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Axial Projector Headlights with LED DRL; Black (15-17 F-150 w/ Halogen Headlights)

Item T530855
AmericanTrucks no longer carries the Axial Projector Headlights with LED DRL; Black (15-17 F-150 w/ Halogen Headlights). Please check out Ford F-150 Headlights for an updated selection.

    Review & Installation Video

    Hey, guys. Adam here with And today we're taking a closer look at, and installing the Axial Black Projector Headlights with the LED DRL for the '15 to '17 F150 with halogen headlights. If you're the owner of an F150 with factory halogen headlights, you might be looking to ditch the factory headlights in order to upgrade them to a more modern look. Now, this modern look here is incorporating a new LED light bar that's running the entire perimeter of your headlight in a very bright bluish-white hue which I think looks super awesome. It's just completely changing that front end design making it look like one of the newest generation F150s by also swapping out the interior design in addition to that light bar.Inside, you're getting a completely blacked out housing, projector-style upper and lower bulbs, you're getting a low beam H9 and a high beam H11 bulbs. So, they're super bright and very attractive. This kit comes with passenger and driver side, of course, for right around 500 bucks which I think makes it a pretty worthwhile investment to change up the front and look up your F150 and make it look up-to-date. The factory lights are pretty traditional and I think a little outdated, so it's a really good upgrade here. The install I'm gonna give a very simple one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. No splicing, no cutting, no modifications. I'm gonna take you through every step of the process starting with the uninstall. It's gonna take you about an hour start to finish. Let's get to it.Tools used in the install include an impact gun, extension, quarter-inch ratchet, panel removal tool, eight and 10-millimeter deep sockets.Now, in order to get our headlights out of the way, we have to remove this trim panel below the headlight hugging the fender and the wheel well liner. So, grab a seven-millimeter socket and a ratchet and remove these two screws inside the wheel well. Now, the top side of that trim panel under the hood, so pop your hood, you're gonna remove this plastic push pin clip or that plastic rivet. I'm gonna use a panel removal tool for this which I find to be a little easier. You can also use a small flathead screwdriver. You just wanna get up underneath that top portion and pull it up just like that. You can go underneath of it. Pull up in one piece.All right. From here, we can pull back on this plastic panel on both sides. So, grab your hand in the wheel well liner and you're just gonna pull back just like that and set it aside. All right. So, now we have to remove the black plastic trim underneath of that pre-painted one on the exterior. So, we have five 10-millimeter bolts, two on the side, three on the front. I'm gonna use an extension and a 10-millimeter socket. All right. Finally, in the wheel well, again, there's just one push pin clip. We're just gonna pop that guy out with our panel tool.All right. From here, what we're gonna do is just pull back on this black plastic trim, disconnect it and set it aside which exposes the bottom of our headlight and allows us to pull it out. All right. So, now to remove our headlight, we have two 10-millimeter bolts of the top, one on the inside which is pretty deep in, you'll definitely need an extension to get to. All right. Now, to get to that last one here, you're gonna go to the far bottom-right corner of your tail light, go straight in and you'll meet another black 10-millimeter bolt. All right. From here it's really simple. Pull straight back to remove your headlight. Now, what you wanna do is pinch and disconnect the factory harness. There's one up top, two of these guys on the back end. Perfect. Now, you can set this aside.All right. So, we got our factory light off of our 2016 F150 behind me. I wanna take a look at that comparing it to your new Axial LED light with the DRL light bar. Now, as you can see, they are almost a complete redesign with the exception of the same shape and the same quality construction of the housing. Now, that housing I wanna talk about first, again, being the same exact quality, you are getting more of a blacked outlook, especially when it comes to the interior of the housing but you do get a clear lens which gives you the impression of a smoked headlight without hindering any of that lighting output. Inside of that housing, you're going to see a really completely redesigned modernized look and design here. The upper and lower portions are your high and low beams. Your low beam is using a new H9 bulb, your high beam is gonna use a new H11 bulb.Now, those are surrounded by this LED DRL or a daytime running light. Now, that