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Morimoto XB LED Headlights; Black Housing; Clear Lens (17-19 F-250 Super Duty)

Item SD7154
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey guys, I'm Eric with AmericanTrucks. In this video, we're gonna do a review and install of these Morimoto XB LED Headlights with Black Housing and Clear Lens, fitting all 2017 to 2019 Ford F-250 and 350 Super Duty pickup trucks. And these LED headlights from Morimoto are really gonna appeal to the Super Duty owner out there who wants a premium quality upgrade to their front-end lighting for their truck. Now, Morimoto is really a hot name in lighting these days, and I think that's mainly due to the high-end projectors that they use, as well as the attention-getting DRL and turn signal functions, the build quality that comes with these headlights, and it's all wrapped up in a clean modern design. Now, as far as factory halogens go, Ford's are actually fairly bright and that's for other drivers.Now, I don't know if you've noticed, but I've noticed that driving around town, whenever I see a Ford Super Duty coming at me with their headlights on, I'll get a lot of headlight beam in my face. And I think that's largely due to the kind of dated halogen design and the reflectors that are built into them, kind of splashes that headlight beam pattern out wide and quite frankly, wastes a lot of that light energy. Compare that to the Morimoto XB LEDs, the projectors focus that light beam where you need it to be when you're driving the Super Duty. Now on top of those very impressive focused beam LED projectors, you also have these attention-getting DRLs and turn signals. Now that white DRL comes in at a 5,000K color temperature that's really a clean, bright light, and that's gonna get the attention of other drivers out there on the road, as well as the animated sequential turn signal feature with these, it's really also gonna get other drivers attention. So, when you're making a move out there in traffic, it makes a lot safer. Other drivers are gonna see immediately what you're doing. And as soon as you activate that turn signal, I literally think people are gonna be turning their heads because they're just gonna see that animation. And that's gonna make a lot safer environment for you to operate in.Now, like I've mentioned a couple of times already, Morimoto really puts out a high-end premium quality product. Now, something I've noticed, and maybe I notice it that more than the average person out there because we do a lot of this type of installation work, making these videos here at AmericanTrucks, but you'll notice when you buy these headlights and you're working with them, you can tell you're handling a quality product. It's got a nice heft to it and the housing and all that is very substantial and durable, and that's gonna provide long-lasting life down the road.Now, with all this talk of premium quality, it does come at a premium price tag. The pair of these lights currently come in just under $2,000. That definitely puts it in the premium category. However, I can confidently tell you working with these Morimoto's, you get what you pay for. And the last aspect that I think's worth mentioning with these Morimoto's, in terms of it being a high-end quality product, is the ease of installation. The fitment and finish with these, getting them mated up to the truck was really a breeze and the plug-and-play setup that they designed here makes installation really easy. That said, you do do have to do a little bit of wiring and running a separate wire to your fuse box, it kind of adds an additional step there. So we're gonna give it a very easy two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Give yourself about an hour to get this job done from start to finish using just a couple of basic hand tools. So let's take a look at those tools that you're gonna need, and go ahead with the installation.Okay, guys, the tools we're gonna use for this install include an electric impact wrench, a short extension, a 10-millimeter socket, and a flat-blade screwdriver. All right, guys, now, obviously, before we can get our new headlights installed, we're gonna have to do some uninstall work here and get our old factory headlights out. To do that, we're gonna remove the radiator shroud, as well as the grille cover here. So let's go ahead and get started with that. All right, guys, now to get the radiator shroud off, we have a whole series of these locking pins here. And if you've never worked with these before, they're basically two pieces. You lift up the centerpiece that unlocks it, and then you pull up on the base. All you need is a flat-head screwdriver to do that.All right, guys, with all the pins removed, go ahead and you're gonna have to pull out on the passenger side here a little bit to get this tab out from under, and then just lift it away. All right, guys, next up, we're gonna remove about eight of these bolts here using a 10-millimeter socket.All right. Now with those bolts out from the top, all we have holding our grille on is a series of locking tabs that kind of push into slots that are mounted on the frame behind it. So, all we're gonna need to do is grab onto the grille and give it a nice, gentle, but deliberate pull, and we should be able to get our grille off. All right, guys, and we're gonna have a total of four 10-millimeter bolts we're gonna have to take out for each headlight. And we're gonna start at the bottom here. I'm kind of peeling down this rubber weatherstripping here, it's between our bumper and our fender. And I have a 10-millimeter socket on an extension to take this out. All right, guys, now we have two on the inside here. Again, a 10-millimeter. All right, guys, now we have the last one up on top here. All right. Now, the only thing holding in the headlight at this point now that we have those four bolts out is a little bit of a locking tab. Just kind of pull that out like that. I'm lifting it down, kind of gently here. We're gonna unplug all of this before we pull our headlight away. We got a total of four harnesses that we're gonna unplug here.All right, guys, now the next step in our installation is we need to find a power source to operate our daytime running lights. And that's because as soon as you turn the key on with these new Morimoto lights, you want that daytime running light to come on as soon as you start the ignition. You don't normally have that if like our truck, you have the standard halogens. So go ahead and grab this wiring harness out of the kit. It's gonna have these two plugs and a fuse piece at the other end, we're gonna go ahead and plug it into the fuse box into slot number 35. And I'm gonna show you how to find that and where to plug it in.All right, guys, now your fuse box is located up here between the firewall and your air cleaner. Go ahead and pinch the lock tabs here and remove the lid. Now, in order to confirm slot number 35, you can look at the diagram on the underside of the lid. It'll tell you exactly where to find that slot. And it's right here. It's an empty slot on our truck it should be empty on yours. It might have a