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Barricade HD Front Bumper with LED Fog Lights (11-16 F-250 Super Duty)

Item SD0208
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      Video Review & Installation

      Noah: I'm Noah from AmericanTrucks, and in front of me, I have the Barricade HD Front Bumper with LED Fog Lights for the '11 to '16 F-250 Super Duty.If you're looking to beef up the front end of your F-250 with an aftermarket bumper and hand in hand looking for some more utility from something like built-in fog lights, then this may be a great option for you to consider.If you're planning on doing truck stuff with your F-250, then chances are a heavy-duty steel bumper has crossed your mind as something that could be a great addition to your truck. Now, not only do they protect the front of your truck from any impact, but they also look sweet too. So I don't blame you if you think they just look cool. That's more than enough of a reason to grab one for your F-250 in my book.Now, this one in particular has some pretty neat features to it, the first of those being that is that there is a set of 3-inch LED fog lights right here that go on the sides of the bumper. These will help illuminate the road or the trail. Either way, you'll be able to see better in low light or low visibility conditions.Here on the sides of the bumper as well, they do pull up higher to help with the approach angle. This keeps the bumper out of the way of any large rocks you're approaching or even the ground if you're going down a steep grade.So as far as construction goes, we do have some heavy-duty 5/32 cold-pressed steel. Cold pressed means that it was bent while the steel was cold, making the final product much harder than if you would have heated the metal up to bend it. When you heat metal to bend it, it knocks the temper out of it and it will never be quite as strong again.Then we have a textured black powder coat finish here over the whole thing. Now, this is a two-stage finish, so there's an epoxy pre-coating and then the powder coat over top of that. Now, this ensures that the coating will have a good bond to the metal and it will be insanely durable, so this bumper doesn't rust, and it's protected from any dings or scrapes.Now, those fog lights are 6000 Kelvin and each has an IP67 rating for maximum waterproof performance. The housings are weather-sealed as well as the lenses being made from impact-resistant polycarbonate.This bumper costs right around $1,200, all said and done. Now, that is a little bit more than some of the stubby bumpers on our site. However, you have to keep in mind that you're going to get a lot more protection from a full bumper that covers the entire width of the truck rather than just add on to the stock bumper.Now, for how much damage and repair costs, this bumper could save you and your truck from, I'd say a bumper from Barricade is absolutely worth every penny.Now onto the install process. This bumper is a drop-in upgrade as far as bolting it on to where the old bumper was. It really shouldn't be that big of a deal for someone with some mechanical skill. Now, it would also be a great idea to count on having a friend nearby to hold it in place while you attach your truck, maybe even two people. I'm young and spry, and I had trouble getting it up on the table.The install difficulty is going to be one out of three wrenches, and I'd say it's safe for you and a friend to expect about a two-hour install. That's enough from me, though. I'm gonna hand you over to one of the guys in the install bay and he'll take you through the install process step by step.Man: For this install, you will need an impact, ratchet, extension, 10-millimeter, shallow and deep 13-millimeter, shallow and deep 18-millimeter sockets, 13-millimeter ratcheting wrench, an 18-millimeter wrench, and the provided Allen wrench. What's up, guys. Today, we're gonna be installing a new front bumper on our F-250, so let's get started.So we can begin by coming to the side of our bumper and removing our two 13-millimeter side support bracket bolts. And to do that, we'll use our 13-millimeter socket on our impact. Once you have these two out, you can repeat this process on the other side.Next, we can come to the front of our bumper and we're gonna go ahead and remove our two main bumper bolts here using our 18-millimeter socket on our impact. And your nut plate should fall out right behind you. Now, once you have these two bolts out, your bumper should drop down enough to land on your tow hooks here and then you can go ahead and remove the other two bolts on the other side.So at this point, you should just be able to go ahead and pull your bumper right off. Now, reminder, if you do have fog lights or anything like that, you will have to unplug those before you take your bumper off, but we do not, so we'll just go ahead and slide it right on. And set it aside. Now, these double nut plates are your factory supports for the backside of your main bumper bolts. You are gonna wanna hang onto these because we will be reusing them.So our next step here is gonna be to remove our frame extensions from the front of our frame horns. And we'll go ahead and grab our 18-millimeter socket on our impact and pop these off. Take this other side off. And then we'll remove our bolt plates from our frame horns. Go ahead and pop those right out. Then we'll go ahead and repeat this process for the other side.So before we install our new bumper onto our truck, we're gonna need to put a few things on it, one of which is the fog lights. So we'll start with assembling the bracketry for those. So our fog lights have a mounting hole on each side for our bracket to go on, and we'll start assembling that now.And the first step is gonna be to take your provided nuts. And we're gonna drop that right into that slot there. And it has a retainer to hold them in place. It may take a little bit of moving around. You can kind of shake it into place if it won't go. It's a little bit