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Barricade HD Off-Road Rear Bumper (15-20 F-150, Excluding Raptor)

Item T542575
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey guys, it's Joe from AmericanTrucks and today, we're going to be taking a closer look at the Barricade HD Off-road Rear Bumper, fitting off '15 and newer F-150s excluding the Raptor models. Now, this is gonna be a great option for you if you're looking for a high quality and tough rear bumper that's budget-friendly and retains all of the factory rear bumper features while adding a few of its own as well. So, let's get right to the point here. What is the Barricade HD Rear Bumper made out of? Well, this is 5/32-inch cold rolled steel, which is gonna be a huge upgrade in terms of durability over the factory rear bumper. Now we're gonna get the two side by side in just a second here. But if you own an F-150, you probably already know that this department can be lacking a little bit. It's finished in that awesome black powder coating which is not just there to add to the looks, but it's also going to serve as a layer of protection against the elements. Now as far as the looks go, I really, really like the look of this rear bumper. Now, one thing I noticed there is not a single 90-degree angle on there and in combination with that black powder coating, it really gives you that aggressive stealth B52 bomber sort of look for the rear of your truck. I really think you can tie the looks of your truck together. It looks especially awesome on our '18 lead foot grey F-150 here. But one of the biggest selling points I think is just how many features you retain with this from the factory rear bumper. So, just to go through the list here, you have the license plate lights, the spare tire lock, trailer plug, parking sensors, if your truck has them, if not, the kit does include some plugs, which you can see right here and you don't see it in this shot but if you do have that factory hitch or any hitch for that matter, that will mount up and mate up perfectly with this rear bumper as well. So, you get to keep all the features your F-150 had from the factory but this also adds a few of its own. This step right here is going to be great for you when you're getting in and out of the bed of your truck, a nice little piece of utility there. And also, we have the ability to add some LED cube lights right here. Now, there are none included with the bumper but if you did have some cube lights, they mate right up with the hardware included in the light kit. If not, though, you can use these grated plugs as you can see right here. If you do like the look of this one, which I would have to agree with you, I think this thing looks awesome. I think it's one of the best offerings we have on the site for the rear of the F-150, Barricade even offers a matching front bumper to tie together the look of your F-150. But for this one, though, as far as pricing goes, we're looking at around 625 bucks for this guy. Now, that doesn't include again, LED lights or any of the factory features that I mentioned earlier, but you can transfer all of those over and get this to exactly where I have it right now, and 625, that is one heck of a budget-friendly price. This thing looks the part, it's got all the features you could ever want, it's got the build quality to back it up too. I really can't find any fault with this one, That is a great price to pay if you're looking to upgrade the rear bumper on your F-150.So, whoever engineered this thing really put some thought behind it and I think that shows the most during the install. I'm gonna give it an easy two out of three wrenches mainly because this thing is a little bit heavy. I recommend having a buddy and a case of beer around to get this installed on your truck, should take you no longer than two hours though provided you come with the right tools. So, without any further ado, let me show you what tools you'll need and how it's done. Tools required for this install are going to include an impact or two, U-joint, ratchet, 10-millimeter socket, 17-millimeter socket, 21-millimeter socket, 21-millimeter wrench will also help you out, pair of wire cutters and this Allen key which does come included in the kit. So, first thing's first before we get started on removing our factory rear bumper here, we have to disconnect some electronics from it. I'm talking license plate lights, trailer plugs. And if you have any parking sensors back here, you're gonna need to disconnect those as well, but our truck does not. So we're gonna be spared as far as parking sensors go, but we still have to hit those other two things. So, we're gonna come back here and unplug them real quick and then we can move on to the hardware. So, as far as our license plate light goes, all you gotta do, grab that, counterclockwise twist, that'll fall right out and we're just gonna tuck it behind our tow bar for now. Same thing goes on the other side, counterclockwise. And that'll pop right out and we're just gonna drop it down. Next up, we got our trailer plug which has a little release tab right there. We're just gonna push that in and pull back and that should come off as well. So, now we have all of our electronics disconnected, we can actually start working on the hardware here. These 21-millimeter nuts hold the bumper on, there's three on each side. You wanna be careful once you get the last one off because this is all that's holding on our bumper at the moment. So, what we're gonna do here is start at the top and work down, these two at the top might be a little bit tough to get to, space in here is limited for the impact gun. So we're going to use our old friend 21-millimeter ratcheting wrench. Now just for safety sake, I'm gonna thread that back on a couple threads. And as far as this bottom one goes, we should have no problem getting the impact gun in for that. And I'm gonna do the same thing for that one, we're gonna loosen up the other side and then get this bumper out of here. So, now this bumper is pretty much loose. All we're gonna do is prop it up on the knees here, basically unthread those nuts and we're gonna take this right off of our truck. So, I'm just gonna gently rest that on the studs on that side. Okay, so that is all four and now we can just back that off our truck. So, before we ditch this rear bumper entirely, we have to completely scavenge this whole thing for all the stuff on here. We're gonna start with these license plate light housings, they come out really easily, push down on this tab right here to release and they should fall out the front. Same thing goes for the other side. Trailer plug is gonna be very similar except there's release tabs on both sides, and we'll take that out. Also the lock for the spare tire, that can come with us too. So we're just gonna take the key and unlock that, and that can pull right out too. Now we're also gonna have to scavenge these three bolts. They're all on one L-shaped plate almost, they have these little lock washers on there though. We're just gonna cut those off with some wire cutters. And we're gonna do the