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HD Replacement Front Bumper (14-15 Silverado 1500)

Item S106020
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. Adam here with, and today we're taking a closer look at and installing the HD Replacement Front Bumper available for the 2014 to 2015 Silverado 1500. You should be checking this out if you're looking for a total protection style front bumper, one that combines the best characteristics of an off-road front bumper, with an off-road brush guard to make one fully welded one-piece protective piece of armor. Now, this guy here is gonna completely encompass the front end in a protective steel. It's a mixture of a diamond steel plating and a tubular steel along with a mesh insert for some of the open holes there to give you total protection. Now, this is great for guys who are using their truck to its fullest potential, if it's a work truck, if you're going camping or off-roading, or if you're taking long road trips in the backcountry. If that's something you find yourself doing more often than not, then you might want something that is more protective than a simple front bumper or a simple brush guard.Now, typically, a bumper does not include this upper section for the grille and headlights. Typically, it's just the bottom half there, which would give you better ground clearance and better approach angles like this one does here, which is gonna make getting over offroad obstacles a little bit easier. And if it were to come in contact with an obstacle, it would take the beating. This one, however, it goes a little bit further. It's gonna extend all the way up to the line where your grille meets the hood. That's gonna give you protection for the upper grille. The inner mesh plating there is gonna help us some of the smaller obstacles. Say if you were to hit a bird on the highway, that guy's not gonna get hit by the grille, it's gonna get hit by the bumper brush guard combo with the mesh plate. Same thing goes for your headlights. Now, this has that tubular steel that wraps all the way around long past your headlights closer to the wheel well liner there, and that's gonna wrap all the way around it with a center bar in the middle. So, that's gonna be total protection at the full width.Not something you see from other off-road bumpers out there, definitely not from all of the bumper brush guard combos. Sometimes they don't have that center bar, sometimes they don't have that mesh plating, this one's got all of the above. Another nice thing about this is it leaves opportunity for recovery at the front end. You can put a receiver right there in the front end, and it still retains your factory tow hooks if your truck came with them like ours did off the factory line. In addition to that, you can transfer over your factory fog lights if your truck came with them like ours did, which should get inserted right there into those open holes. Overall, really functional stuff leaves room to add on in the future, especially with the recovery opportunities there and it's got the protective bar underneath as well. So, if you're looking for total protection, there really isn't a better option than this one. Now, when it comes to the finish, it's made using a high-quality two-stage epoxy pre-coating on top of a gloss black powder coating, which is a little bit different than some of the other options out there. Typically you get a textured black powder coating, which is either a smooth fine grain texture or really rough almost sandpaper-like texture. This is very much the opposite. It is a gloss black with a really high sheen to it, which just goes in a different direction depending on your personal preference. Now, finally, the price tag for this guy is gonna come in right around 1,400 bucks for this option. Install gets two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. It's not gonna require any drilling or welding or any of that nonsense, but it is absolutely massive and extremely heavy. I recommend at least two, maybe even three people to help you get this guy on. Someone's gonna have to help hold it in place against the brackets while you are someone you know works the ratchet and socket set. So, with that said, it's gonna take you about three hours, maybe even four depending on your experience and what kind of tools you have on hand to get the job done.Finally, before we jump into the install, just know that because this has better approach angles of the corner, your factory wheel well liners will hang down a little bit lower and be a little bit more visible from the front end, in which case I recommend trimming them to be equal length with the bottom of the bumper there, and I'll talk more about that at the end of the install. With that said, guys what do you say we get started?Tools used in the install included impacts gun, extension, a couple of ratchets, 7-millimeter, 10-millimeter, 13-millimeter, 15-millimeter, 16-millimeter, 18-millimeter, and 19-millimeter deep sockets, T15 Torx bit, Phillips head screwdriver, panel removal tool, 13-millimeter, 16-millimeter, and 18-millimeter wrenches, and if you need any additional tools for running your wiring. First up, of course pop your hood, we got to get our factory grille out of the way. In order to do that we need to access the bolts underneath by kicking off our top radiator shroud. Grab your panel removal tool, and we're gonna remove these black pushpin clips all along the top.So, now we can lift up on the shroud itself instead of the side. So now we can grab a 10-millimeter socket and get off the four 10-millimeter bolts holding on the top of our grille. We have to take off the trim going underneath of the grille on top of the bumper. And each of the wheel wells, there's a Phillips head screw. So, I'm gonna use this little stubby screwdriver to get these off. Once you have one side off, that should break free, do the same thing on the other side. So, now we can take that trim piece off here, we already peeled off the one side. Once you take care of the other side here, it's all gonna come off in one piece. You can pull this off in one piece and set it aside. Underneath of the grille behind that trim panel we just removed, there are four bolts holding on the bottom of that grille there, grab your extension and 10-millimeter, start from one side and work your way around. Now we can take our grille off, start from the top, pull that guy down, make sure it's disconnected and set it aside.Before we move on to the next step, I just wanna quickly say that you don't have to take the front bumper off in order to go forward. You can see the bolts holding on the tow hooks from here, but the bumper brackets on the backside do tend to make it a little bit difficult getting a longer bolt out of place. In order to give yourself more clearance, it's recommended to do one of two things, loosen up all of the bolts on the bumper and wiggle it around just to get enough clearance there or just take the bumper off altogether. If you're already loosening the bolts, it could be easier just to take it off, that's the route I'm gonna take, it's completely up to you. From here, we're