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DV8 Offroad Recovery Rear Bumper (07-13 Silverado 1500)

Item S101384
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hi, guys, Adam here with Today we're taking a closer look at and installing the DV8 Off-Road Recovery Rear Bumper available for the '07 to '13 Silverado 1500. Now, if you're the owner of that generation Silverado 1500, you might be in the market for an off-road capable rear bumper. Your factory bumper really does not do the trick, but this one here will definitely hold up against your off-road obstacles, your work site obstacles, or even road debris. Now, there are a few really cool aspects about this bumper that I wanna point out including its fully-welded steel construction, which we'll take a closer look at next to the factory bumper in just a little bit, but it also has D-rings for recovery opportunities, LED lighting built in here ready to be spliced into your factory harness to light up your license plate. It also has auxiliary lightning mounting points. Now, this one here is gonna run you about 550 bucks and there are a couple other things I wanna point out including the fact that you will not be able to use your spare tire release. Now, as you would know from your factory bumper, it has that hole cut out here that you put your tool into, this one does not have that. You can use your spare tire, you just won't be able to lower it down here, so I would definitely recommend that if you wanna use that, have that removed before you install your DV8 bumper. You can relocate that into your truck bed or any place of your choosing. Now, when it comes to the trailer hitch, you can use the OEM trailer hitch or aftermarket trailer hitches, you just won't be able to plug in those harnesses. Now, when it comes to the pricing here, you can expect to be spending right around 550 bucks for this DV8 option here which is one of the more affordable options in the category. If you're looking for something that includes auxiliary lightning or that includes a little bit of a different positioning on the truck or if you like something that has a little bit more to offer, then you can go with one of the most premium options. But if you're just looking for something to take the beating off-road, to give you recovery opportunities, and to give you opportunities to mount more lightning, this is a really good and affordable option from DV8. Now, with all of that said, I wanna take a closer look at this one once we get our factory bumper off, so what we're gonna do is get into the installation. That, I'm gonna give a soft two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter here simply because the bolt up is very, very simple. It's a direct bolt-on install. You will, however, have to splice in those LED lights here. So, the splicing, not too hard, but it does add just one more layer of difficulty to this, making it that soft two out of three wrenches. Two hours from start to finish will get the job done, pretty simple, pretty straightforward. I'll show you guys each step of the way including all the splicing. Simple hand tools you wanna have on deck, so let's just get to it. Tools needed for this install will be a cordless impact or a ratchet, extension, 17-millimeter deep socket, 18-millimeter deep socket, 22-millimeter deep socket, 17-millimeter wrench, wire strippers, wire cutters, male and female quick spade connectors or splicing tool.Now, the first step here, I'm actually gonna put a couple of floor jacks underneath the back end of our bumper just because once I disconnect all the bolts, I don't want all of the weight of the bumper coming down on top of me or just hitting the ground itself. This way, once it's completely disconnected, the weight will at least be supported by jacks and then, I can slowly ease it down to the ground so it doesn't come all crashing down. So, I'm gonna put one pole jack underneath of this side and the other one over here. Now that we have both of those underneath here, I'll be able to take my impact gun, go underneath and take some bolts out. Before we actually disconnect any bolts, I wanted to disconnect this harness here on our hitch connection. So, what you're gonna do is come up here and just pinch this harness and pull it straight back. Now, we'll have to transfer this over to our new bumper from DV8 and what we'll do is we'll just twist it out and push it. So that will disconnect and we can completely have that removed from the bumper. So, last thing you wanna disconnect here is this harness which is gonna be your bumper harness. As you can see this is all connected to the bumper, so this will all come off with it. We're gonna have to disconnect this, you know, it's like a tan colored harness clip. You do not have to disconnect the other two. Just this one.The first bolt we're gonna disconnect here, it's a 22-millimeter that's connecting this piece of the bumper bracket to the frame. Now, the next two bolts here, actually, these two 18-millimeter nuts. The bolts that you see here actually connected by one bolt plate. And I'll show you that in just a second. So you don't have to hold the bolt head from the opposite side, just grab an 18-millimeter socket and get those off. Now, we're gonna repeat that same process for the opposite side. All right. First off, we're gonna tackle this 22-millimeter bolt. All right. Now, I don't wanna pull this bolt plate out just yet because when I do, the bumper is gonna come off. So, what I'm gonna do is go up to the back of the truck, wiggle that bumper off, and this will fall out.Now that we got our factory bumper off of our 2013 Silverado and underneath our new DV8 Off-Road Recovery Bumper, you can see some clear similarities, but a lot of differences when it comes to the two bumpers. Your factory bumper really doesn't withstand very much when it comes to off-road terrain. It won't take on much impact from road debris and it definitely won't hold its own against any rough obstacles on the trail such as a rock or a tree. Now, when it comes to the new DV8 Off-Road Bumper here, you can expect it to take the beating when it comes to any on or off-road debris here. Its 3/16-inch cold rolled steel meant to take that off-road beating. This is really for the guys out there who wanna use their truck to their fullest potential and get that durability that their stock components will not offer. One of the cool things about this particular bumper is it comes with galvanized D-rings with their pre-welded attachments on the actual bumper itself which helps with your recovery points. If you and your buddy are out on the trail and you get stuck and your buddy has a