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Diesel Trucks: What You Need to Know about Exhaust

When you're doing anything with your diesel truck that requires a high degree of performance, like towing or racing, stock components in your diesel exhaust system aren't going to get the job done.

In a diesel engine, power is generated by controlling the fuel supply directly, not by controlling the air intake (like in a gas-powered engine). As a result, diesel engines get better fuel economy because they generate the same amount of power as their gas counterparts on less fuel. In addition, diesel fuel exhaust is not as corrosive as gasoline exhaust, providing a longer life for the exhaust system. Unfortunately, long life does not equal performance.

Think of your truck exhaust system like the pipe that drains a fresh water reservoir. A drainage system the size of a pipeline is obviously going to be more effective than something with the diameter of the pipes that drain your bathtub. The stock components of your vehicle are similar. Poorly bent stock pipes are the leading cause of power-robbing restrictions. Performance exhausts are engineered to maximize your engine's exhaust flow by providing a smoother conduit for spent gases to escape, allowing the engine to breathe easier. In fact, just by upgrading your exhaust system, you increase horsepower and torque, immediately boosting power from 5 - 10 percent with up to a 2 mpg improvement in gas mileage.

The high-quality components in most diesel exhausts are constructed from heavy-duty materials like aluminized or stainless steel, which fight corrosion and provide a long-life of reliable performance. And, most systems are completely street-legal in all 50 states.

While some parts are easier to install than others, on the whole, upgrading your rig with aftermarket pipes is a lot easier and more affordable than you might think. One of the smoothest ways to vent your exhaust is up and out with diesel smoke stacks. Diesel exhaust stacks give your diesel pickup the big rig look and improve your exhaust flow while giving you an aggressive edge comparable to the toughest 18-wheeler. They work through a series of undercarriage connectors that reroute your exhaust up into your truck bed, through a massive T-pipe and out two 6" angle-cut tips that stand a towering 36" tall. Most kits are custom-designed to mount flawlessly on your rig, and they even come with an optional diamond-plate cover to conceal the piping in your payload.

Quality exhaust systems, like the Nissan Titan diesel exhaust and F250 diesel exhaust system, are designed specifically for your make, model and year. In many cases, this provides an easy bolt-on installation, available in both single and dual kits for diesel engines. A performance-grade diesel exhaust system turbo-charges your rig's tone while allowing you to tow more, climb easier and pass faster. These improvements enhance your motor's efficiency, which translates into greater fuel economy and noticeable savings at the pump...not to mention a rumble you can feel in your chest.

When you need performance, diesel stacks, a F250 diesel exhaust system or other truck exhaust systems to maximize your engine's exhaust flow, allowing the engine to breathe easier and saving you money both in maintenance and at the pump.