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Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper w/ LED Light Bar, Fog & Spot Lights (09-14 F-150, Excluding Raptor)

Item T528775
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    Features, Video & Details

    • Rugged Style and Protection
    • Heavy Duty 3mm Steel Plate Construction
    • Includes Integrated LED Lighting
    • Two Stage Textured Black Powder Coated Finish
    • Bolt-On Installation
    • Fits 2009-2014 F-150s, Excluding Raptor Models

    Review & Installation Video

    Review & Install Video

    Hey, guys. It's Joe from AmericanTrucks. And today, we're gonna be taking a closer look at the Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper with LED Light Bar Fog Lights and Spot Lights, fitting all '09 to '14 F150s excluding the Raptor models. Now this is gonna be a great option for you if you're looking for a front bumper that brings the looks, brings the durability, is off-road capable, comes with LED lights in every form possible and on top of all that comes in at a budget-friendly price tag. So what do we have going on here with the Barricade Extreme HD? Well, we're gonna start off with what this thing is made out of and just like almost every other Barricade front bumper out there, 3-millimeter steel plate, finished in that two-stage black powder coating which frankly would look great on a blackout look, it even matches our matte black grille perfectly but it's also going to serve as a layer of protection over top of that steel against the elements. Now one of the main draws about this setup right here, it's the included LED lighting. Now this is gonna come with lighting in every form and function possible. We have fog lights and spot lights, there's one of those on each side, 5-watt CREE LEDs for everything, aluminum housings, polycarbonate lens right up front, which makes these IP67 waterproof. All of these lights can withstand up to a meter of water for 30 minutes and that's more abuse than they should ever see on the front end of your F150. They're also completely plug and play so you don't need any wiring knowledge necessary in order to get these up and running like we have them right here. However, I'm gonna touch on this later, I would recommend hard wiring at least some of these because there is frankly a lot of wiring hidden in this truck. We're gonna show you how that works in just a second here. All the lights come in at color temperature of around 6,000k, that's gonna be a huge upgrade over the factory yellow fog lights but is gonna be a nice modern white meaning very, very slightly toward the blue side. Now a couple of other nice features that come with this setup, this grate right here, this is to allow airflow. If you have an EcoBoost model especially, that's going to allow air to get into your intercooler and make sure your engine stays at a perfect operating temperature. Down here, you can see cutouts for the tow hooks. You are gonna need an extender bracket but you can basically reuse those, you don't need to lose those as a recovery point with the Extreme HD, so that's a nice touch, well designed by Barricade. Now pricing for this one you see right here with all the optioned LEDs, that's gonna be around 950 bucks. If you wanted to save a little bit, you can pick this up with no LEDs and substitute your own for around 700. But in my opinion, that extra 250 bucks does go a long way, definitely well worth the money to pick up the kit. Everything you need is ready to go. And again, this comes with a wiring harness that's a switch, fuse, relay, everything you need to get this up and running. So again, definitely money well spent if this is something you're looking for on the front end of your F150. Now the install for this, it's gonna be pretty easy, definitely an easy two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Only thing to consider, this thing is a little bit heavy, other than that, no modification required to your F150. At most, I think this will take you two hours, maybe three if you come with the right tools. So without any further ado, let me show you what tools you'll need and how it's done. Tools required for this install are going to include an impact or ratchet, basic socket set ranging from 21 millimeters all the way down to 10 millimeters, a wrench set from 13 up to 18 and this Allen key and zip ties both of which come included in the kit. On this generation of F150, the grille is part of the hood. So when you open the hood, you have a lot of access to the rear of the front bumper, it's just four 21-millimeter nuts that hold this thing onto the truck. We're gonna remove those, pull the bumper off, but before we touch anything I would recommend undoing your fog lights now which is gonna be really, really simple. We're just gonna reach in from the top and unclip them. So with the fog lights out of the way, now we can just come in from the top with the 21-millimeter socket. My impact gun is barely small enough to fit in here, but it does fit. If yours isn't gonna fit, you can easily use a ratchet for something like this and we're just gonna pop these nuts off, there's one on each side of each frame rail. And like I said, it's definitely a little bit tight. Just for a little bit of safety, I'm gonna put that nut on back on a few threads just so this bumper doesn't fly off on us. Now for the really tight one. That one actually came off easier than the first one. And we can pop that nut off and do the same thing for the other side. Now one thing to note about these nuts in the center is you might have a plastic air dam right here, if you do that should only be a couple of clips to pop that out of the way. Then you can come in with the impact and take that off and just like the other side, just for a little bit of safety, I'm gonna thread that back on. Now we're just gonna come around the front, I like to brace the bumper with