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How to Install Covercraft Canine Covers CoverAll Seat Protector/Partition - Black on your Silverado

Installation Time

15 minutes

American Muscle
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Dear Customer:

Thank you for your purchase of our high-quality US-made CANINE COVER.
We hope that you and your dog(s) and family will enjoy this unique product.

Putting on the cover is easy. Push the foam inserts into the crevice between the seat and seat back. Some “COVERALL” models may have 2 foam inserts which are inserted into pockets on the back of the front seats. Attach hook and loop straps around rear headrests. Some seat covers for cars without headrests may be attached with flaps instead of straps. These are installed with rear seats(s) tilted forward and flaps extended over the top of the tilted seatback with hook and loop tape pressed onto the back of the seat. Other covers may be attached with narrow straps which fit into the child seat hook anchors (on cars 2000 and newer) on the rear deck. Most CANINE COVERS have stiff slip resistant tabs on the upper side of the cover which are inserted between the seat and the car.

Your CANINE COVER is simple to maintain and a quick shake will suffice between launderings. Wash in cold water (not hot) using 1/4 cup Simple Green detergent and line dry or put in the dryer on medium temperature setting. The large CARGOLINER is sewn in two sections for ease of home washing.

1. Using a large commercial washer without agitator, wash the cover using 1/4 cup of Simple Green All- Purpose Cleaner. Put the cover in the washer and pour the cleaner in the tub after it’s filled with water or pour it directly in the machine (on some wall mounted commercial units), then put in the cover and start the machine .

2. Rinse the cover twice (2X) to remove all the cleaner.

3. Hang and allow to air dry.

A Canine Cover may also be spot-cleaned if required:

1 - Mix one ounce Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner per quart of warm water.

2 - Spray or sponge onto cover.

3 - Rinse with plain water (until no suds) and allow to air dry.


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