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How to Install aFe Momentum GT Pro Dry S Cold Air Intake - Black on your Silverado

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • 8mm Nut driver
  • 10mm Nut driver
  • T15 & T20 torx bit or driver
  • pliers
  • flat screw driver
American Muscle
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• Please read the entire instruction manual before proceeding.
• Ensure all components listed are present.
• If you are missing any of the components, call customer support at 951-493-7100.
• Ensure you have all necessary tools before proceeding.
• Do not attempt to work on your vehicle when the engine is hot.
• Disconnect the negative battery terminal before proceeding.
• Retain factory parts for future use.

Refer to Figure A for Steps 1-3
Step 1: Disconnect the MAF sensor plug from stock intake tube 1 .
Step 2: Loosen clamp from OE air box housing and OE Intake tube 2 .
Step 3: Loosen clamp from throttle body 3 .

Refer to Figure B for Step 4
Step 4: Disconnect the MAF sensor harness clip from the OE air box.

Refer to Figure C for Steps 5-6
Step 5: Disconnect the OE crank case breathers from the valve covers (as shown) on both sides of the engine.
Step 6: Carefully remove the entire intake tube plenum with the crank case breather plugs attached.

Refer to Figure D for Step 7
Step 7: Remove the factory air box out of the vehicle 4 .

Refer to Figure E for Step 8
Step 8: Slide the filter into the aFe airbox. Install furnished T-bolt Clamps. 5
Do not tighten at this time.

Note: Use furnished plug 6 to close the auxiliary air inlet if you want to completely seal the airbox.

Note: Actual aFe Housing Different from picture shown.

Refer to Figure F for Steps 9-10
Step 9: Install the trim seal on the edge of the aFe airbox 7 .
Step 10: Remove the retaining plug from the bottom of the factory airbox and transfer it to the aFe air box 8 .

Refer to Figure G for Step 11
Step 11: Install the aFe airbox into the vehicle. Firmly push it into the factory mounting

Note: Actual aFe Housing Different from picture shown.

Refer to Figure H for Steps 12-14

Step 12: Remove the mass air flow sensor from the factory airbox using a T15 Torx.
Step 13: Install the mass air flow sensor into the aFe intake tube using supplied M4 screws and factory O-Ring.
Step 14: For V8-5.3L, install furnished hump coupling and clamps on the aFe intake tube. For V8-6.2L, install furnished reducer coupling and clamps on the aFe intake tube.
Do not tighten clamps at this time.

Refer to Figure I for Steps 15-16
Step 15: Install the intake tube into the vehicle. Slide the tube in the filter, then the coupling on the throttle body 9 .
Step 16: Align the tube correctly then tighten all clamps .

Refer to Figure J for Steps 17-19
Step 17: Install the two supplied crank case breather hoses 10 between the valve cover and the aFe tube on both passenger and driver side. (make sure hoses are secure over the bead)
Step 18: Reconnect the mass air flow sensor harness 11 .
Step 19: Make sure all clamps and connections are secured. Your installation is now complete!

Thank you for choosing aFe Power.

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