my knees. I already unthreaded those nuts the rest of the way and then this bumper should come right off. With the factory bumper off, we can put that aside for now and we can start work on our new Barricade. There's a lot of stuff to be installed here, but thankfully it's all lights, there's really no parking sensor plugs, any front proximity sensors, adaptive cruise control, nothing like that on these F150s, so this is really, really easy. We're gonna start with our fog and spot lights but before we get those installed to the bumper, we need to get our brackets installed to the fog lights. Before we drop our fog lights in, we are gonna have to get these mounting brackets installed. Now that is pretty easy. If I hold it up like this, you can see one side has a notch cut out of it. You want that to face toward the front of the light, so we're just gonna grab that and orient it properly and slide it in between the fin. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring that straight back and the idea there is it's gonna provide a little bit of a slide. You can drop a nut in. And in theory, that fin is cut out to hold that nut still. So with that nut being held still, we could come in from the side with a bolt and thread the two together. Now once you have the thread started, you can use the Allen key included in the kit to snug that up. We're gonna do that for the other side of the mounting bracket and then we're gonna do the same exact thing on the other light as well. So with the hardware in place, we can put our mounting bracket where it needs to be and that can go off to the side. For now, we're gonna do the same thing for this light as well. And again, you just want to make sure that notch is for front of the light, that's gonna give you the range of motion you need. Then we can drop the nut down the fin and get the hardware started through the side of the light. And same thing goes for the other side too. So now we have our fogs done, we're gonna put those on the outside ends of our bumper. You want to install the brackets the same exact way for the spots which are gonna be toward the inside of the front bumper and then we can grab our lights and just get them seated in the pods. And in order to do that, we're just gonna grab the bolt that comes in the kit with the fog light and we're just gonna put that up through the bracket like so. And this bracket is actually gonna hold the bolt head still while we put the nut on. And since this is a spot light, we're gonna go toward the inside, like that. And then on this side, we're just gonna install our lock washer and 13-millimeter nuts. Now before we tighten that down, I'm just gonna drop that out of the way and we're gonna push through our plug and play connector, like so. And then we're gonna center that up and tighten down with a 13-millimeter wrench. Same exact thing for the fog light except that's gonna be in this outermost channel. So that's two lights done, we're just gonna hit the other side the same exact way. So next up we have the light bar and that is gonna be a little bit different, we need to install these brackets first. You can see this one is marked with a D for driver, this one is a P for passenger. And we're gonna use some more 13-millimeter hardware to get those installed to these perches right here. So we're just gonna put the driver side bracket on it side like so. Then we're gonna come in with our bolt, flat washer, lock washer, and nut. I'm gonna leave that loose for now so we get this slotted adjustment if we need it. And then over here on the passenger side, we're gonna do the same thing. Then we can drop in our light bar facing forward in between those two brackets. We're gonna use the shorter 13-millimeter hardware to get that installed to the brackets on the sides, they thread right into the sides of the light bar. Now to tighten the brackets should be the bumper, you're just gonna use two 13-millimeter wrenches. However, in a pinch, like I'm in right now, a 14 will work. So now that we have our new Barricade bumper completely build-up, it's about ready to go onto our F150. I figured now would be the perfect time to put it on the ground next to our old factory bumper and point out some of the key differences between the two and basically what makes this Barricade bumper so much better than the old one. Now first and foremost, the styling department, this is gonna be a huge upgrade in looks, we're losing that body color and plastic factory style over here for some 3-millimeter steel plate with that dual stage black powder coating on there, this is gonna be a huge upgrade especially if you're going for the blackout look, it's gonna add that nice aggressive off-roader look to the front end of your truck. It's not all looks though, obviously we do have some LED lighting which is gonna provide a lot of utility, we have fog and spot beans on either side and we have a light bar in the middle here, that's all going to add to the utility whether you are on the trail or at the worksite, in any dark condition this is gonna provide way more than enough light output for the front end of your F150. Now another thing I really like about the Barricade is when you usually do a light bar in the middle that will take up a space that is usually there to provide airflow, not with this one, you can see that grate at the bottom there that's designed for any EcoBoost truck to allow airflow to get to that intercooler and that's going to allow your engine to stay within operating temperature. Now the LEDs, they're gonna be great for utility obviously but looks as well as we're ditching that factory reflector style housing with that regular old bulb in there for the LEDs, that's gonna bring our color temperature to a nice modern bright white leaning very, very slightly toward the blue side. And for your statistics guys out there, the numbers folk, these are gonna come in right around 6,000k like