same thing on the other side too. So, now we can finally start to work with our new Barricade Bumper here and as you could tell, there's a lot of stuff for us to install here. We're gonna start with what I think is the easiest one though, the spare tire lock. That's just gonna go in and that's just gonna slide right in and just like the old bumper, we could lock that and pull out the key. Next up, we're gonna hit our license plate lights, those are just gonna sit in like so and click into place again just like the factory bumper did on the uninstall. And we're going to lock in the other side as well. Trailer plug, gonna be real simple. Come in from the bottom and just push that right up in place. Now, we can do some of our parking sensor plugs. Now, we don't have sensors to transfer over, if you did, you just put those in just like so. So, we don't but the kit has these rubber plugs which plug up the holes obviously, so we're just gonna jam those in. Friction holds them really well. If you want to make sure they never back out, there are some optional screws that can thread in here to hold this in place. All in all there's four of these locations, so we're going to install our four plugs and move right along. Next up is going to be where you could put some LED cube lights if you had some. Now, if you did have a pair that you wanted to put in here, it would be really, really simple. You just mount them up with the hardware included in your light kit to this bracket at the top. If you don't have them though, we have these filler plates just to clean up the looks. That's gonna drop in right like that and secure with the hardware included in the kit. Now, to lock that in place, we're gonna use the Allen key included in the kit as well as a 10-millimeter socket. And it's gonna be the same exact process on the other side. Now, the hardware you're gonna use for this are the bolts, well the button head bolt with the captive washers on there as well as the flange nuts. There is some other hardware included in the kit, but these are the ones that are intended to go right here. And also what I'm doing is I'm just making sure that that button side of the bolt is what's behind this grate right here. So, if you do see it, you'll at least see the nicer side of the hardware. So, now while this is still on the table, we're gonna prep some of our mounting brackets. We're gonna start with this bolt plate right here. We just gonna feed that up through the back, and then we can lock that in with some plastic washers that come included in the kit. And I'm gonna do the same thing over here as well. Now, what we're gonna do is grab our mounting bracket, you can see if I flip this over this one is marked with a D for driver side and we're just going to install this right like so. You wanna make sure this tab out here is toward the bottom of the bumper. Then we can go flat washer, flat washer, nyloc nut. Now, we're gonna tighten these down with a 17-millimeter socket and as you can see, these are slotted in both directions, so you get a lot of adjustment here. What we're gonna do is just aim for the middle, snug these up and if we need to align our bumper a little bit later, we can always loosen these up then. So, next over here on our bracket, we're just gonna grab our factory bolt plate and do the same exact thing. Gonna give that a washer here. And this makes it really easy. All we're gonna have to do is come straight onto the truck, get these three into their slots. And then we can use our factory nuts to thread them on but for right now we're gonna get our bracket started on the other side.So, now we have our brand new Barricade Bumper completely built up. Our stock bumper is completely barren, but before we drop our new bumper in place on our F-150 here I figured now would be the perfect time to sit the two next to each other and point out some of the differences and mainly the key improvements that our new Barricade Rear Bumper is going to be making for our F-150 over here. The first and most obvious, it's gonna come in the looks department, right? We're losing this body color and all the plastic on this rear bumper over here for some heavy-duty 5/32 steel plating. And it's gonna be sporting that awesome and aggressive black powder coat finish. On top of that angular design, this thing looks amazing, kind of reminds me of a little bit of a stealth bomber. But definitely, a really cool piece that's gonna add a lot to the looks of the rear of our F-150 right here. Now, it's not all looks, right? This thing is made out of steel, it can definitely take a hit. It definitely looks the part, but it's got a lot of utility as well. And one thing I wanted to highlight is just how many features it retains from this factory rear bumper. Plate lights, trailer plugs, spare lock, parking sensors on there, also transfer over if you got them. And I think what most of you guys are concerned about here on the bottom of our stock rear bumper, you see that trailer hitch, we're gonna skip that today but if you really wanted it to, that could transfer over as well and it mounts up in between the bumper and the frame on our F-150. Now, that Barricade keeps a lot of features, we know that but it also adds some as well. Those steps you see on either side, those are a nice touch when getting in and out of your bed. The Silverado has those nowadays, F-150s do not and I really, really like that feature. Nice little bit of convenience on there and again, obviously if you have some cube lights for this rear bumper, they slot right in, all the brackets are there, if not you use the filler plates like we did, and you'd be in good shape. So, that's pretty much gonna do it as far as differences go between these two. All we're gonna do is take our Barricade Bumper, put it up on the knees here, get those studs started on our frame on the F-150 and lock them down with that factory 21-millimeter hardware. So, now we can move back here, we're just gonna start our nuts. I'm gonna do this one at the bottom, this one at the top I started while the truck was on the ground. And what I'm gonna do here is I'm just gonna get the socket on that, push up to get the alignment started, and then hammer that home. I'll let the impact lock in that bottom on and then we'll hit the top two with the wrench. And the other side's gonna be the same exact thing, gonna get these nuts started. And I'm just gonna give it a push up, lock in the alignment, make sure everything is nice and level then we can tighten down all the hardware.So, now we can just lock in our electronics. I'm gonna start with the light here and that goes into the housing and a clockwise twist to lock it in, as well as our trailer plug which is just gonna go on the back and clip into place. Don't forget to hit the other license plate light as well. Now, guys, that is gonna do it for me, it's also gonna do it for the Barricade HD Off-road Rear Bumper, fitting all '15 and newer F-150s excluding the Raptor models. Thank you guys for watching. Subscribe for more videos like this one, keep it right here at AmericanTrucks for all things F-150.

