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MP Concepts Upper Replacement Grille with LED Lighting and DRL; Matte Black (18-20 F-150, Excluding Raptor & XLT)

Item T556418
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      Video Review & Installation

      Justin: The MP Concepts Upper Grille Replacement that we have here today with the included DRLs will be a great way for all 2018 through 2020 owners who are looking to drastically change up the front-end appearance on their truck while adding some very cool and unique lighting at the same time. Now, this kit will feature a durable ABS plastic build, honeycomb insert, and a combination of your three amber LED lights up top working in conjunction with the massive white DRLs here, all for right around that mid $300 price point. Install, at least according to the site guys, is gonna get a very strong one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, take at least a couple of hours to complete from start to finish, as we'll show you later in the video. All right guys, so full disclosure, this might be just one of my favorite grille options or styles for the '18 through '20 trucks, thanks to the combination of the kind of Baja styling or appearance, working with your included lighting here, which combined, again, will totally transform the front end of your truck for really not a ton of dough.But what do you say we break down some of the details here with the MP Concepts option, and at its core, I would say it gives off kind of a very Raptor-ish vibe, thanks to the basic shape or design along with that honeycomb mesh and trio of amber LED running lights up top. Now, of course, things will be a little bit different here in the fact that you are working with that bold center bar which does retain your factory or aftermarket Ford emblem there front and center. And then, again, we do have the additional accent lighting, which is gonna flank that bold center bar here done in a smoked fashion. Now, if you did prefer to maybe ditch that Ford emblem altogether for whatever reason, maybe you thought it was just a cleaner look with that single bar across the center there, well, you could also check out RedRock's Baja Upper Grille option, which is gonna deliver a very similar look and very similar lighting, but again, will leave off that spot for your emblem with the grille. Now, this grille itself has been built using OEM Ford CAD data, so basically guys, it's going to install like a factory grille, it's going to fit like a factory grille, and I think that is evident with some of the shots that we're showing you here along with some of our customers' submitted images. Let's briefly go back and touch on some of that lighting because, again, it's really what separates this option from some of your others on the site.Now, first up, they're not currently installed, they're on the table down there, but you have those three amber running lights up top here. It's gonna give off that Raptor vibe, of course, and I would say it's a very popular edition with many truck owners out there as of late, not just the Raptor. But the star of the MP Concepts Grille here, in my humble opinion, will be the dual-smoked DRL, or daytime running lights, that will flank that center bar there and will illuminate with a really striking white light whenever your parking lights or your headlights have been switched on. Now, when everything is fired up, those DRLs, the amber running lights, it's gonna give off a very distinct look for that front end and is absolutely sure to separate your F-150 from the rest.Let's switch gears now, let's touch on that install. And site's gonna call this a pretty strong one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter and at least a couple of hours to complete from start to finish. There is a little wiring to factor in as well. Now, I say at least a couple of hours because if you've never disassembled the front end of your '18 through '20 truck, there is a fair amount of work to remove that factory grille and get the new piece in place, transfer over your emblem or install the new one, and then again get everything wired up. So, there is a little bit of work going on here, but don't worry guys, we're getting ready to walk you through it right now along with giving you our tool breakdown. Check it out.Man: The tools you'll need for this project is a number 2 Phillips screwdriver, a small Phillips screwdriver, a small flathead screwdriver, a 13-millimeter, 10-millimeter, 8-millimeter, 7-millimeter socket in a 1/4-inch drive, a short 1/4-inch drive extension, a 1/4-inch drive ratchet, a wire crimper and stripper, a pair of needle-nose pliers, and a trim removal tool.Hi, everyone. Today we're gonna be installing a new grille on our 2018 F-150, but before we can do that, let's go ahead and get the old one removed. Our first step's gonna be to remove this lower filler panel here and it has four screws holding it in. So, we're gonna use our 7-millimeter socket to remove the two screws on one side and two screws on the other side. The screws that we need to remove are on the ends of the filler panel just inside the fender well.Now, you can repeat that process for the other side, and then we can pull this out. Now, we'll start at one end and just pull it away from the vehicle, and you may have to use a little bit of force, but it should come right out. Now we can remove the 13 push pins that hold the radiator cover down using our trim removal tool.Now we can lift our radiator cover off. Now we can disconnect our electrical connectors here and remove the four 10-millimeter bolts on top. Now we can remove the last two 13-millimeter bolts at the bottom of the grille using our 13-millimeter socket and a short extension. And repeat for the other side. Now we can just pull the grille out and up and that'll uninstall it completely.Now that we have the old grille uninstalled, we need to transfer some pieces to the new grille. So, let's get started, and I'll show you what pieces need to be transferred. So, we've got five push pins at the top that need to be removed, we have two bolts on each side, and one in the middle that holds the emblem on. The 4 on the ends are 10-millimeter bolts, so let's go ahead and remove those. Okay, now we'll use our 10-millimeter socket to remove those bolts. Now we can get the one in the center. Now we can remove the five push pins at the top using our trim removal tools.At the bottom of the grille, we have three spring clips that need to be compressed in order to release the bottom of the grille. Using a flathead screwdriver, we should be able to take care of that with no problem. So, we're just gonna push it in and lift up slightly. Now we can just lift our shutter system up. Now we need to remove the 3 speed nuts on our emblem using our 10-millimeter socket. With