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2013 Ram 1500

While the exterior of a 2013 Ram 1500 may not show much different than the preceding year, Ram was extremely busy making updates within the cabin, under the hood and to the chassis. Increased use of high strength steel and aluminum within the chassis and body make the 2013 frame both lighter and stronger, and an available four-corner air suspension allows for instant ride height adjustment and load leveling ability. The new Pentastar 3.6L V6 crushes the old 3.7L V6, making 90 more horsepower and 30 lb-ft of torque. To match the new engine is a new 'TorqFlite 8' 8-speed automatic transmission, only available for pairing with the new Pentastar V6.

Eliminate Ball Joint Problems

For years the Ram lineup has been plagued with ball joint wear issues, and this continues to be the case for the 2013 1500 despite it being released with all-new aluminum upper and lower control arms. Front end popping and premature ball joint wear are characteristic problems of poor steering geometry. In fact, there have been cases of the ball joint actually pulling right out of the upper control arm without warning when the control arm becomes fully extended in an off-road or obstacle crossing situation. These issues are exacerbated and accelerated if the Ram 1500 is lifted anything above the stock settings and running a larger and heavier tire. Solving these ball joint issues can be accomplished through installing aftermarket upper control arms. They are completely re-engineered to correct the geometry issues at full droop, thereby eliminating the possibly of losing a ball joint. Fully boxed or tubular upper control arms are the industry standard, providing much greater strength as compared to the stock aluminum units. Further, most Ram 1500 performance control arms utilize polyurethane bushings, which have less deflection than OEM rubber bushings and will last longer and give more feedback through the steering wheel. Last but not least, aftermarket control arms are uniquely made to target a specific amount of lift. For example, a control arm designed to work with 3" of lift or more will have different geometry than an arm that is built to work with a 1-2" lift.

Updated LED Lighting

Adding LED lighting to your 2013 Ram 1500 is both a fun and practical affair. Ram has partially recognized this, as the 2013 half-ton sports new (and for the first time ever) LED tail lights. While the front are still halogen projector style, replacing these with a stunning set of LED head lights will vastly improve night time visibility and overhaul the look of the front fascia. Replacing the entire assembly over just the bulb itself is highly recommended, as a complete LED bulb and assembly package will be plug-and-play. Retrofit LED headlight bulbs are available but can often cause a headache, as headlight functions are actually controlled and monitored by the ECM, which for this year Ram half-ton is extremely sensitive to voltage and resistance changes.

Interior Temperature Control

Sporting new and upscale cloth and leather seats, another revitalized area on the 2013 Ram 1500 is the interior. High temperatures and prolonged UV exposure can quickly deteriorate the condition of the cabin, which is most apparent at the front of the truck due to the large area of the windshield and the lower angle at which is sits (relative to the side windows and rear glass). Placing a sun shade across the front windshield (on the interior side) when parking your truck can prevent the interior from baking in the sun. Sun shades are made with flexible materials at the core, like foam or laminate, and then covered in a reflective surface to reject harmful UV rays and keep the cabin cooler whilst the truck is parked. While not particularly exciting, habitual use of a sun shade when parking your 2013 Ram 1500 will prevent:

  • Dashboard drying and cracking
  • Seats wrinkling
  • Headliner sag
  • Comfortable cabin temperature

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