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Rugged Off-Road Styling
      • Full Width Rear Bumper
      • Cold Formed Construction
      • Heavy Duty 5/32-inch Steel Plate
      • Textured Black Powder Coated Finish
      • Compatible with Factory Back-Up Sensors
      • Direct Bolt-On Installation
      • Fits 2015-2020 Ford F-150 Models, Excluding Raptor


      Rugged Off-road Styling. Barricade's HD Off-road Rear Bumper is an excellent way to add rugged, off-road styling to your 2015-2020 Ford F-150. Designed to easily replace your factory bumper, the HD Off-road Rear Bumper features the same exact styling as Barricade's HD Off-road Front Bumper. Built tough from heavy duty steel plate, this Barricade Bumper is ideal for street, work and off-road applications.

      High Quality Construction. Cold formed into shape, this Barricade Rear Bumper is manufactured from heavy duty 5/32 inch steel plating for strength. After trimming and final finishing Barricade then completes their Bumper in a two stage finish using epoxy pre-coating and high-grade textured black powder coating for durability and long lasting corrosion resistance.

      Direct Bolt-On Installation. Barricade engineered their HD Off-Road Rear Bumper to be a direct bolt-on replacement for the original stock bumper reusing the factory hardware and mounting points. There is no cutting or modifications required for a clean straight forward install. Installation can be completed in about 2 hours with just basic hand tools and the help of a good friend.

      Application. This Barricade HD Off-Road Rear Bumper was designed for use on 2015-2020 Ford F-150 models, excluding the SVT Raptor. This Rear Bumper is designed to work with models that are equipped with or without rear mounted backup sensors.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here.

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