our three speed nuts removed, all we have to do now is just lift up our emblem and it's removed. Now, you should have four spring clips, two on each end of your grille. Unfortunately, our truck only has two so we need to use a small flathead screwdriver to pry those clips off. Now, at the bottom of our grille, we also should have five spring clips here, we only have three, but you need to use your small flathead screwdriver again to pry those up. Now we can remove the four mounting studs, two on each end, using our small flathead screwdriver. So, we're just gonna slide these out a little bit, use our screwdriver to get in behind it, and go ahead and push it out.Now, these two brackets are what our mounting studs are gonna slide into, and you need to note that the stud side goes into the bracket. Now we can go ahead and install our spring clips onto our new brackets simply by pushing them on. Now we can install our spring clips at the bottom of the grille, making sure that the slot on the clip lines up with the tab on the bottom. Okay. Now, there should be five spring clips but our truck only has three, so we'll just go with that.Now we can install our stock emblem on our new grille. Now we'll finish attaching it using our 10-millimeter speed nuts and our 10-millimeter socket, and we'll tighten them down with our ratchet. Now we can go ahead and install our mounting brackets, two on each side, and they only fit one way so you don't have to worry about which side is which. We'll secure them using our 1/2-inch Phillip screws.Now, we'll use our Phillips head screwdriver to go ahead and tighten them down. Just remember, don't tighten them too tight or you'll crack the plastic. Now repeat for the other side. Now we can start the install portion of our daytime running lights. We'll attach it from the front and then use our flat brackets and our 1-inch Phillips head screws to attach it from the rear. Now, once you have it positioned and you know where it's going to be, you can slip the electrical harness through the grille. Now we can use our flat bracket and our 1-inch screws to attach it loosely from behind so that we can get all of them installed. One thing you want to note is make sure that these flat bracket cover as much of the back of the grille as possible to secure the light. And repeat for the other side.Now we can go ahead and install our LED accent lights in the top of the grille using the supplied small screws and flat washers. Okay, because these screws are so small, you might find it easier to actually insert them with the washer onto the light first and then set it gently into place and screw it in. And then repeat for the other two lights. Now we can go ahead and connect the two wiring harnesses, and I recommend running the power side to the passenger side so that we can easily tap into the fuse box over there.Now we're ready to reinstall our shutter system. One thing to remember is we need to connect the five clips at the bottom of the grille and then we're going to feed the wire through the holes in the top of the grille. Now, you do wanna be careful not to get them tangled up, so it may take a little bit. Now we can go ahead and reinstall our four nuts and our center bolt for the emblem using our 10-millimeter socket.Now we can go ahead and slide our grille back into place on the truck. Now we can reinstall the 2 lower bolts using our 13-millimeter socket. And now repeat that step for the other side. Now we can go ahead and reinstall our lower filler panel. Now we can reinstall the screws that hold the lower panel to the fender well using our 7-millimeter socket. And repeat that step for the other side.Now it's time to go ahead and run our wires up to our fuse box so that we can connect power to it. So, we're gonna run our wires through the radiator support here, behind the battery, to the fuse box. I'd only remember that you don't wanna have any crimps in your wire, and you don't wanna have it running next to anything that's a heat source. All right, now we'll run our second set of wires. Now that we've got our wires run to the correct area, we can go ahead and finish attaching the grille using the four 10-millimeter bolts at the top of the grille. Now we can install the five push pins that connect the grille to the shutter assembly. Now we can go ahead and reconnect our electrical connections. Now we can go ahead and reinstall our radiator cover using the push pins that we removed earlier.So, now we're ready to actually make our electrical connections. In order to do that, we're gonna have to strip off some of the ends of the wires so that we can connect them to our power source and to our ground. So, let's get started with the positive first. So, our first step is gonna be to strip about 1/2 an inch off of each wire using our wire stripper and crimper. Now, for our purposes, we're gonna go ahead and connect the two red wires from our two harnesses just by twisting them together, and we'll do the same thing with our two black ground wires. Now, what we're gonna do is we're gonna use a fuse adapter to go to our power source, and a ring bit to go onto our ground. We're gonna connect our ground wire to an 8-millimeter ground right here on the fender well, and we're gonna tap into one of the fuses inside the fuse box for our power source. So, let's go ahead and get those crimped up. Give it a little tug just to make sure that it's secure, and then we'll attach our butt connector to our power source. And again, give it a little tug to make sure that it's secure, then we can go ahead and connect it to our fuse block.Here's the ground bolt that we're gonna use, so we'll go ahead and take that off using our 8-millimeter socket. Insert the bolt through our connector and reattach. Now we can go ahead and open up our fuse box and locate the fuse we're gonna use. Now, the power source that you choose needs to be a switched power source, meaning that it only activates when the ignition is on. So, we're gonna select this fuse right here and we're gonna tap into that. First thing to do is remove the fuse. Now, we're gonna re-insert the fuse that we just took out into our fuse adapter, which by the way is not included in the grille kit, so you can pick this up at any automotive parts store. We'll insert that, and then we have our other fuse for the new set of wires, and we just tap that into where the old fuse came out of. Make sure it's snug. Now you can test your lights and make sure that everything works. And then tuck your wires away so that they're nice and secure and out of the way.That completes our review and installation of our MP Concepts Upper Replacement Grille with LED Lighting and DRL in the Matte Black Finish for the '18 to '20 F-150, excluding Raptor and XLT. Thanks for watching, and remember for all things F-150, keep it right here on