tricky, but it will go in there.Once we get our first nut in, we'll go ahead and slide our bracket into place. And use our provided Allen bolt. Go ahead and get this side started. Now, we're not gonna fully tighten it down just yet. We're just gonna get it started. So we know that side won't go anywhere. And then this side of the bracket will act as a barrier, so our other provided nut can't really go anywhere but where it's supposed to.Then we'll take our other provided Allen head bolt. Line that one up as well. We'll go ahead and get that one started. And then we'll use our provided Allen wrench to go ahead and begin tightening these down. And we're just gonna make them snug for now. We're not gonna fully tighten them down just yet to allow for any adjustment once we install it on the bumper and see where they're gonna point.All right. Now once you have that done for this side, you can go ahead and repeat that for your other fog light. So our mounting bolt for our fog light is gonna go into this middle slot here. If you choose dual fog light setup, you can go ahead and put them in these outer slots. But we're gonna go with a single light setup.So we're gonna slide our fog light in from the front here and actually fish our connector through. Back side. Then we'll line up our bracket. Then we'll grab our provided bolt, lock washer, and flat washer. And go ahead, get that through. And we can grab our provided nut. So now that we've got that started, go ahead and hand tighten it in for now.And we can go ahead and do the same thing for the other fog light. So next, we're gonna go ahead and remove our side bumper supports because they will not be needed for this bumper install. So we'll take our 13-millimeter socket on our ratchet and remove the two bolts holding it on. Loosen up here.Then once you have that off, you can go ahead and repeat this process for your other side. So now that we're ready to get our new bumper on, we've got it resting on our tow hooks now and we've brought out a floor jack to help raise it up, and we're also gonna grab an extra set of hands to help stabilize our bumper while we install our nut plate and bolts from the factory mounting point that we took off earlier.So now we're gonna reuse our factory double nut plate from our front mounting position, but this time, instead of it being on the back side of our mount, we're gonna put it on the front side of our new bumper mount and then reuse our 18-millimeter factory mounting bolts going through the back side to get our front mounts in place.And we're just gonna go ahead and snug these down for now. We're not gonna fully tighten them yet. And to do that, we'll use our 18-millimeter socket on our ratchet. And then we can go ahead and do the same thing on the other side.Next, we're gonna grab our supplied lower support brackets, and we're gonna slide these to the outside of our frame rails where our factory bolt plates went for our frame extensions. And we're gonna reuse one of our bolt plates from each side. Go ahead and slide that into your frame rail facing out towards the edge of the vehicle. And then we'll reuse our two factory nuts. Go ahead and secure our lower support to our frame.Now that we have our frame side on, we can go ahead and grab two of our provided 18-millimeter bolts, two lock washers, and four flat washers to go ahead and secure our bracket to our bumper side. Slide that in with the flat washer and lock washer on the bolt head side.And then our other flat washer followed by our provided 18-millimeter nut. And we'll get our other one in. And again, flat washer on the back side followed by your 18-millimeter nut. And once we have these in hand-tight, we can go ahead and repeat this process on the other side.So now that we have everything in and hand-tight, we're gonna go ahead and use our jack to help us set the height of our bumper and how we want it to fit. Just keep an eye on both sides as you're moving this up.One side may go a little bit higher than the other. You get to pretty much where you wanna go. Then once you have that set, we'll go ahead back in and tighten everything down. So now we're gonna start with our front mounting bolts here. And we're coming in with our 18-millimeter socket and extension on our ratchet. We're gonna tighten these down. A little crank.And we can go ahead and tighten down our nuts on our factory nut plate here, again, with our 18-millimeter on our ratchet. Then we can go ahead and tighten down our 18-millimeter bolts and our 18-millimeter nuts on our bumper side of our lower support bracket.Then once you have it done on this side, you can go ahead and repeat the same process for your other side. So now that we have our bumper all bolted up, it's time to do our wiring so we can hook up our fog lights and have them nice and bright.So we're gonna start here at our battery and we're gonna go ahead and remove the nut on this terminal using our 10-millimeter socket on our ratchet. Almost all the way off. Take it off by hand. And we're gonna install our ring terminal here and then reinstall 10-millimeter nut. Tighten that right back down. Then we can do the same thing for our negative terminal. Go ahead and tighten that back down. Again, this is a 10-millimeter socket on our ratchet. Nice and snug, but you don't need to go crazy with these, just good and tight.So your wiring harness does come with a relay for your fog lights. Now, it does come with this little attachment here to be able to mount it wherever you may like to keep it secure up out of the way. You can mount it to your battery tray or wherever you might find it best to make it your own in your engine bay. For demonstration purposes, we are not going to go ahead that far and mount it up, but it is there, it is easy. Just drill a hole in your battery tray and mount it up there with a screw if you would like.Next, we are gonna go ahead and drop our wiring and connectors through for our actual fog lights. And we're gonna come right behind our headlight here on