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PowerStop OE Replacement 6-Lug Brake Rotor and Pad Kit; Front (07-18 Silverado 1500)

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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. Adam here with Today we're taking a closer look at and installing the Power Stop OE Replacement Front Brake Pad and Rotor Kit available for the '07 to '18 Silverado 1500. You should be checking this out for your own Silverado if you're in need of a new set of rotors and pads and you're not looking to spend big bucks on something with all the bells and whistles like a drilled and slotted rotor or a fancy pad. This is literally the exact same quality in the exact same setup that you got from your truck off the factory line just made from Power Stop. This kit includes a G3000 casting grade rotor manufacturing process, you're getting the same OE quality rotor going right into the factory location using your factory calipers. The pads are gonna have a 100% dust-free, brake noise-free, ceramic pads. So, they're high quality and again, just the same quality as your factory one which is really actually what a lot of guys look for. A lot of guys aren't really in the market for some of those aftermarket fancy stuff. For right around 100 bucks, you get your entire front kit for replacements on your braking assembly.Now, as we know the trucks as they get older, they're gonna need brake jobs, they're gonna need new rotors. And if you're replacing your brake pad, it's always a good idea to do the rotor at the same time. When you're using factory pads and factory rotors, they break-in together and have the same kind of grooves. So, if you replace pads and not rotors, the old rotors are gonna create the same grooves on your pads and wear them out a lot faster. So, anytime you're replacing one, you really wanna replace them both. And with this kit, you're getting all of that together conveniently for the front end. Anybody can tackle it in the driveway at home with a little bit of patience and following directions. Whenever you're doing pads and brakes or anything really inside that wheel well, you wanna make sure you're using extreme caution, you wanna know what you're doing. Read the directions because messing with brake assemblies it can be pretty dangerous if not done correctly. So, I'm gonna show you every step of the process to make sure that you can do it in the driveway at home. There are a couple of specialty tools you're going to need and I'll walk you through the entire tool list. I recommend some anti-seize lubricant which is gonna make it a little easier to make sure there's no squeaking, no squealing when the pads contact the caliper itself. You're also gonna need a torque wrench and I'd recommend a breaker bar or a larger ratchet. Something to give you a little bit more leverage to break those caliper brackets loose. After a while, it can get a little rusty and really seized up in there so having something to give you some more leverage to break them loose is gonna go a long way.Now, the install is gonna get two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. I'd recommend having about three hours on deck from start to finish at the front end. If you have more experience, it might take you a little bit of less time. Because we're not replacing the caliper itself, we don't have to bleed the brakes which is one thing off of our minds we don't have to worry about. Without me rambling anymore, I'm gonna show you every step. Let's get to it.Tools used in this install include an impact gun, 18-millimeter deep socket, 18-millimeter swivel socket, 19-millimeter deep socket, T27 Torx bit, dual-piston caliper tool, anti-seize lubricant or brake lubricant, half-inch ratchet, pry bar, breaker bar, and a torque wrench.All right, guys, first step, of course, is to get your truck up in the air safely whether that be on the ground on jack stands. Make sure you're using your floor jack as added support in case of a jack stand failure. You just wanna be using extreme caution when jacking up your truck. Get your wheel off. As you can see, we've already done that. Grab a 19-millimeter socket, we're gonna remove the two bolts holding your caliper to the caliper bracket. There's one at the top and one here at the bottom. All right. So, with those two bolts out of the way, you should be able to pull your caliper off. Now, because it's under some pressure in there, you might need a pry bar. You're gonna pry from the top, from the bottom, and just go back and forth until it works its way off, and you pull it straight back. If you are unable to pop the caliper off of the caliper brackets, you can skip that and go straight for the two bolts that hold the entire assembly on. We're gonna take the bracket off anyway. I like to take the caliper off first. If you're having trouble with that, you can just take the whole thing off.All right. Once you get this off, you wanna place it up here on your upper control arm safely so it doesn't hang down and put pressure on the brake line. All right. So, at this point, if you're able to you can pop your brake pads out. This one here is a little tight. This one here is just a little bit of movement so I'm gonna pop them out with the caliper bracket altogether. All right. Since they're on there pretty tight, we don't have enough torque on our impact gun. I'm gonna a half-inch ratchet with an 18 socket just to break them loose. All right. So, we got those broken loose. Now, we can get them off. All right. With those two bolts out of the way, we can pop our bracket off and set it aside.All right. Next step we can pop our rotor off since we are replacing our rotors. We're gonna use a T27 Torx bit to get this one little screw off. A T30 will be a little more snug but this is what we got. Pop that off and now we can take our rotor off.All right. So, we got our factory rotor and our pads off of our '14 Silverado 1500 behind me. I wanna take you through some of the similarities and differences between the two kits. And I got to be honest with you, guys, there really aren't any differences between the two. The Power Stop kit we have here on my right is just a straight-up OE replacement. This is a direct replacement for your factory solid rotors and your factory ceramic pads. These rotors here from the factory are G3000 grade casting rotor manufacturing process going into those rotors. They're also 100% mill balanced and non-directional. Same exact quality here on the Power Stop. Your new pads are 100% ceramic pads. They also offer a noise-free braking experience so you don't get any squeaks or squealing. And really, guys, as you can see our factory pads really do have some meat still left on them but a huge difference between those and our new pads here, these are 100% fresh. Our rotor is looking a little worse for wear, we're seeing a little bit of rust around the edges, it's about time we upgrade that to our new replacement. And if your brakes are looking a little worse for wear as well, this is a good thing to get. If you're not looking for anything fancy you're not looking for the all bells and whistles that you'd get from a drilled and slotted rotor, any kind of fancy pad, this