winch, these are good opportunities to help get you pulled out of your sticky situation. Another good thing about this particular bumper that I really like that some of the other ones out on the market do not offer would be the pre-cut slots for any additional auxiliary lightning. You can have these rear bumper fog lights per se or auxiliary lights for when you're hitting the off-road trails here. And another really cool thing about these slots is they have pre-welded brackets to the inside here. No need to drill, no need to cut. That's not something that every bumper on the market will offer. Couple more things I wanna mention here about the DV8 bumper. As you can see, if you have a rear-mounted license plate, there's already two lights installed on the bumper right out of the box. No need to do your own installation or transfer over any factory lights, but there is a little splicing you would have to do to make those work. There are live power and ground wire on the back end of both of these lights that you can splice into your factory bumper harness and I'll show you that in just a little bit. Finally, as you can see, this does have that stealthy textured black or matte black finish on the bumper. That's a two-stage powdered coated matte black finish with that textured design, which I think just gives it a nice stealthy finish to your exterior, something that is very common in the category and still looks good no matter how you spin it. As you can see this bumper still offers that step to get into your truck bed just like your factory one does as well and you can still use the rest of the bumper as a step itself. Now, without further ado, I wanna show you guys how that gets done with the splicing for these lights and then we'll get into installing this on our 2013 Silverado.All right. Now, that we have our factory bumper on the table here, what we can do is start to take apart our factory wiring harness. Now, we're gonna have to transfer this over to our new DV8 bumper simply because we'll have to splice in our new license plate LEDs from the DV8 bumper into these. As you saw earlier, they do have those loose power and ground wires on both sides. Those are gonna go into the factory harness that controls the license plate lighting. What we're gonna do here first is twist out our factory bulbs. Literally just twist them and it pops right out of both sides. Twist and pop. Now, the only thing holding this harness to the factory bumper are these Christmas tree clips all along this edge here. So, what we're gonna do is start by just twisting those out, go back and forth and they come right out. Do the same thing for the other side. As you can see, that harness comes all the way out. Now, what we're gonna do is splice in each side of the LED license plate bulbs from the DV8 bumper to each side of this and then the connector will plug right into its factory location and those bulbs will work good as new. So, what we're gonna do now is use our wire cutters and our wire strippers to get this ready for some splicing. All right. Now, that we have the bumper off the table, we can get to work on our harness here. The first thing we're gonna use is our wire cutters. Taking a look at this side of the connector, as you can see, it's already got the light bulb on it. Now, this isn't something that we can just disconnect. We won't have any loose wiring on this end. So, what I'm gonna do is go a little bit further up to give us some extra wiring if we ever wanna return to stock. I'm gonna cut right here in the middle. This will go right through that plastic harness there. And that's disconnected. Now, we can peel back this plastic covering here, the plastic protector, to expose the loose wiring. Now, we can always cut this excess off as well. Do the same thing for the opposite side. All right. Now, these two pieces we can set aside. We're gonna peel back this plastic liner. I'm gonna cut some of this excess off just to give us a little bit more room to work with for the wiring. All right. Now, that plastic connector goes back in and we have that loose wiring at the end. Same thing over here. Cut some of that excess plastic cover off. Now, that we have both wirings exposed, we're gonna use our wire strippers to peel back and expose some of the wiring underneath that cover as well. So, as you can see, we're gonna use these Vise-Grip wire strippers. Put it right in here, pull back, and now we have that exposed wire. Same thing on both sides. Now, when you're doing this, there's no need to go so far back. You can just put that tip right in the stripper and peel it back. Now, at this point, since we have both wiring exposed, you'll be able to see it. The black is gonna be your ground and the brown wire here is gonna be your positive cable. Now, what we're gonna do is add female connectors to the ends of these, female spade connectors and the male connectors will go on the opposite side of your LED wiring from the DV8 bumper and they'll connect together, rendering this plug completely useful when it comes to its factory function. This will plug right into the factory connector. So now, we can use our female connectors and splice them onto the ends of these.Now, at this point, what we're gonna do is take our spade connectors with the male and female ends and attach them to our factory harness. Now, again, our brown wire here is our positive, black wire is our negative. Now, what we're gonna do, take our female ends for the quick splice connectors, place them over each end or each wire here on the factory harness. We're gonna take our clamp and crimp these down. Now, what I mentioned earlier about returning them to stock. Once we have our female connectors attached to our factory harness, if we ever wanted to go back to our factory bulb here, what we would have to do is the same thing we just did. We would open this up, strip down these wires, attach the male connector end to each one of these wires and they would just connect. Simple as that. It's a simple unplug and plug back in when you're going back to stock. Now, when it comes to splicing them into your new harness on the DV8 bumper, it is a little more involved than just a plug in, at first. But then, after this is done, it again just becomes a quick plug in, unplug type of situation. So, now that we have these placed over here, what I'm going to do is just clamp them down. Now, you wanna make sure that ones you have these clamped, you give them a good tug to make sure they're secured properly, which it is. Move on to the next one. If it keeps sliding off, you wanna make sure it's secured in there. There we go. Same thing for the other side. Great. Now, for