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Honeycomb Design
      • Three Amber Running Lights
      • Daytime Running Light Accents
      • Reuses Factory Grille Emblem
      • Upper Replacement Grille
      • Injection Molded ABS Material
      • Matte Black Finish
      • OEM Fit and Finish
      • Straight Forward Installation - No Cutting Required
      • Fits 2018-2020 Ford F-150 Models, Excluding Raptor and XLT


      Powerful Styling. MP Concepts Upper Replacement Grille will add powerful styling to the front end of your 2018-2020 Ford F-150. This Grille installs in place of your factory grille and will be sure to transform the appearance of your F-150 with its honeycomb design.

      LED Accent Lighting. This MP Concepts Grille includes three high mount amber LED accent lights as well as white Daytime Running Light (DRL) accents. These LED accent lights come complete with a wiring harness that simply splices into your F-150's existing factory headlight harness. The LEDs will then automatically activate in conjunction with your running lights. The eye-catching LEDs not only look great, but will also make your F-150 more visible to other drivers at night and in poor weather conditions.

      High Quality ABS Construction. MP Concepts manufactures their Upper Replacement Grille from an injection molded acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material using the original OEM CAD data from Ford to ensure a perfect fit. ABS is an extremely strong material known for its light-weight, superior durability and impact resistance - making it perfect to withstand the hazards of daily driving. Completed in a matte black finish, this Grille can be painted if desired.

      Simple Straight Forward Installation. Designed to be a direct fit replacement for the original factory grille, this MP Concepts Grille installs reusing the stock mounting points and included hardware. There is no cutting or modifications required for a clean straight forward installation. Installation can be completed in about 2 hours with just basic hand tools. Reuses factory grille emblem.

      Application. This MP Concepts Upper Replacement Grille with LED Lighting and DRL; Matte Black is designed to fit 2018-2020 Ford F-150 models, excluding Raptor and XLT.



      MP Concepts T556418

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Grille
      • (2) Grille Corner Brackets
      • (3) Smoked Running Lights
      • (2) Daytime Running Lights
      • (1) Wiring Harness
      • (6) Small Screws
      • (8) Large Screws

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