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2020 Ford F150

The 2020 Ford F150 is the last year of the thirteenth generation production. As such, Ford kept changes to a bare minimum in order to focus on the all new F150 being launched in 2021. Thereby, the only changes made to the 2020 F150 was the addition of three new color schemes (Iconic Silver, Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, Star White Metallic Tri-Coat) and a few changes to the technology, driver assist and Forc Co-Pilot 360 packages. Utility wise, the half-ton F150 remains rated with a max tow of 13,200 lbs and a payload of 3270 lbs when properly equipped.

Baja Style

Swapping out the factory bumpers with an aftermarket front and rear bumper is a surefire way to give your 2020 F150 a commanding presence and a bunch new utility. Focused mainly on off-road prowess, the aftermarket bumpers manufactured for 2020 F150 pickup trucks feature very heavy duty steel construction making encounters with trail obstacles nothing to worry about. The more spartan variety of bumpers will feature mostly tubular steel and present a minimalist look. Strong and compact, these tubular bumpers often incorporate an overrider hoop and feature slimmer lines at the wheel, giving space for further suspension articulation without risk of hitting the bumper (if the suspension has been modified). Full-face bumpers are mainly constructed of steel plating (and some with an underlying tubular structure). These bumpers run the full width of the truck and often incorporate additional skid plates extending down beneath the front end. Expect these to be quite heavy, at or over 200 lbs. Other particular features to examine are approach and departure angles and modular ability. A steeper approach/departure angle allows your F150 to climb over bigger obstacles before getting hung up on the bumper. Modular nature refers to the ability of the bumper to accommodate other off-road accessories, such as winches and auxiliary LED lighting.

Door Sill Scuff Prevention

Adding a door sill liner to your 2020 F150 is an easy way to keep the aluminum-bodied door sill safe from scrapes and scruffs as occupants climb in and out of the truck. There are two main types available. The first type of sill protector is a plate metal design. These stainless steel sill pieces come already bent to follow the factory box line of the door sill and use peel-away adhesive to stay in place. It is important to press them firmly in place and make sure there are no raised sections, as if not installed completely flat these metal liners can bend or crease when pressure is applied to them. Polished or black in appearance, the steel liners bring about a more upscale look despite their intended surface protection use. The second type of door sill liner is made from a specialty type of type. Similar to the specialty friction tape used on aircraft, these adhesive liners feature multiple interwoven layers that produce a textured, high friction and anti-skid surface. Just like the steel liners, it is important during application that no air bubbles form and are left. If so, not only does it look unappealing, it will affect the integrity of the tape and make it quite easy to tear right where the bubble or wrinkle has formed. Aesthetically, the tape-style sill liners are all black and give a more rugged, utilitarian look.

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2020 Ford F-150

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