I mentioned earlier. Other than that, that's pretty much gonna do it for the differences between these two. Obviously this will keep your tow hooks, you can see the cutouts right there in the lower portion of the Barricade. I'm gonna touch on how that's done in just a second. So without any further ado, let's head back to our truck, we're gonna do some mounting bracket install first. I'll show you how the tow hooks are gonna work and then we can mount this thing up and wrap this up with some wiring. So we're gonna start with our mounting bracket install on the end of our frame rail. These are marked passenger and driver, this is the driver side, obviously you want this tab towards the inside. Then we're gonna come through with the larger 18-millimeter hardware included in the kit, and we're just gonna get that tightened up. Eighteen-millimeter wrench, 18-millimeter socket, and we're just gonna run those home. We're gonna do the same thing for the bracket on the other side as well. Just gonna make sure that doesn't slide off with my knee. Now even though our truck doesn't have them, I figured I'd show you guys how relocating the tow hook would work. For that, you're gonna need this bracket right here. Basically what you're gonna do is remove your tow hook and drop all the hardware out then this bracket is going to sit in the frame rail, right like so, right there. And you could see that this comes forward a little bit extra. Basically you're just going to install your tow hook in the forward position on that bracket. One thing to note is there is a little bit of a spacer that just sits under this forwardmost hole right here to make sure it's flush with the bottom of the frame rail and then you can reinstall your tow hook to that forward position the same exact way. Now if you need to, you can relocate the tow hooks on both sides and then you could come in with the bumper and that is going to sit on top of the mounting brackets and allow you to get the smaller 16-millimeter hardware in. So we have this bolt on the bottom finger tight just to hold the bumper in place, we're gonna get the rest of the hardware in as well. There's three bolts on each side. Then we can tighten this down with a 16-millimeter socket and wrench and we're gonna push up while we do that to align this bumper. And then we're gonna wrap this up by doing the same thing for the other side. Now we have our bumper fully installed and before we do the wiring I did just want to state one thing, if you do have a tow hook right here, the space is going to be extremely limited so you probably want to install your brackets the reverse of the way that I just showed you how to do it, put the frame mounting brackets on the bumper while it's still on the table and then just hold the whole thing up and bolt it to the frame on the truck because if there was a tow hook here, I doubt I would be able to get my hand up there to get the nuts on the other side of the bolt. But with that said, all we have left to do is some wiring. So we're gonna hop up to the engine bay, take care of that and then this thing will be a wrap. So now we need to do some wiring and this kit comes with not one, not two but three plug and play harnesses. Now in my personal opinion that is a lot of stack contacts for each of these battery terminals. If this was my truck, the way that I do it is I'd personally hard wire the fog lights that way they work on the factory fog light switch and then the spot lights can get a plug and play harness as well as the light bar in the middle. But what we're gonna show you today is how to run with all three of these plug and play harnesses. So we're gonna do a little bit of contact stacking here. Now this shouldn't be any worry to you. Each one of these has a fuse built in, so no fire concerns with something like this, it's gonna be really, really simple to do as well. We're just gonna get access to both of these terminals, 10-millimeter socket to pop the nut off and then we're just gonna put the contacts on and re-install. Next up we have the three relays. Now there's really no good spot to hard mount these, so what I'm gonna do as you probably tell is I'm gonna take a zip tie which does come included in the kit and I'm just gonna zip tie them together and tuck them down behind the battery for now. These mounting tabs look like grounds but I can assure you that they're just mounting tabs, so doing something like this will be completely safe. Now we just have to feed our wires where they need to go. Our switches could go up to the firewall and along over to the driver side, our plug and play connectors, they're gonna go down underneath the truck. With both of these things, you just want to be careful to avoid any hot or moving components. So we're gonna pick up with the plug and play connectors a little bit later. Right now while we're in the engine bay, we're gonna handle our three switches. The best place I always route these, this rubber grommet right here goes through into the cab. So we're just gonna pull that out, like that. Feed our switches through, and then on the other side we can reinstall that. So our three switches are gonna pull out right there. This have some adhesive on the back, so we're just gonna stick them in place. Be careful around the pedals, you definitely do not want these wires tangled up around your brake pedal. Now we can come back underneath our truck and just plug in our plug and play connectors. Again, do as I say, not as I do and make sure you hardwire at least some of this stuff so you don't have a total mess of wires in your engine bay. That's gonna do it for me, it's also gonna do it for the Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper with LED Light Bar Fog and Spot Lights, fitting all '09 to '14 F150s excluding the Raptor models. Thank you guys for watching. Subscribe for more like this one. Keep it right here at AmericanTrucks for all things F150.