gonna grab our 19 socket and an extension and get the four bumper bolts holding it on from the top. While we're up here, because I'm gonna completely remove the front bumper, I wanna unplug this fog light harness, sits right in the middle there, we're just gonna pinch and disconnect. Now, directly in front of each tire there's a bar running underneath that connects the corners of the bumper to the frame.Crawl underneath and get that one 18-millimeter bolt on each side. You're seeing it from the top angle, you can see the bolt is facing downward. Grab your extension and impact gun and get those off. Now, if you've just loosened all the bolts at this point, you can start wiggling the bumper to get some clearance on those tow hook bolts. But if you're removing it like I am, you can pull the whole thing off now. Now we have complete access to our tow hooks whether you have the bumper off or not. Grab an 18-millimeter wrench, you're gonna hold the bolt head on the inside along with an 18 socket on the outside nut and get that first bolt off. With the nut loose on the other side, you can pull this straight back. All right, now on the opposite side, I'm gonna switch over to my 19 socket and get the other bolt off. Tow hook comes out, you can set those bolts aside. Now you can repeat the exact same thing for the other tow hook. Now that we have our factory bumper on our table, we're gonna start disassembling our fog light brackets.Now as you can see as a part of this bigger exoskeleton, but we don't want to take the whole thing off, just the brackets surrounding our fog light to pop this out of place. Before we actually do that we wanna pull off our harness clips, keeping this on that bracket. Just pull those straight back and they'll come out. Because we're transferring over the fog lights, we're going to have to transfer over the entire harness from the back of the factory bumper over to the Steel Craft one, but for now, we're just gonna take that off of the bracket we're removing. Grab a 15-millimeter socket and an impact gun or a ratchet and pop these bolts off. All right, now that we have the fog lights out of place, we're gonna feed this harness through and remove that from the bumper. Let's start by pulling off all these clips. Now, to get these pushpin clips that are holding it on the inside of this bracket a panel removal tool will definitely help. All right, now we can get the entire bumper off the table, bring those fog lights back on to start disassembling that.Okay, next up, we're gonna unbolt the fog lights from the actual bracket housing that we've removed, we have to get this chrome trim off, and in order to do that there are two 7-millimeter bolts on each side. I'm gonna use my seven swivel socket just to get in these tight angles, get those guys off. Okay, another one right here. Okay, so now we can use a flathead screwdriver to pry open these tabs and pop that chrome off. With that free, we can pull the fog light out from the front by pinching these three tabs closed and pushing it through. Okay, once you knock that guy out, fog light falls through, and we can transfer it over. Repeat that on the other side. So, we got our factory bumper off the front end of our '14 Silverado and it's right here above our HD Replacement bumper. Let's go through some similarities and differences here and of course they are completely different from head to toe. The construction here is really the main driving force behind an off-road bumper or total protection bumper.This guy is of course the bumper itself and the brush guard welded together in one piece. The bumper is mostly diamond steel plating, where it also has tubular steel for the brush guard section of the entire assembly. And then it's got the mesh steel plating there in the center to protect your grille. Now, not only does that look very unique, but it's also gonna be super, super aggressive. It's super protective. Of course, it's gonna take all the beatings that you want, like I said earlier. Compare that to your factory bumper here, which is a lot more susceptible to damage on an off-road. It's got a completely chrome finish depending on your package, of course, but ours is chrome here. So it's very flashy, the complete opposite of this gloss black powder coating we have here. This bumper here from the factory is also gonna hang down a lot lower than your new HD Replacement bumper.Now, this one's not the best in terms of ground clearance and approach angles, but it doesn't have this additional lip there on the bottom and it's angled up a little bit higher in the corners so your tires can contact obstacles better than your factory bumper ever could. This would come in contact before your tires would. So, better approach angles, better ground clearance, diamonds steel plating, gloss black finish there, completely different. Now, when it comes to the functionality, of course, it's a no-brainer, it's very obvious. Your factory bumper of course stops at the bottom of your grille and headlights. This guy also stops there but it continues upward and gives you the tubular steel wraparound design. That wraparound is gonna protect your headlights from top to bottom and the center bar here protects the middle, so smaller obstacles couldn't even penetrate through that. And then of course the diamond steel plating I mentioned for the grille protects it from really small obstacles. This is really gonna come in handy especially in the backcountry. If you find yourself driving on roads that have deer and wildlife crossing in front of you, this is gonna be the utmost protection you can get in the category there to protect against some of that wildlife. With that said, we have to transfer over our factory fog lights if your truck came with them. If not, you can skip over that step. We've already got our fog lights uninstalled. So, we'll show you guys the process of getting them onto the bumper. Next, we can install our support brackets onto our frame here where the tow hooks where. It's gonna go right on each side just like that and it's gonna be another one over this side. Grab the double bolt plate, starting on my passenger side, I'm gonna insert that just like that to holding in place. You're gonna put a washer and a nut on both of the studs on the outside. Do the same thing on the inside here, except for this one there's only one bolt plate. All right, grab your 19 socket and tighten those down. Repeat on the other side.Next, you're gonna grab the big blocky bracket that's gonna sit up on the frame just like this. Grab your factory bolts, they're gonna go through the top, the side on the inside here, I'm gonna put those in first to help hold this guy in place. You wanna try to thread these in as much as you can by hand just because this thing is super heavy for a bracket. The more you thread this in the easier it'll be to hold it on. I'm gonna do the inside here. All right, now we have one tucked in the inside, which is tough to see, you're basically gonna take an extension and go straight through with this and tighten that guy down. And this I'm gonna put on my extension and feed into that opening. All right, you may need to