is really, again, direct replacement.So, what we're gonna do is use our new stainless steel hardware to replace our factory hardware inside of our caliper. We wanna put the new clips in. It's always a good idea to replace those when you're going through this process. They get a little rusted, a little worn out so we're gonna throw those guys in. We'll add a little brake lubricant on the inside to prevent any metal on metal squealing. We'll lube up the back of our new pads, we'll stick them in the caliper bracket and start replacing our stuff. These are gonna need a caliper C-clamp. You'll have to depress or decompress the caliper pistons, in this case, our dual-piston caliper to make room for your new pads. Because your calipers are under so much pressure and when you're hitting those brakes, it clamps in. It gets stuck in there when your pads are not being pressed in. So, what we need to do is decompress that, put on our new pads, and then we'll work from there. So, what we're gonna do first is use our new hardware and install our pads.All right. Now, what we can do is look at our factory bracket. We're gonna pop off the metal clips that were holding on those pads. What you can do here is push straight out on the top and it disconnects. You wanna take note of how they were seated in there. Grab the clips in the kit that are the exact same style. There are a couple of different versions of these clips in the kit. Some have this tab facing backwards, some are facing forward. Grab the forward-facing ones. They're gonna sit right in here on our driver side bracket. So, we're gonna pop our old guy out. And if you have any rust in here, you wanna make sure you're cleaning that out. Ours is looking pretty good actually so we're just gonna pop in our new guys. These new ones will seat right in there and you're just gonna push and they snap right into place. And we feel that click and now they're secured. Same thing on the other side.Now what we can do is put our old stuff aside and grab our pads. Now, the pads are gonna seat in there a very specific way. You wanna make sure they're seating in with that curve with the ceramic pad portion on the inside of the bracket. Now, before we actually insert this, what I wanna do is first off try to avoid touching the surface of the ceramic pad. You don't wanna get any grease or oil on there. What you wanna do is look at the back and we're gonna apply a little bit of anti-seize or brake pad lubricant. We're just gonna rub that on the back pad here. I'm also gonna rub it on the sides that are gonna contact the metal on the inside of the bracket. We just wanna avoid any excess squealing and the anti-seize is a good way to go. I'm gonna pop these gloves off, throw some some latex gloves on which I'd recommend having on deck just so you don't get lubricant everywhere. That's definitely not what you want. We're gonna apply that. Now, when you are applying it, guys, you wanna be careful. You don't wanna put any anti-seize on the surface of the brake pad and you don't wanna get any of it on the surface of the rotor. It kind of defeats the purpose of braking. You don't wanna lubricate it, you wanna create more friction not less. So, what we wanna do is lubricate that up. I'm gonna set this down, take my gloves off and we'll be right back.All right. So, what I'm gonna do here is grab our anti-seize, I'm gonna put a little bit on my finger and just cover the back end of the plating here on our caliper. I'm also gonna grab a little bit, put a little bit around the edges where it's gonna contact the metal plating. It's also not a bad idea to just throw a little bit on the inside there. All right. So, as you can see, this pad here is completely curved on the bottom. The curved section is gonna go over the curved section of the bracket. The one with the flat section is gonna go over the flat section of the bracket. It's pretty straightforward. So, this is gonna slide right in here. I'm gonna line it up with the ends of the brackets and seat it all the way in forward. Do the same thing with the other one. You can see this brake pad has a flat section, that's gonna go on the back flat portion. All right. So, now we can grab a rotor and we're going to install this onto our hub. What you wanna do is line up the threaded hole in the rotor to the threaded hole on the hub.All right. So, now what we can do is put in that factory Torx screw, Torx bolt and just tighten them in my hands. Now, we can grab our socket. All right. Now, we can drop our caliper bracket in place with our pads. Now, what we have to do is line up the factory bracket with the factory holes. Grab the 18-millimeter bolt and we're gonna put it in lightly by hand just threading it through just to hold it in place. All right. Do the same thing for the top. You're gonna make sure those threads are catching first before you let go. All right. Looking good. Tighten them down. I'm gonna get them nice and snug and then go back with a torque wrench. What you wanna do is grab a torque wrench and torque the two bolts down that are holding your caliper bracket to the knuckle to 170 foot-pounds.So, now what we have to do is take our caliper, we're gonna flip it upside down. Just rest it right about here. Now, because our new pads are thicker, this space is no longer big enough to fit over the new pads. It got really used to the thinner pads, the older pads once were used because it compresses in. So, what you have to do is push these two pistons back. Basically, what you're gonna do is just pull this trigger a bunch of times and this bracket here is gonna compress those two pistons in just like that. We're gonna push. You can see it compressing in all the way back. Perfect. Release. And now it should fit over the brake pads. So, now we can rest this over the pads and line those up to the holes just like that. Grab the factory bolts and put them through.All right. Now, we can grab our socket and tighten them down. And this is a 19-millimeter socket. All right. You don't really need a torque wrench for this one, you're just gonna get them really nice and snug with your impact gun. So, really at this point, you're just pushing the brake pedal in. You'll feel it go a little bit further in the first time. But as you pump it five or six times, you feel it gets stiffer and stiffer until it feels normal. Now, you can repeat on the other side.Well, guys, that's gonna wrap up my review and install for the Power Stop OE Replacement Brake Pad and Rotor Combo Kit available for the front end of all '07 to '18 Silverado 1500s. If you want, you can get your Power Stop replacements right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Affordable Upgrade for OEM Brakes and Rotors
      • Delivers Superior Quality Braking Performance
      • Dust-Free Quality Ceramic Brake Pads
      • Innovative Noise-Free Brake Design
      • High-Caliber Stainless Steel Hardware
      • Features High-Temperature Brake Lubricant
      • 100% Mill Balanced Rotors with Non-Directional Surface
      • G3000 Grade Casting Rotor Manufacturing
      • Fast Installation
      • Backed by a 90-Day/3,000-Mile Limited Warranty
      • Fits All 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Models