the other end of the harness on our DV8 bumper, we're gonna take the male ends and do that same thing to the open wires on the back of the bumper. So, we're back with our DV8 bumper on the table here. As you can see, the wires for the LEDs are already open and they're already stripped. All we have to do is pull those plugs off. Now, once you have those plugs pulled, just give the wires a little bit of a twist. These are a lot thinner wires, so you might wanna fold them over just to make them a little thicker and easier to clamp, but that also is not required. So, what we're gonna do is take our male end connectors, make sure you're using the opposite connector of whatever you put on your factory harness. You want them to connect properly. They won't go female to female or male to male. You wanna use the male on one end and female on the other. So, we used our female connectors on the OEM harness. We're gonna use our male connectors on our new one here. So, we're gonna connect these to the wire, crimp them down, and then connect it to the harness. All right. So, over here, male connector put on our positive wire. If they start to fray, just give them a good twist. Twist those together, make them a little stronger and they don't fray apart. Then, it's all right if it comes through. It's not exactly ideal, make it a little harder to connect, but you wanna have it enough in there that it's connecting to the terminal. I'm gonna put our crimp here. Same thing for the black wire. All right. Other side. All right. Now, we're good to bring our OEM harness back onto the table and connect it to our LEDs. And when it comes to connecting the OEM harness to the new bumper, you wanna make sure that the connector itself is on the driver's side of the rear bumper. Now, if you have this flopped the other way, the harness is gonna have to reach all the way over here and then you might not be able to connect to this side. So, have that harness clip or connector on the driver's side. Now, that we have that positioned, we can bring it up here. Now, you wanna peel back any excess here to reveal the colors. The black wire on the OEM harness you wanna connect to the black wire on your new DV8 bumper. Those connectors will meet up. You can just push them together. There you go. Do the same thing for the brown wire connecting that to the red wire on your DV8 harness. Now, in some cases, those frayed wires will be obstructing the connector. If you need to, just move those over and if it gets a little hard, you could always use a screwdriver or pliers to just push them out of the way. Now, that is the case with ours. I'm using a very small screwdriver to just push those wires down into the connector to free it up from obstructing the connection. All right. Push those together, same thing over here. All right. Black wire to black wire, red wire to brown wire. Now, when it comes to securing this harness back, you'll have plenty of opportunity to do that once the bumper is mounted on your truck. Now, as you remember from removing this from our factory bumper, thiese Christmas tree clips secured it back here so it was out of the way and wasn't hanging below the bumper. There are no places to do that on our new DV8 option. So, what we'll do is once this bumper is fully mounted, we'll prevent it from hanging down like this by zip tying it up to a location on the frame. That is a very easy thing to do. There's nothing to worry about when it comes to that. We'll just have that secured back, so it's hanging below your bumper since this does offer plenty of added ground clearance. Now, once we do have it mounted, we'll be able to connect to this over to the side where the OEM connector should go and everything will look nice and neat and OEM. So, at this point, it's time to get our bumper over to our truck. Let's get this mounted. All right, guys. We made it off the table and over to the truck, and as you can see since I'm working alone, this is technically a two-man job. I'm using a two jack stands to help support the bumper weight because it is so heavy and granted, it's all fully-welded steel so it is to be expected. If you don't have a helping hand on deck, this is a really good way to go. Throw some jack stands under each corner, closer to the D-rings here. That will support the bumper up into position while you can go underneath of it and bolt it down. If you do have a helping hand, that goes a long way, your buddy can hold it up from the outside while you work the ratchet or impact gun from underneath. So, we have this up in position, what we're gonna do is go underneath, put all three bolts back into place on both sides, connect our harness, secure it back, and it will be good to go. All right. When it comes bolting down your new bumper, you're gonna grab the new hardware provided in the kit. Throw a flat washer over the one side of the bolt head. You're gonna put a flat washer over the other end as well and a lock washer. Then, of course, tighten down the nut. And you wanna make sure before you do all this, you have your bumper centered the way you want it to be. And we've already got that centered up with our floor jacks so we're gonna put that hardware in place. You're gonna do two bolts through the side just like that. Then, with the flat washer, followed by a lock washer, and then a nut. Now, up through the bottom here, just like we took our original 22-millimeter bolt out, we're gonna do the same thing here with our new hardware. Bolt is gonna go through the bottom, then the flat washer and lock washer up in the middle, and then tighten down the nut. Now we're gonna grab our 17-millimeter socket and wrench and tighten these down. Same thing on the other side. We're gonna put all three bolts through, making sure we have our flat and lock washers on each side appropriately, and then tighten them down with our nuts and our 17-millimeter socket. Now, when it comes to connecting our harness back, we can there's a harness already up here on our truck bed. We're gonna zip tie them together up here on both sides of our spare tire. All right. On the other side here, we're gonna zip tie our trailer hitch harness, our factory OEM harness, and the new one connected to the DV8 bumper. We're gonna zip tie all these together. All right. And then from here, you can take the OEM connector side and plug it right back into its factory location. That's gonna wrap up my review and install for the DV8 Off-Road Rear Recovery Bumper which is available for the '07 to '13 Silverado 1500. Looking for that off-road capable rear bumper with recovery points, this is the more affordable option in the category and you can get yours right here