make a little bit of an adjustment there to get a grip. All right, start threading that in. Now we can grab the rest of the bolts included in the kit and tighten them down to the adapter brackets we just installed. All right, for this, you wanna take the bolt included in the kit. I'm gonna put a washer on the bolt head side, washer on the backside, follow it up with the nut.Okay, same thing on the opposite side. All right, again, this one's a little tough to see, squeeze your hand in there and put it through the opposite a support bracket. Now you can grab your 15 socket, tighten down the factory bolts, and then switch over to a larger socket and wrench tighten on the rest of them.All right, this one's a 19-millimeter, tighten those down. Repeat this whole process on the other side. Next we take our factory tow hook if your truck came with them, and it's gonna slot right in here to the big bracket. Now we can take down this factory hardware. Repeat on the other side. So, you guys saw how to get your factory fog lights off of your factory bumpers so how we can transfer them over. There are two brackets that need to be installed on the back of our bumper which we have facedown on some foam padding to protect it. We're gonna install this bracket here and they are side-specific to the welded on bracket on the side of the bumper just like that, and then an additional bracket. This guy will go on like that.So here, take the 13-millimeter bolts and put those guys through, I'm actually gonna put them up from the bottom like that. Drop a washer on and follow it up with a nut. Do the same thing for the bottom one. So now you grab your 13 socket and tighten them down, 13 wrench on the bottom, tighten on the top one as well. Next we can install our bracket just like that and then the fog light will attach to the bracket there. Now, what I recommend doing is actually popping the fog light on first and then bolting this guy down just because it can be a little bit tricky in the small space here. I just wanna preface this by saying our fog light has sustained some damage so we're missing one of the clips here. And this guy here is pretty incomplete so we're working with one but I'll show you guys what it looks like on the other side as well. So, we're basically gonna pop this guy on so that those factory clips retain the fog light in place just like that, and then you're basically lowered into position and tighten them down to the brackets.Grab your 10 socket and wrench and tighten those down. Repeat that on the other side. Now that we have this bracket already installed on the other side, I wanna show you guys what a fully put-together fog light would look like. We have three of these tabs, they're basically gonna go into the front just like this. Make sure that all three of those tabs line up and then push them all the way through. You may need to grab some pliers and pinch these guys or you can do it by hand just to make sure that they'll squeeze in. All right, so just like that, all three tabs are in. You wanna make sure you're pushing them so that they're secured in place so now we can bolt this down to this just like we did on the other side. Now, if you have factory parking sensors or active sensors at the front end, you wanna swap them over to your new bumper here, there's four different spots for them, our truck didn't come with them. So, we're gonna grab these grommets included in the kid and plug them up from the back. Repeat that for all four.With the helping hand of a friend and we're using a jack, we're gonna pop this guy up onto the brackets, you'll sort of rest itself on there if you push it back far enough. And then from here, we can use jack stands to help line up the bolt holes on the brackets. All right, so now with the bumper properly supported and you have all the brackets lined up, you can put a bolt through. Looking at the bottom one here, our passenger side, bolt through washer on both sides, follow it up with a nylon lock nut. All right, repeat this for all three bolt holes on each side and then we can tighten it down. So, the same way we did this bottom bolt, there are two more bolts directly above it on the top side of the bracket here that you really can't see because of the fog light assembly but you can reach your hand around there and get those installed and then repeat on the other side. Next, you wanna feed your factory harness from the back of your factory bumper for the fog lights over the frame and connect them to the fog lights on both sides. So, they plugged right into the back here, make sure you're facing the right direction. Do the same thing on the other side and then we'll plug it into the master harness.Now we can plug it into the master harness. And if you want you can grab some zip ties and zip tie this guy back or you can just tuck it back over your skid plate there. You can do that however you'd like and then from there, you're good to go. All right, now we can start putting our factory components back on like our factory grille. I'm gonna drop that guy into place. Line it up with those factory bolt holes, snapping in on each side and on the bottom, and then put your four 10-millimeters back on up top. Okay, now we can top it off with our radiator shroud. Once you drop that in the location and is lined up on both sides, grab your factory pushpin clips and put them back through. Okay, from there you can shut your hood. Now, the next step here is to address our wheel well liners. Now, because our new bumper has higher approach angles, your factory wheel well liner hangs down a little bit below it and it's visible from the front end of the truck. Now, what I recommend doing is taking a box cutter or something similar, marking the line with maybe a sharpie going across parallel to the bottom of the bumper and trimming off that excess.That way it's even with the bottom of the bumper and it's not visible like it is now. Now, I'm not gonna be cutting our wheel aligner because our truck is going back to stock after this video is done. So, in order to avoid that, I'm just gonna tuck it back so that you guys get a good visual representation of what it would look like if you cut. That's my recommendation. If you're not looking to cut the alternative would be either to completely remove the liner itself or leave it as is. That's gonna wrap up my review and install for the HD Replacement Front Bumper from Steel Craft, available for the '14 to '15 Silverado 1500. You can get yours right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • HD Replacement Front Bumper
      • High Grade Steel Construction
      • Two Stage E-Coat & Black Powder Coat
      • Semi Gloss Finish
      • One-Piece Fully Welded Design
      • Diamond Plate Construction
      • Built-In Punched Plate Grille Guard
      • Superior Headlight Protection
      • Keep Tow Hooks, License Plate and Fog Lights
      • Supports Front Emblem Camera
      • Can Retain Adaptive Cruise Control With ACC Relocator Kit (Separate)
      • Light to Moderate Install; No Drilling Required
      • Limited 2-Year Warranty
      • Fits All 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500