    Rugged Style and Protection. Designed with the adventurous F-150 owner in mind, the Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper is ideal for both street and off-road applications. Featuring integrated high powered LED lighting, this Barricade Bumper provides excellent protection and rugged good looks.

    Integrated Lights. This F-150 Front Bumper includes a 20 inch LED Light Bar, two 3 inch square LED Fog Lights and two 3 inch square Spot Lights. These Lights are equipped with 5 Watt CREE LEDs and are designed to provide intense 6000 K light. Each light is rated IP67 providing reliable waterproof performance, thanks to a tough aluminum housing sealed with a polycarbonate lens.

    Heavy Duty Construction. Barricade Off-Road manufactures their Front Bumpers to precise specifications from 3mm thick steel plate for superior strength and rigidity. Barricade then completes their Bumpers in a two stage finish using epoxy pre-coating and high-grade textured black powder coating for long lasting durability.

    Easy, Bolt-on Installation. Barricade Off-Road Front Bumpers were engineered to be a direct bolt-on upgrade replacement for your F-150s original stock bumper reusing the factory mounting points. There is no cutting or modifications required for a simple straight forward install. With the help of a friend and a set of basic hand tools this Barricade Bumper can be installed in about two hours.

    Application. This Barricade Off-Road Extreme HD Front Bumper with LED Light Bar, Fog and Spot Lights is designed to fit 2009-2014 Ford F-150s, excluding Raptor models.

    Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here.

    Barricade Off-Road

    Fitment: 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Details

    MPN# T528775

    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    What's in the Box
    • (1) Front Bumper
    • (2) LED Fog Lights
    • (2) LED Spot Lights
    • (1) LED Light Bar
    • Wiring Harness
    • Hardware
    Installation Info
    Will it fit my F-150?
    • 3.5L V6 EcoBoost - 11, 12, 13, 14
    • 3.7L V6 - 11, 12, 13, 14
    • 4.6L V8 - 09, 10
    • 5.0L V8 - 11, 12, 13, 14
    • 5.4L V8 - 09, 10
    • 6.2L V8 - 11, 12, 13, 14

    Does not fit Raptor models.

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        Questions & Answers (20)

        5 Top Rated Questions

        Does this bumper allow enough ventilation for the intercooler to work effectively? I don't want to do anything to put extra stress on the intercooler or risk my turbo's.

        • This will allow enough ventilation for the intercooler.

        Helpful (2)

        I see this bumper will not work with an after market skid plate, but will it work with the stock skid plate ?

        • The Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper will not accept the OEM skid plate/splash guard.

        Helpful (2)

        Does the fog lights turn on with the factory swith (knob) on the dash? My factory fog lights turn on when I pull the knob on the dash. If not can it be wired that way?

        • The Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper w/ LED Light Bar, Fog & Spot Lights can have the lights wired to have the same effect. if you are not comfortable with wiring we recommend taking your vehicle to a shop to have the wiring done.

        Helpful (2)

        Can it be painted?

        • The Barricade Extreme HD Front Bumper can be painted to match your vehicle but will require some preparation. Sanding down to the raw metal will be needed followed by layering the right primer and paint.