DRL is already wired in so you're not gonna have to worry about doing any splicing and those will come on with your lights to give you a nice accent light that I think looks extremely modern and it's honestly one of my favorite aspects of this headlight. I'm a huge fan of DRLs. This one prepping around the entire portion of the border of the headlight. Something I'm a really big fan of. You're gonna be reusing your factory turn signal bulb and your corner light bulb. So, we'll just pop those out of the factory socket on the stock headlight and transfer them over. Now, that's gonna be pretty simple to do. Other than that, it's gonna plug right into your factory harness on the 2016. So, really at the end of the day, guys, you can see complete redesign, you're going from a lot of chrome traditional lighting, not something I would really expect on a newer generation truck. So, this is a worthwhile investment if you're looking for that complete change-up in modern technology.So, what we're gonna do first is just pop out those factory bulbs, transfer them over, and then we'll get started. Guys, what I'm gonna do before we flip them over is I'm gonna take the plastic headlight protector that's given in the kit here right out of the box and just lay it back on our new headlights just to protect them while we have them face down and while we're installing. Of course, you wanna remove this before you actually hit the road. That's obvious, goes out saying. So, we're gonna tuck that in and just protect our lenses. So, now what we can do is flip this guy over. You're gonna remove this black connector here, this socket, and you're gonna remove the factory light on the corner. So, it's really just twisting and pulling straight back. Same thing over here. Twist, pull straight back. Now, we can set this aside.On your new housing, you'll see the stickers that say remove, you wanna pop those guys off. They're just protecting the bulb sockets for shipment. From here what we're gonna do is take our corner light, unwrap our harness in the kit, and you're gonna plug this guy into the bulb socket. So, what you're gonna have to do is pinch and remove the factory bulb. Take your new connector, stick it right in that socket. There you go. From there you can tuck the excess wiring in and twist it into place. All right. So, now we're gonna remove the other sticker. This one's a little more difficult. It's really flush in there so you might have to poke a hole in it just to rip this guy out. All right. From here, take your bulb socket, you're gonna twist the factory one back in.All right, guys. Now, before we install our headlight, I wanna show you a quick thing. This corner light that we installed on the table, twist that guy out and take a look at the wiring position. Now, you can see that wiring that we plugged into the factory socket, there's a black wire and a white wire. Black is your ground, white is your power. Now, on the factory harness, grab the connector that's gonna pop right into it just like that. That's as easy as you install. It's plug and play. What you wanna take note of is the side of the wiring. On the factory harness, there's a black wire and a yellow and brown one. The yellow and brown is your power, black is your ground. You wanna make sure the wiring is on the same side. You want the black with the black. And as you can see, ours is reversed. We have black on the right and black on the left here.So, what we wanna do is unplug this guy and flip it around. We want them on the same side just like that. So, now the blacks match up, the powers match up and you can tuck it back into the socket. Perfect. Now, on the other ones, it's just plug and play. You don't have to worry about the sides. They're already set in place. So, just grab it, plug them in. Black to black and then the brown connector to the other factory bulb. All right. Now, we can install our headlight. All right. Right about now is a good time to pull off that plastic making sure it's not in the way when you're installing this. Pop it right in place, grab your factory bolts, put them in and we can do everything in the reverse order.All right. Now, we can take that black trim, set it into place on the bottom. All right. What I'm gonna do is just take my extension and socket and just thread these guys on by hand making sure all of the holes are lined up. Now you can go back and tighten them down. All right. Now, you can put your blue trim back in place. All right. Last couple of steps, we're gonna put the push pin back in up here. Push that in, drop it down. And so these we can thread in by hand just to make sure they catch top and bottom. All right, guys, once this is done, repeat for the other side.Well, guys, that's gonna wrap up my review and install for the Axial Black Projector Headlights with the LED DRL for the '15 to '17 F150 with factory halogens. If you wanna upgrade your headlights, you can do so right here at