fuse in it already, depending on the equipment you have in your truck. But right now, I'm gonna go ahead and plug in our wiring harness here right into that slot. You have two fuses on this block that we're plugging in. One is just a spare, the other one is the one that's actually being used, which is kind of nice. And that's all there is to that. Then go ahead and replace your cover.Okay. So, at this stage of our installation, the guidelines from Morimoto tell us to go into our truck's infotainment system, and we're gonna have to change a setting in here. So I have that pulled up for you right now, navigate your way down to Settings right here, hit, okay. And then go to Advanced Settings, and then Vehicle, and then Lighting, and then daytime running lights. Morimoto says you need to uncheck this box to turn off that setting. And that's all we need to do as far as this is concerned. All right, guys, now we're just about ready amount our brand new Morimoto headlight up into place here, but one thing I do need to point out to you as we look at our factory wiring harnesses, an important note, you got four plugs here that are part of the factory wiring setup, plus we have the fifth one up here, which runs up to our fuse box that I just showed you where to plug in. So we have that. We're gonna use that in just a second. But with the four factory plugs we have here, there are two that look very similar with the black and white connector here.They have on the protective sheathing here. There's one that's in black and one that's gray. The one that has the black cover, move that aside. We are not gonna use that plug, we're gonna the one with the gray sheathing. And we're gonna plug that in. Just wanted to call that out, so let's go ahead and get our headlight up here and start plugging things in. Now with these guys, these wiring harnesses are all different shaped plugs, so it's simply a matter of finding the plug that fits with the plug on the back of the headlight. We have this one here from the headlight that has three prongs, go ahead and plug that in. And we have one here that has two, plug that in. The single one here, we're gonna plug in with the wire that runs up to our fuse box for the daytime running light. And then the one with the gray protective sheathing here that I mentioned a moment ago. The plug for that is right here.Now, before we get it mounted into place, one thing you need to decide is what type of flashing pattern you want for your turn signal. Now, this Morimoto headlight set has a premium kind of sequential flash. And if you want that animation when you turn on your turn signal, you find this wiring harness that comes out of the back of the headlight. It's basically a closed-loop as it is right now. If you want the sequential flashing pattern, you wanna unplug this.And that's all you need to do. Just unplug that. If you plug this back in and leave it connected, it's gonna be a solid flash kind of more boring. I think it really gives it a more premium look with that sequential flashing pattern, so we're gonna unplug this and go from there. So let's go ahead and get this thing mounted up. All right, guys, now to get this lined up properly, so we're not fidgeting for too long with it, you're gonna have this post coming out of the back of the headlight. And you wanna guide that into the hole right here on the inside of the fender. So, basically, set it up top here on top of that rubber weatherstripping that's on top of the bumper and kind of push down on that. And then once you clear the fender, that pops up into place, just like that. And I'm gonna start one of the bolts up top here.And before we tighten that down, I'm gonna go down below to the lower bolt here. We're gonna check our alignment there because that's gonna be the trickier one to set up out of all these. All right, guys, I'm gonna pull this weatherstripping down a little bit and I can see we pretty much lined up. It's gonna be a little tricky to get this bolt in there. I'm just kind of using my socket and extension by hand right now. As Morimoto tells you in your instructions, in order to work with this bolt, you need patience and a 10-millimeter socket. And I think that's definitely true. All right. Now that I got that started, we're gonna go ahead and tighten that down. All right, guys, now we'll take care of the two in the front here. This is a little tricky too because it's recessed in there so far.All right, guys, now that we have our factory headlight out of the truck, I wanna throw up here on the table and do a quick side-by-side comparison. Now, it's really a stark contrast I think in styling, you got the black housing with the clear lens here versus the chrome housing over here with the factory light. I think it's kind of a more dated look over here, something we've seen a million times before. This new Morimoto headlight is really a sleek design. And you'll see in the functionality part of this video, there's really some dramatic changes you're gonna get and a dramatic upgrade in the lighting functions you get with this. But just an overall styling, I think this is a great starting point too as well if you have a truck that you wanna black-out the front end, maybe you're gonna put an aftermarket bumper on, and you're gonna really make the front end appearance of your truck subdued, this is really a good place to start.These are a premium headlight and really working with them today, you can tell kind of handling the headlight itself, you can feel the quality built into this is a very rugged, durable unit. And it's also kind of bulky and heavy as well compared to your factory light. Now, I'm talking maybe a difference of a few pounds, but it's really something you can feel when you're working with it. And the plug-and-play aspect of the installation as you've already seen part of it, it's pretty simple. So, a lot going for here with this Morimoto light. So go ahead, repeat what you just saw to get our passenger side headlight in, and you'll be all set. Once you get your passenger headlight installed, go ahead and replace your grille.All right, guys, now gonna go ahead and grab these 10-millimeter bolts back out and we're gonna reinstall these. All right, guys, go ahead and replace your radiator shroud. All right, guys, now we gotta replace all of our locking pop clips. Now if they come apart like that, all you need to do is press the center locking pin back in place.All right, guys, that wraps up our look at these Morimoto XB LED Headlights fitting all 2017 to 2019 Ford F-250 and 350 Super Duty pickup trucks. And, of course, for all things Super Duty, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • LED Projector Style Headlights
      • Enhanced Brightness Over OEM for Better Visibility
      • White LED DRL Accent Lights
      • Amber Sequential Turn Signal Indicator
      • UV-Coated Clear Polycarbonate Lenses
      • Black ABS Plastic Housings
      • Weather Sealed
      • DOT and SAE Compliant
      • Plug-and-Play Installation
      • Sold as a Pair, Driver and Passenger Side Included
      • Fits 2017-2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty Models