        Helpful (1)

        Does this bumper give more space between the tire then the factory bumper? I had to trim some due to rubbing and I wanted to know if this gives more clearance.

        • Yes, this bumper is designed to provide additional tire clearance.

        Helpful (1)
        10 More Questions
        Does this bumper give more clearance then the OEM for the front wheels? I had to trim my original bumper a little due to some tire rub. It appears this one is angled out more, but I wanted to ask for those that have it installed already. 1 answer
        I am wanting to purchase this for my truck but would like more info on your warranty. There is some concerns I have from other reviews on your other barricade bumpers 1 answer
        Do you retain protection for the intercooler on the ecoboost? Also can you add aftermarket skid plates with this bumper? 1 answer
        Are you able to use tow hooks with this? 1 answer
        What does the bumpers weight? 1 answer
        Is this bumper compatible with Barricade's Brush Gaurd? I doubt it is, but I'm really hoping that I can have both items on my truck at the same time. 1 answer
        I already have the winch plate/mount that sits in front of my radiator with a 12500 pound winch. Would this bumper work with the setup that I already have. Can the roller cable guide be bolted to this bumper. 1 answer
        I bought and installed this bumper, I’m Trying to find and buy the center light bar but can’t find it on the site, the description only says it’s a 20 inch LED light bar, please help! Either an item number or a brand name please 1 answer
        Can I fit a winch with this bumper? 1 answer
        Will this bumper work with a standard after market grill guard? 0 answer

          Customer Reviews (16) Write a Review

          Overall Rating 4.8

          out of 5 stars

          Installation Time:Afternoon

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            July 22, 2019


            Came in on time with all the parts for a easy fit :)


            Year: 2012 Submodel: FX2 Engine: 5.0L V8

            Helpful (0)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            May 04, 2019

            Barricade bumper

            This was a very easy install, everything fit as it should, however there were a few bolts missing, not a big deal. The lights definitely light up the night. I would totally recommend Barricade products


            Year: 2012 Submodel: Harley-Davidson Edition Engine: 6.2L V8

            Helpful (0)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            April 29, 2019

            Sweet looking upgrade!!!

            Great purchase, gave this bumper a good rating cause it looks awesome on the truck and the extra lighting is really nice to have. Putting the brackets and the lights on the bumper before mounting it is definitely the way to go, install was a little difficult but when you finally get it right it looks real good.


            Year: 2013 Submodel: XL Engine: 5.0L V8

            Helpful (3)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            March 12, 2019

            Absolutely love the bumper

            The bumper came it it was a nice textured black. I took it to my local powder coating people, they ordered the powder to color match it to the trim of the truck. A week later they were done went and picked it up. Took about 3 hours to install. When you go to put the bumper on you want two people at least! When you go to put the brackets on DONT put it on the truck first and try to put the bumper onto the brackets! It says to do that but it is a pain in the @$$. Put the brackets on the bumper then pick up the bumper and have one person hold it up while the other gets under the truck and helps put it in place and lock it in with the nuts and bolts. Other than that the led that it comes with when putting the brackets on use a small flat head to hold the nut and use the Allen key to tighten the brackets on the lights! Love this bumper it is absolutely perfect on the truck!!


            Year: 2010 Engine: 5.4L V8

            Helpful (8)

          • 4/5

            Installation Time: Full Day

            February 04, 2019

            Clean look. Not too much

            Looks good and is a lot tougher than the OEM. Install was a bit difficult


            Year: 2014 Submodel: FX4 Engine: 3.5L V6 Ecoboost

            Helpful (3)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            December 29, 2018


            It’s hard to beat this bumper. Not too bulky but still stands out and looks way more aggressive than the OEM bumper.


            Year: 2009 Engine: 4.6L V8

            Helpful (2)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            November 14, 2018

            Great Quality

            Great Quality, Installation isn't bad. The only difficult part of the install is getting the three bolts attached to the bumper to attach at the mount. The mount attaches fine to the truck, but the are to get the bolts in to attach the bumper to the bracket is way tight, very hard to get into. In retrospect, I would have mounted the bracket to the bumper, then the bracket to the truck. Once the bolts are installed to connect the bracket to the bumper, you can get a wrench in, but in reverse, it is very hard to get the bolts on with a hand. I installed the lights while the bumper was off and had them all wired to quick release plugs. I used some previously installed wiring and did not use the supplied harness, although it appears to be of good quality. I also wired the wife lights to the factory fog light wires and they work great with the factory switch. Defintely a two person install and requires a jack. I used a motorcycle lift and it worked great. If you don't have a jack, you will need two patient friends to hold it in place while you attach it. Overall it looks fantastic and coupled with the matching rear it transformed the truck.