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


    • Black Projector Headlights
    • LED DRL
    • Will NOT Work with Factory LED Headlights
    • Aggressive Styling
    • Clear Lens
    • Black Finish Housing
    • Sold As A Pair
    • Fits 2015-2017 F-150s with Halogen Headlights


    Improved Visibility At Night. You'll see much better at night with the help of Axial Black Projector Headlights with LED DRL. These state-of-the-art headlights feature a smaller project beam light and are made of high-quality material so your F-150 has superior illumination. These projector headlights give a better beam of light so you can stay safe on the road. Driving in the dark won't be an issue any longer when you use these powerful beams to see everything from a distance.

    Top-Quality Construction. Made from high-quality materials, these lights feature exclusive, custom styling so your F-150 has a unique look. The black U-Bar projector headlights include H9 low beam blubs, H11 high beam bulbs. The black housing and clear lens gives a sinister appearance to your pickup. They do not come with corner light bulbs or wiring harness, which are sold separately. These lights are SAE-approved and meet all DOT regulations.

    Simple Installation. These projector headlights are a direct, bolt-on replacement for a quick and easy installation.

    Application. The Axial Black Projector Headlights with LED DRL are specifically designed to fit on all 2015-2017 Ford F-150s with Halogen Headlights.


    Fitment: Details

    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


    Customer Reviews (26)

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    Ratings Summary

    3.3 out of 5 overall rating from 26 customers

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    • June 28, 2019

      3 2017 XLT - TimN Installation Time: Afternoon

      Ok for Halogen

      If you are planning to upgrade these to LED "bulbs" as soon as you get them, I would spend the additional $500 and order the Morimoto XB version. I spent about $500 on six LEDs and two resistors, and the brightness is only fair. With the XB, you also get the advanced turn signal option, and you don't have to horse around installing LEDs which takes some time. If you do use LEDs in these, remember to order the resistor to eliminate the hyperblink on the turn signal. Use a fuse tap on fuse #113 to make the DRLs work like a DRL. Also, the DRL outlines are approaching a blue color rather than a true white. I just ordered XBs to replace these headlights.

      Helpful (3)
    • April 06, 2019

      3 2017 Lariat - AMvinnie Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

      Axial black Headlights

      Love the look. I have the Oxford white lariat 2017 and the black housing against the white looks great. Quality is noticeably less than OEM headlights that I replaced. I’m trying to decide if the bouncing of the light on every small bump is worth the asthetic improvement.

      Helpful (1)
    • April 02, 2019

      2 2015 XLT - MikeW Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

      Half and Half

      The Axial Black Projector headlights like most customers have said looks really awesome and definatley changes the front appearance of the truck giving it that aggressive look, but as for night time viewing I could only get a projection of about 10 ft. in front of me and that was after trying to make adjustments using the adjustment screw. I had to return them after not wiling to compromise looks over performance.

      Helpful (2)
    • March 26, 2019

      3 2016 - Ben Installation Time: Afternoon

      Not as easy as they make it look

      I love the Lights but have not been able to adjust the headlights!! The video makes it look easy but it took several hours for me to install them

      Helpful (0)
    • March 21, 2019

      1 2016 - Roushf150 Installation Time: Afternoon

      Awful light and shake

      They suck, change my mind Style over performance here

      Helpful (1)
    • March 01, 2019

      5 2015 XLT - VictorV Installation Time: Afternoon

      Axial Black Projector Headlights

      Everything was plug and play! Took only an hour and change! I recommend! Fast shipping as well ! Couldn’t be happier!

      Helpful (0)
    • February 14, 2019

      1 2015 Lariat - Spuxy Installation Time: Afternoon

      Headlights are not level

      I will redo my review if I get replacements mailed out to me, but there are several things wrong with this product and more specifically, this statements on the product page. 1- The instructions are missing *A LOT* of steps to properly remove old headlights and inherently steps for install of the new ones. 2- The low beam fits an H9, but the high beam is very obviously an H1, *NOT* H11. 3- The inside of the low beam projector housing is not level and therefore makes my headlights higher on one side than the other.

