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Everything You Need to Know About Chevy Silverado Wheels

Written By: Zach Wright

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A set of wheels is one of those mods that has many uses. It can be strictly appearance inspired, or it could be part of a grander off-roading build. Some sets are dedicated to one purpose over another, but the most important factor is you. Keep your build unique with a set of wheels!

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The wheels on your Silverado are one of the most pivotal parts on your vehicle. They are responsible for carrying the weight of your truck, keeping your tires secured and on, withstanding the abuses of the road, trail or job site, all while defining your truck’s appearance. Your wheels are a big part of your build and in many ways can make or break it. This guide will give you a top to bottom overview of everything you need to know about stock and aftermarket Chevrolet Silverado wheels.

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Silverado Wheel Styles Explained – What To Look For

There are many styles of truck rims such as:

  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Spoke
  • Beadlock
  • Drag style
  • Billet

With so many different styles to choose from it can feel overwhelming as each style offers something different. Every style of wheel has its pros and cons. When you weigh them out you can get a good idea for what is right for your build. 

Modern Style Silverado Wheels Explained

Modern style truck wheels tend to be a tad flashier and more ornate than your average wheel. Modern style wheels typically come in multiple finishes, and will sometimes have a faux beadlock look. Some designs break the mold from the typical straight spokes and go for a more stylized look, using more curves and angles in their design.

Modern style Silverado wheels are more closely associated with the show crowd and street builds rather than off-road builds. Generally speaking, modern style wheels are about providing head-turning looks and also fitting a set of some meaty rubber.

Classic Style Silverado Wheels Explained

Classic style Silverado wheels are your tried and true approach to wheel design; a timeless look just as appealing on a 2018 Silverado 1500 as it is on a 1970 C10. Classic style wheels will often use a somewhat minimalist design that is incredibly function driven in its form. Classic style wheels will sometimes have five to six bars and a clean center cap, with the focus being on the truck tire you are running. 

The classic style Silverado wheel is a nice balance of looks and performance that complements any truck. It won’t steal the show per se, but it will subtlety visually support the rest of your build.

How To Choose Wheel Offset For Your Chevy Silverado - The Haul

Spoke Style Silverado Wheels Explained

Spoke style wheels fall into the modern style bucket, however they are popular enough that they deserve their own callout in this guide. Spoke style wheels are any wheels that use multiple straight spokes in their design. Spoke style wheels have become incredibly popular over the past ten years and are one of the top wheel choices for enthusiasts. The designs that fit into this category stretch the spectrum and use everything from thin spokes to thick spokes, creating a stylish yet aggressive look

Beadlock Silverado Wheels Explained

Beadlock wheels are the preferred style of wheel for serious off-roaders. Deriving their name from their design, beadlock wheels lock on your tire using a ring of beads that goes around the edge of your wheel. This means your tire won’t become separated from the wheel, allowing it to take much more abuse and harsh conditions. Beadlock wheels tend to look best with a set of fat rubber and thick treads, giving you maximum traction and performance off-road. 

Over the past few years, more and more wheel designs have been incorporating a faux beadlock look. It doesn’t provide any of the benefits or advantages of a true beadlock wheel. If you are interested in beadlock wheels, be sure to check the product description to make sure it is a true beadlock and not a beadlock lookalike.

Adding a set of beadlock wheels to your Silverado will be a major step in the direction of having a serious off-road truck. If you do go that route, you will want to be able to optimize your setup and should consider upgrading your suspension and getting a few more inches of lift clearance as well.

Raceline Assault Black 6-Lug Wheel on a 2014-2018 Silverado

Drag Style Silverado Wheels

Believe it or not, some people do drag race their Chevy Silverado, but that shouldn’t be too surprising. There are a handful of excellent truck racing series like Stadium Super Trucks, Nascar Trucks, Baja 1000, and more where you can see the Silverado racing; it is quite a capable and adaptable platform that can take on just about anything, including drag racing. 

Drag style Silverado wheels use a 5 or 6 spoke design, usually found in chrome, with some designs using a locking center cap. Drag wheels also come in some wider and smaller sizes than normal as the ideal drag setup uses skinny front-runners to minimize resistance and wide rear tires to maximize traction and grip. As strange as it may sound, a set of drag wheels on a Silverado looks downright devious.

Which Wheel Coating Should I Choose?

Wheel coatings are a subjective business, but there are some basic pros and cons to the various surfaces. Painted surfaces, for example black truck rims, are the easiest to clean and care for. Your standard car wash solvents will do fine for the most part but be sure to pick up something hardier to get rid of brake dust. Painted wheels tend to be more muted colors, silver/gray, black, gunmetal, etc. If you’re looking for something to stand out from the standard fleet, chrome truck rims are where it’s at. Well-polished chrome provides a mirror finish, perfect for the aspiring show truck. On the flip side, chrome is a very sensitive coating and requires special cleaners. Otherwise, you could risk damaging the material. Chrome is also heavier than other coatings, but if you’re running a show truck, weight becomes a non-issue.

2011 4.8L Silverado Sitting on Silver Wheels

What are the Best Off-Road Silverado Wheels?

The best off-road Silverado wheels are going to be ​beadlock wheels. Beadlock wheels will properly equip your vehicle to off-road where it may have to get over a rock or log, possibly withstanding a few drops. Beadlock wheels are designed solely with the intention of conquering trails; it is just a pure coincidence that they also make your Silverado look badass.

What’s the Biggest Wheel I Can Fit on My Silverado?

While this is up for some interpretation, ​prevailing wisdom is without serious modification you can fit up to a 26” wheel on your Silverado. Going any larger will likely incur some clearance issues. With that said, I’d be willing to bet a dollar there is someone on a forum who has done it. Considering that, I’d still say your safest bet is to stick with going no larger than a 26” wheel. 

How To Fit Larger Tires on Your Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra

Should I Run Larger Wheels in the Rear of My Silverado?

Some enthusiasts really enjoy that heavy forward raked look to their vehicle and try and achieve that with running larger wheels in the rear. Unless it is a purpose built drag Silverado, I would not recommend doing that. It can throw off the handling of the vehicle and make it perform differently under braking.

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