      Modern XB Styling. These Morimoto XB LED Headlights are the ideal aftermarket headlight upgrade that offers unparalleled performance, and good looks. With an impressive design, these Headlights will not only update the appearance of your Super Duty's front end, but they will also easily outperform the factory lights, providing you with more intense illumination, for safer nighttime driving.

      Superior Illumination. Employing a projector lens design with a quad LED setup, these Morimoto Headlights will light up the road ahead with a bright focused beam for better nighttime visibility. The stylish white LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) accents ensure that you are visible day or night by distracted drivers. While the amber LED sequential turn signal indicators bring an updated look to your F-250 Super Duty.

      Quality Construction. Manufactured from OEM grade materials, these Morimoto Headlights are assembled to precise standards for long-lasting quality. These Projector Headlights feature black ABS plastic housings with UV-treated, crystal clear polycarbonate lenses and modern LED lighting. Each housing is weather-sealed to prevent dirt and moisture from harming the state of the art electronics found inside.

      DOT/SAE Compliant. These Projector Headlights will not only bring a fresh new look to your Super Duty, but they also meet or exceed the strict guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), making them legal for street use.

      Plug and Play Installation. Morimoto designed their XB LED Projector Headlights to be a direct plug and play replacement for your Super Duty's original factory housings. Installation can normally be completed in about an hour. Be sure to have your headlights properly aligned before driving at night.

      Application. These Morimoto XB LED Headlights; Black are designed to fit 2017-2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty models. Driver and passenger side lights are included.


      Morimoto LF503-ASM

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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