      Heavy Duty Construction. These HD Replacement Front Bumper is the perfect direct replacement bumper to help set your Silverado apart from the rest. The one-piece fully welded design features a built-in grille guard for superior headlight protection. You can be sure that this bumper was built to last, as it has been crafted from high grade schedule 40 steel pipes and diamond plates.

      Dual Coated Protection. These HD replacement bumper uses a two-stage E-coat and black powdercoated finish for a superior protective finish that is made to withstand the inevitable.

      Light to Moderate Install. Installation is categorized as being "light to moderate" and can be completed in just two hours with the proper tools on hand. The kit comes with all the necessary plugs and mounting brackets for a seamless installation and direct replacement. No drilling is required and you can retain your tow hooks, front license plate and factory fog lights.

      Limited 2-Year Warranty. This replacement bumper is backed by a limited 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects in materials, workmanship and finish. Please visit the manufacturer official website for complete details and exclusions.

      Application. These HD Replacement Front Bumper will fit all 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 trucks.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here!.

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      What's in the Box

      • (1) Heavy Duty Front Bumper Assembly
      • (1) Driver Mounting Bracket
      • (1) Passenger Mounting Bracket
      • (4) Support Brackets
      • (4) Sensor Plugs
      • (2) Plastic Plugs for License Plate
      • (1) Wrench
      • (1) Hardware

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