      Affordable Upgrade. If you’ve been looking for an affordable braking system upgrade for your Chevy Silverado 1500, then the PowerStop OE Replacement Brake Rotor and Pad Kit – Front is perfect for your truck. It will deliver superior quality braking performance that will make a difference in your daily driving.

      Dust-Free. The quality ceramic brake pads feature a dust-free friction formula and innovative noise-free design. The hardware is made from high-caliber stainless steel. The rotors have a non-directional surface and are one hundred percent mill balanced. They are manufactured with G3000 grade casting.

      Fast Installation. This installation process is quick, easy, and uses the factory mounting points in the vehicle. The installation manual is available on the PowerStop website. Please see manufacturer's site for information about Break-In Procedure.

      Backed by a 90-Day/3,000-Mile Limited Warranty. The PowerStop Brake Rotor and Pad Kit is covered by a 90-day/3,000-mile limited warranty. It doesn’t cover failures of components due to disc thickness variation (DTV) or normal wear. For more information on this coverage, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

      Application. The PowerStop OE Replacement Brake Rotor and Pad Kit – Front is designed to fit all 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 models.

      Information on PowerStop's proper Break-In Procedure can be found here:


      PowerStop KOE2069

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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      What's in the Box

      • (2) Front Brake Pads
      • (2) Front Rotors
      • Brake lubricant
      • Mounting Hardware
      • Installation Instructions

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