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Rear Recovery Bumper
      • 1.75" Rider and Kicker Plates
      • High Degree Approach Angles
      • Raised Corners for Better Terrain Travel
      • Welded One-Piece Design
      • Two-Stage Textured Black Powder Coat Finish
      • Includes All Mounting Hardware and D-Rings
      • Designed for 2007-2013 Chevy Silverados


      Rear Protection. The DV8 Offroad Rear Bumper offers your 2007-2013 Silverado some serious rear-end protection. Incorporating the same innovative features as the DV8 Front Bumper, the Rear Bumper utilizes high-strength steel and optimized approach angles to deflect trail hazards with ease. 

      Tough Strength. The DV8 Offroad Bumper features ridiculously thick and strong 3/16" cold-rolled steel, on top of 1.75" steel tubing for its bull bar. A set of 1.75" Wall Over Rider and Kicker Plates top off the DV8 with a one-piece welded design to make it one of the toughest options on the market.

      Powder Coat Finish. As far as paint goes, the DV8's finish is just as tough as its construction. A two-stage powder coat process adds a tough-as-nails, sealed matte black finish that withstands bumps, nicks, jags and sharp debris.

      Bolt-on Installation. The DV8 Offroad Bumper makes for a simple installation, requiring no additional modifications or fabrication to be attached. Simple hand tools are all that's needed.

      Application.The DV8 Offroad Rear Bumper is specifically designed to fit all 2007-2013 Chevy Silverados.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here!.

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