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Top 10 Chevy Silverado Mods & Upgrades for 2020

By Garrett Davis - March 4, 2020

Baseball, apple pie, and a Chevy pickup truck. Does it get any more American than that? Maybe toss in a few explosions from Michael Bay and some bald eagles, but that’s as red, white, and blue as it gets, friend. The great thing about a solid pickup truck like your Silverado, is that it’s a platform to build upon to really make your own.

That’s the great side effect of these being such popular trucks, the aftermarket is absolutely packed with Chevy Silverado accessories and upgrades, allowing you to take your truck in any direction you want, from a hard working contractor’s truck to family hauling duties, or even dedicated tow rig for the weekend warriors out there.


While it’s awesome to be able to haul a refrigerator or giant stuff animal from the fair at any given point, sometimes it would be much more helpful to seal up that big truck bed and keep your smaller gear out of sight from Mother Nature and on-lookers with sticky fingers. That’s where a Chevy Silverado truck bed cover comes into play, giving you plenty of secure storage for when you need it, and then the ability to fold, roll, or otherwise stow it away for when you need the space.

With great options from all the best brands like BAK, Extang, Retrax, ProZ, and TonnoPro. we have your needs covered (get it?) at a range of price points to make sure that you get all the utility and protection you need without paying more than you really want/have to.


These trucks keep getting taller and taller as the years go on, and I don’t know about you, but we haven’t exactly been growing to keep up. Still, a good step up is a handy thing to have for getting in and out of your truck all the time. Like the saying goes, work smarter, not harder.

You have tons of options here. Nerf bars, running boards, drop steps, cab-length or wheel-to-wheel options, even steps that drop down automatically when you open the door to your truck. No matter your use-case or even budget, you’ll be well covered with our selection of the top brands in the category, like N-Fab, Westin, Luverne, and Amp Research.


Your Silverado is a lot of things, but the term “efficient” isn’t really at the top of the list. There are a few ways you can help that out, though, and an air intake just might be the first step down that path. By efficient I don’t just mean in terms of fuel mileage, but in making good power as well. Whether you’re towing a trailer or blasting up a freeway on-ramp, I don’t think any of us would complain about a little more oomph. Do you?

With brands like K&N, Volant, S&B, and aFe, you have your choice of solid brands to choose from in order to pick up some of that extra power that was left on the Chevy engineer’s drafting board. Whether it was for leaving room for future power increases, or just good ol’ conservative tuning for warranty purposes, there is some more juice left to squeeze there!


Gone are the days when all your power needs could be met with the turn of a wrench. Almost every system on these trucks these days is computer controlled — for better or worse. Personally, I say for better, because that puts a lot more info and tweakability at your fingertips.

A tuner can help your computer better maximize performance of other mods you add, give you performance monitoring capabilities, and even take care of handy things like turning off Active Fuel Management or correct your speedometer for larger diameter tires. This is the age of the computer, embrace it!


OK honestly, what fun is having that big V8 up there if you can’t hear the damn thing? I wanna hear it roar when it’s working hard! Paired with an intake and headers, a good cat-back exhaust kit will not only getting your truck sounding awesome, but can let loose a good few more ponies in the process.

All the heavy hitters are here, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Borla, Pacesetter, Gibson, you name it. With kits designed to open up the flow a little bit over stock while giving you a little bit of rumble, or full on racing kits designed for maximum flow that absolutely roar even at idle.


These trucks inevitably end up being worked pretty hard — which is good, that’s what they’re designed to do — but a consequence of that is certain areas are bound to take more of a hit than others. Your seats are one place that would be lucky to escape this kind of use unscathed.

Not only is that detrimental to the general look and feel of your truck day to day, but it hurts your resale value to have torn up and stained seats as well. Luckily you have tons of good covers to choose from in just about any fabric you can imagine. From waterproof neoprene to genuine leather, and even tough ballistic canvas, you can keep your seats looking brand new for years to come.


Trekking down fireroads, hauling heavy payloads, towing big trailers, cruising over washboard dirt roads certainly does a number on your suspension — let alone your poor spine after your shocks have been worn to bits over the years. Luckily again, you’d be hard pressed to find too many more platforms that have a better selection of upgraded suspension hardware to choose from.

Whether you need a solid lift kit to fit bigger tires, want to lower your truck down for a more savage street look, or just want to preserve your back for a few more years, we’ve got options for you from the best suspension manufacturers in the industry. Bilstein, Fox, King, Belltech, and ReadyLIFT just to name a few. Just because it’s a truck doesn’t mean it has to ride like a wheelbarrow.


Muddy boots, spilled drinks, and leaky kids. Your poor carpets never stood a chance, eh? Well that doesn’t have to be the case, because you have a solid selection of all-weather floor mats to choose from in order to keep your carpet covered and to contain those nasty spills.

Brands like Husky Liner and Weathertech make excellent all-weather floor mats that can protect you from the typical pitfalls, but if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious and OEM+ feeling, you can get a nice, plush set of carpet floor mats from Lloyd Mats that feature custom factory fit, but with nicer carpeting choices, and even custom embroidering.


Bug splatters and rock chips are a pain no matter what you drive. A good set of deflectors can help to alleviate that problem, and window deflectors give you the ability to roll down the windows a bit without wind and rain flying in. Oh, and we think they look pretty good too.

You’ve got your choice of attachment type, colors, and the best brands in the industry like AVS, Weathertech, and EGR. From subtle, body-hugging blacked out deflectors to classic chrome, and even designs like the American flag, you’ve got more options than most people really know what to do with.


Defend your bed from damage and keep your cargo from crashing around when you’re rolling heavy with Chevy Silverado truck bed mats or carpeting. Not everyone is looking for the permanence of a spray-in bedliner, and those big clunky plastic ones you get from the dealership never seem to age well and trap moisture underneath.

Instead you can line your truck bed with an easily removable option BedRug, BedTred, Weathertech, and DeeZee. You can cover up the sidewalls, wheel wells, and bulkhead if you want, or leave them looking good with gleaming and just cover the floor of the bed. Oh, and our bed liner options won’t exactly break the bank either.