      Helpful (12)
    • January 23, 2019

      3 2016 XLT - SalG Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

      The lighting sucks!!

      U cant see nothing at night !!!! They look killer but will literally get u lilled at night due to very low visibility

      Helpful (11)
    • January 20, 2019

      2 2017 XLT - Jeff Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

      Worthless lighting

      Bought these for my 17 December of 2018 installed and the looks are killer but literally worthless lighting on low beam. Ran them on high beam and got what I would consider factory low beam light. In the process of figuring out weather to keep them or fo back to my factory lights.

      Helpful (11)
    • January 14, 2019

      5 2015 XLT - PedroS Installation Time: Afternoon

      Great look

      Pretty easy to install completely changed the look of my truck for the better.

      Helpful (1)

    Questions & Answers (33 answers)

    5 Top Rated Questions

    Will these work on a 2018 F150 STX?

    • These lights will not work with the 2018 models due to the different front end.

    Helpful (11)

    What size halogen bulb do these hold? Aftermarket LED replacements should fit to drastically improve lighting if these are somewhat "standard".

    • These hold an H9 low beam bulb and an H11 high beam bulb, LED replacements could be used to increase the lighting.

    Helpful (8)

    Is this plug an play ? everything will just plug in as stock ? and will the led drl stay on while driving or only in park?

    • This a direct drop in plug and play style setup, the led DRL will stay on in the daytime and in park and at night will be off.

    Helpful (7)

    I have a 2016 Ford F150 Lariat with factory LED lights. I am having a difficult time finding Black headlights due to my lights being factory installed LEDs. So my questions is, are these LED lights or Halogen lights or half and half? I know what the description says, but I am trying to make sure these would work on my truck. Thanks.

    • The Axial Black Projector Headlights have halogen headlight bulbs and LED DRLs. They are specifically designed to fit on all 2015-2017 Ford F-150s with Halogen Headlights. They will not fit factory LED Headlights.

    Helpful (2)

    To raise the beam do you turn it clockwise or counter clockwise?

    • I believe that clockwise is down, and counter clockwise is up.

    Helpful (1)
    10 More Questions
    Hi Sir, Once these headlights are installed is there any aiming that must be done? Thanks, 1 answer
    I instaled and adjusted the low beam but my high beam is messed up but I dont see an adjustment for it so how do I fix it? 1 answer
    Do I have to do any wiring? Or does everything just plug in? 1 answer
    What bulbs are recommended for these headlights. Reading other reviews sounds like they should be upgraded 1 answer
    I bought this headlight, and the product description your site says it uses an H11 high beam bulb which is what I ordered to replace the halogen bulb with LED. However, I don't see how these will fit. I looked closer at the Axial housing and its stamped with H1, not H11. Is there an error in the description or am I doing something wrong? 0 answer
    How come they won’t fit on a platinum or king ranch ?whats the difference between the higher trim and the xlt? 0 answer
    I have LED bulbs in my factory headlight and was looking to replace the entire headlight with this product. Could I install this headlight and then still put my LED low beam back into this new headlight? 1 answer
    Is there is way to wire it so it will flash with the turn signals, and what brightness is the DRL 6000k? 1 answer
    Is there any kind of warranty on these headlights? 1 answer
    Where is the adjustment screw for the low beams? 1 answer

    Installation & What's in the Box

    Installation Info

    What's in the Box

    • (1) Driver-Side Projector Headlight
    • (1) Passenger-Side Projector Headlight

    Will It Fit My F-150

    • 2.7L V6 EcoBoost - 15, 16, 17
    • 3.5L V6 - 15, 16, 17
    • 3.5L V6 EcoBoost - 15, 16, 17
    • 5.0L V8 - 15, 16, 17

    Not compatible on models equipped with LED Headlights from the factory.

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