            Year: 2010 Submodel: XLT Engine: 5.4L V8

            Helpful (5)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            November 09, 2018


            Easy to install. Wires can be a little longer. All n All awesome bumper. Love the look. Love it.


            Year: 2012 Submodel: Lariat Engine: 3.5L V6 Ecoboost

            Helpful (6)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            November 06, 2018

            great upgrade

            very solid and relatively easy to install, however the instructions want you to mount the brackets on the frame before the bumper, after completeing the install i'd probably mount the brackets to the bumper first, then put them on the frame. Other than that, love the new look and functionality of it. Took about 3 hours with light wiring


            Year: 2014 Submodel: XLT Engine: 5.0L V8

            Helpful (7)

          • 4/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            September 24, 2018


            Great bumper! Makes my F-150 look so good! The lights are awesome as well. Have the fog and spot likes wired into the factory fog switch!


            Year: 2012 Submodel: FX4 Engine: 3.5L V6 Ecoboost

            Helpful (4)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            September 12, 2018

            Great replacement bumper.

            Was a bit of pain to install solo. Get a friend to help. One of the running lights burned out in 6 months.. I need to contact support still.


            Year: 2012 Submodel: FX4 Engine: 3.5L V6 Ecoboost

            Helpful (3)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            January 03, 2018


            This bumper is awesome. Install took two people and a few hours, the instructions that Barricade sends out could definitely be better quality (seen it with other products too) but overall easy install. Light bar is insanely bright, puts out easily 10X as much light as stock high beams. Seriously awesome for driving pitch black country roads at night. Fogs and driving lights are very bright as well and easily angles so as not to blind oncoming drivers.


            Year: 2014 Submodel: XLT Engine: 5.0L V8

            Helpful (10)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            September 27, 2017

            Perfect Fit

            Love the new bumper, had a complement within a day of putting it on. Perfect fit! Well made. A little on the heavy side so it took two to get it on. Its got a low profile and only sticks out slightly more than stock, which is what I wanted. Not overbearing like some of the aftermarket bumpers. I'm a novice, but a DIY'er. It took a couple of hours to get it on, lights installed and aligned. Hardest part was making sure the gaps were correct. One note, the instructions say to install the lights after you put it on. Do it before, it will save a lot of headaches.


            Year: 2010 Submodel: Lariat Engine: 5.4L V8

            Helpful (12)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            April 30, 2017

            2013 f150 stx

            I haven't installed the lights yet but this bumper really does look great. If anyone wants to know this bumper weights roughly 70 lbs. I forgot to weight it before I installed it but the shipping weight is 113 lbs. Box the bumper comes in weights 25lbs and the box with the lights weight about 15lbs, so the bumper is roughly 70. The stock bumper weight 50lbs. The bumper does make the truck look really great it almost makes it look like it was stock. The installation was kind of a pain for me since I did it but my self. I would suggest that you mount the brackets first, then mount the bumper to the frame and see how it looks. Then take back off and move the brackets where you want them. Also make a couple of measured point to help centering it.


            Year: 2013 Engine: 5.0L V8

            Helpful (12)

          • 4/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            February 24, 2017

            Bumper finish and fit is great but..

            Bumper is great. Lighting is decent. Wiring harnesses are no where near long enough to reach the battery on my truck and be able to reach the cab through the fire wall as well. Had to purchase wiring and run power and ground from the battery terminals to the firewall to make it work. Would have been a 2 hours project until I ran into all the wiring challenges. That added another 2 hours in planning, running to auto parts store and fabricating my own setup.


            Year: 2014 Engine: 5.0L V8

            Helpful (14)

          • 5/5

            Installation Time: Afternoon

            January 02, 2017

            Must have

            A nice finished front bumper, durable, great with LEDS, a must have for your F-150!


            Year: 2014 Submodel: Lariat Engine: 6.2L V8

            Helpful (11)