the passenger side. It actually has a nice large opening that points directly at the fog light. So we'll get enough wire down so we'll be able to make our connection. And we can run our other one across to the driver's side.And for our driver's side, we're gonna come right back here and straight down behind our headlights7. And we'll be able to reach up and grab that one too to make our connection to our driver side fog light. And then once we have this across here and everything is ready to be hooked up, we'll go ahead and secure it up out of the way however you'd like.Now, you do have the option of running both down under your passenger headlight and then running the driver's side fog light connector across the bumper, but there is less of secure points to mount it up to as well as more of a risk of catching something on the road or on a trail and damaging your harness. So it's just safer to come across the top here and then just secure it up out of the way with some zip ties or something like that.So now that we have our harness ran, we can go ahead and come back under the vehicle and grab our fog light connector as well as our harness side connector and go ahead and put and plug our fog lights in. And then we can do the same thing for the other side and then we'll tuck our harness up out of the way and secure it with a few zip ties or something like that.So now it's time to run our switch into our cab. And what we're actually gonna do here is unplug the connector from our harness to our switch. We're gonna leave this here so we can come back to that and we're gonna take our switch side of our harness and go into the cab so we can run our connector side back out in the easiest fashion we know.So now we've come to the inside of our cab here on the driver's side, and you'll notice, basically directly behind your parking brake pedal is your wire harness and grommet here. Now, the easiest method to get this through, you do have the option of cutting slits, but this is a double-walled grommet, so you have to cut through both sides and try to fish that through.The easier option is to go ahead and just push this grommet through. And then just go ahead, feed your connector through the firewall. You wanna feed as much wire as you can so you don't have to pull and yank on it. But leave enough so we can mount our switch. And you can re-seat your grommet. For the most part, as best you can, it should be perfectly fine. Just like so.And we'll just mount our switch right here by our parking brake release handle. And if you want to, you can go ahead and zip tie wires up out of the way or tuck it in however you want to make it your own. Now, remember, you wanna leave a little bit of slack for now so we can pull our connector back through and make our connection back to our harness. So we'll see you back out the engine bay to take care of that.So now that we're back out the engine bay, we're gonna go ahead and reach right in between our brake booster and our fuse panel here. Right to that grommet where our wire and connector came through. And we'll go ahead and plug that right back in to our harness. And again, once you have this through, you can go ahead and secure this up out of the way however you see fit to make it your own. Clean it up very nice. Zip tie it however you prefer and it should be good to go.So once we have everything installed and you've got your fog lights aimed the way you want them to, now's the time you can come back with your provided Allen wrench and go ahead and snug down your bracket on the two Allen bolts here. And then for the back side, we'll go ahead and use a 13-millimeter ratcheting wrench to give that a final snug-down. Go ahead and snug this bolt down. Once we have that nice and snug, we can go ahead and do the same thing for the other side.All righty, guys, that about wraps up our review and install of our Barricade HD Front Bumper with LED Fog Lights for your '11 to '16 F-250 Super Duty. Thanks for watching, and as always, for everything F-250, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Full Width Front Bumper
      • Add Aggression and Power to Your F-250 or 350’s Front Profile
      • Off-Road Ready Design
      • Cold Formed Construction
      • Heavy-Duty, .141-Inch Steel Plate
      • Textured Black, Powder-Coated Finish
      • Direct Bolt-On Installation
      • Fits 2011-2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty Models


      Let’s Go Off-Roading. Looking to add some attitude and style to your 2011-2016 Ford F-250? Then check out the textured black Barricade HD Front Bumper with LED Fog Lights. Their durable design and heavy-duty components protect against impacts, dents, and other problems that the road can throw against you.

      High-Quality Construction. A .14-inch steel plate is used to defend this bumper and your truck from impacts that rocky roads and dusty trails can kick up. It’s a material that will go the distance

      Included Fog Lights. This bumper comes with (2) 5-watt CREE LED fog lights, which shines bright 6000K light in a broad pattern. The lights are IP67 rated to keep the dust and water out of the housing.

      Textured Black Finish. This bumper is finished with a rugged, textured black, powder-coat finish, protecting against material scratches and corrosion. It also just looks great.

      Bolt-On Installation. This bumper requires no drilling or cutting to install, using simple hand tools and simple electrical expertise. Please allow about 2 hours to install.

      Application. This textured black Barricade HD Front Bumper with LED Fog Lights is designed to fit 2011-2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty models. Please ensure correct model and trim before purchase.

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      Barricade SD0208

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      • (1) License Plate Bracket
      • (2) LED Fog Lights
      • Wiring Harness
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