Plug and Play Installation - Some Wring Required
      • Sold Individually
      • Backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty
      • Licensed by Ford
      • Fits 2015-2023 Ford F-150s, Excluding Limited and Platinum Models


      Eye-Catching Emblem. Take your F-150’s current look and bring it to the next level with this Luminix LED Rear Emblem. Sporting that instantly recognizable Ford logo, this rear emblem comes with mega red LED lights that really make this emblem stand out. If you want people to notice you F-150, this Luminix LED Rear Emblem will do the job for you.

      Robust Construction. To meet the demands of every day driving and harsh weather, manufacturer manufactured this Luminix LED Rear Emblem using only high-grade materials. This solid construction provides additional strength and durability you won’t find in other aftermarket brands. In addition, a smooth black finish is applied to prevent rust, corrosion, and oxidation.

      Features a Plug and Play Design. To make the installation process easy, Manufacturer designed this Luminix LED Rear Emblem for plug and play use. Simple hook it up to your F-150’s fuse box and you’re good to go.

      Licensed by Ford. Compared to other emblems, this Luminix LED Rear Emblem is officially licensed by Ford. Using this emblem on your F-150 is just as good as having a real one.

      Backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty. This Luminix LED Rear Emblem is backed by manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty. For the full details of this warranty, you can get in touch with customer service.

      Application. This Luminix LED Rear Emblem will fit 2015-2023 Ford F-150 models, excluding the Limited and Platinum models.

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      • (1) LED Rear Emblem
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