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2018 Ram 3500

The 2018 Ram 3500 gets a 30 lb-ft bump in torque, bringing it to a class leading 930 lb-ft. Other notable changes include the addition of two new limited models, the Tungsten Edition and Harvest Edition, and a new 8.4" optional UConnect touchscreen media system. Other than this, the 2018 one-ton Ram truck remains the same as before, carrying over the base 5.7L Hemi and 6.4L Hemi as the gas option V8s to go alongside the 6.7L inline-six Cummins turbo diesel. Power on the gas motors is 383 horsepower, 400 lb-ft of torque for the 5.7 and 410 and 429 lb-ft of torque for the bigger 6.4L. Ram is the only manufacturer to still offer an available 6-speed manual transmission with their heavy duty trucks, but the standard is a 6-speed automatic.

Ignition System Maintenance

2020 Ram 3500 trucks with either 5.7L or 6.4L Hemi V8 engine both use a distributor-less ignition system. Rather, each spark plug is powered by an individual coil plug. These electronic induction devices work as a transformer of sorts, taking the low input voltage from the battery and transforming it into the high voltage current needed to energize the spark plug. The ignition coils on a 2020 Ram 3500 pickup play an integral role in the overall performance with them. A bad coil will lead to no spark and losing a cylinder. A deteriorating coil may still fire, but be unable to keep up with the load at higher RPM, leading to stumbling and loss of power. Heat cycles and age are the two main factors that wear on a coil. Aftermarket coils focus on increasing their voltage output to insure the spark plugs are always energized regardless of the load being demanded. This will help keep the engine performing with optimal power, fuel economy and lowered emissions.

Big Rig Grille

The aftermarket has devised all sorts of new front grille styles fitting 2018 Ram 3500 trucks. From basic replacement pieces to custom grilles with incorporated LED light bars, there is certainly a unique choice for everyone. When searching for a new front grille, there are a few important terms to sift through.

  • Overlay grille: This type of grille is designed to overlay the OEM grille, using hidden clamps and bolts to stay in place. Because of the factory grille is still left in place, overlay grilles are a quick and easy way to change the truck's front appearance. However, depending on the design of the new grille, the factory grille may still be visible from certain angles and at close distance. On the flip side, an overlay unit is the most inexpensive way to change up the front grille.
  • Insert grille: Of all the types of grilles available, an insert grille is the most complex to install. This style re-uses the existing frame and structure of the OEM unit, but require removal of the grille from the frame. Depending on how the OEM unit is buiilt, this could require cutting and grinding. Insert grilles are used to keep the cost down but give the full functionality of essentially an all new grille.
  • Replacement grille: The most expensive option, a complete replacement grille is exactly as described; it replaces the entire factory Ram piece. Installation is not difficult, but these types are more expensive than an overlay and insert type grille.

Keep in mind, the 2020 Ram 3500 actually has two grilles. The main one between the headlights, and a smaller one down in the bumper. The main grille is available in all three styles listed above, and has the space to incorporate an LED light bar or perimeter lighting. The lower bumper grille is mainly sold as a overlay or insert piece.

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