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HD Elevation Front Bumper (14-15 Silverado 1500)

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      Review & Installation Video

      Hey, guys. Adam here with and today, we're taking a quick look at and installing the Steel Craft HD Elevation Front Bumper available for the 2014 and '15 Silverado 1500. You should be checking out this particular front bumper if you're looking for all out-front end protection. This is protecting every ounce of that front end from the upper grille, the upper hood area, the lower grille, the bumper, and, of course, your headlights. Now, this entire bumper is a fully-welded steel all-one piece design making it extremely durable. All heavy-duty steel and those welds are very, very strong and durable. This thing is built for on and off-road usage, but if you were to come into contact with any of those off-road obstacles or obstacles on the worksite, just know that your front end is definitely gonna take that beating and cause more damage than it's taking on.This thing is built to stand tough. It's wrapping all the way around, going past the headlights so you're protecting those headlight lenses with the three bars here. You have cutouts already on that front bumper here to make sure you can reuse your factory fog lights or aftermarket auxiliary lights if you didn't have fog lights from the factory. You're also getting the small honeycomb grille on the front end that has brackets on the backside to support a dual row 20-inch led light bar. You have a honeycomb grille protecting your factory grille, so that's an additional protection, along with these support bars. That's not something a lot of the other bumpers in the category offer. This particular one, in my opinion, shouldn't just be called a front bumper. It's a front bumper and brush guard combo. Brush guards are something a lot of guys out there will pick up instead of a front bumper, but this one gives you the best of both worlds. You're popping off that factory, weak bumper and replacing it with something that is just off-road ready, like I said.The bottom here gives you that additional support. You have somewhat of a skid plate and I will say this isn't going to be the option for guys looking for ground clearance or high approach angles. If that's your game or if that's your end game, this isn't gonna be the one that you want. If you just wanna protect that body and take on whatever the road throws at you, this is a good way to go. It also comes with pre-drilled holes for your factory parking sensors, if your Silverado is equipped with them. Ours is not, so it does come with plugs to make sure you're plugging up those empty holes. The fog lights, I will say, are transferred over using factory hardware, which I did find during the install to be a bit small, so we had to improvise. This may require you to head out to your local auto parts store or your local hardware store to pick up some hardware that will fit this a little bit better, to give you a tight, snug, proper fitment.In addition to that, it can be a little difficult to line this up and make sure it's aligned properly. Keep in mind, aftermarket bumpers that are all hand-welded may not provide 100% proper fitment when it comes to hugging the body lines of your Silverado. There may be a slight gap between the bumper and the body of the vehicle. That is something you can expect with some of the bumpers on the market. Being that they are all hand-welded, it can't be 100% OEM fitment every time. Just something to keep in mind moving forward. Some guys might not mind it, but some guys would. I will just wanna point that out with full discretion.The install, with that in mind, is gonna get two out of three bordering on three out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter simply because it's extremely, extremely heavy. This does require at least two helping hands to get this up. It's very, very hard to get this up with just yourself and one friend while you're working the ratchet. It's just too heavy. Have jack stands on deck too. That can help support that weight and make it a little easier on you and you won't be hurting your back after all. With all that in mind, it's gonna take about two hours from start to finish. And if you wanna pick this up for your own Silverado, it comes in right around 1,000 bucks. I wanna take you through the entire process from start to finish. I'll show you guys every step of the install, transferring over your factory lights to this bumper, setting up the brackets, moving over your tow hooks, so on and so forth. So, what do you say we get to it?The tools used for this install include an impact gun, a 3/8 ratchet, a variety of extensions, 7-millimeter, 10-millimeter, 13, 15, 16, 18 and 19-millimeter deep sockets, pair of needle nose pliers, panel removal tool or a flathead screwdriver, Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers, 10-mil, 13, 16, 18 and 19-millimeter wrenches. Now, the first step of the uninstall is to grab your panel removal tool or a flathead screwdriver does the trick if you don't have one of these handy, remove all of the plastic rivets or the push pin clips holding on that factory radiator shroud on top to give you access to your upper grille bolts. There's 12 of them all around the edges. Grab that tool, pry up, and remove them. Once you get this last one off, you can pop the entire radiator shroud out in one piece.Next up are the four 10-millimeter bolts at the top of our grille. Now, those, we're given access to by removing the radiator shroud. That's why we had the pop that off. So, grab your 10-mil socket and remove all four of these. So, the next step here is to crawl underneath the front end. There's two 10-millimeter bolts holding on the bottom of your upper grille as well as two more clips that are snapping it into place. We're gonna pop off those 10-millimeter bolts and then we'll be able to pull our grille off. Next up, we have to remove our trim panel underneath our headlights. Grab a 7-millimeter socket and remove the one bolt in your wheel well. Repeat for the other side. With those bolts out of place, the next step here is to pull off that lower trim panel to gain access to a couple of bolts underneath of that lower grille. So, with that, pull them off from the side, work your way all the way around, pop that right off, set it aside.The next couple of bolts you'll wanna remove are right where the grille meets that headlight, underneath of that grille portion. Grab your 10-mil socket and your extension and you're gonna get this off. Same thing on the other side. All right, now we can get her upper grille out of place. Next up, there are two bolts, one on each side underneath of your bumper on a crossbar, like a support crossbar. Grab a 13-millimeter socket and remove those bolts. All right, now we can do the same thing on the other side. There are four bolts holding the front of the bumper in place. Grab an 18 socket and get these off. So, once you have everything disconnected from your stock bumper, it's time to pull it off.Next, we have to remove our tow hooks. Before we get that far, we're gonna take off that faceplate. There are three bolts on the front of it. Grab your 15-millimeter socket and pop these off. Same thing on the other side, and then we'll tackle removing our tow hooks. All right, next up is your tow hooks. Grab an 18 socket and remove the solo bolt on the one side. The secondary bolt has a nut on the opposite end, so grab an 18 wrench, hold onto that. Set this aside to be reinstalled later.So, we finally got our factory bumper off of our '14 Silverado and as you can see, it's sitting right above our Steel Craft Elevation bumper, complete night and day difference between the two. There's nothing the same about these bumpers whatsoever. So, if you're looking for the complete 180, trying to completely differentiate your Silverado from the others on the road, this is the best way to go. As far as protection, again, fully-welded steel from top to bottom, punch steel plating, very heavy-duty stuff, and you really feel that quality once you get this in your hands or at least you and your buddies hands. It is extremely heavy. It is, by far, one of the heaviest bumpers I've ever felt for the Silverado, and I've dealt with a lot of them. There's a lot of options in the category and this is one of the ones that just completely wraps that front end up in steel plating and it's just gonna protect every ounce of the front end.If you're looking for something that's hardcore, off-road ready, this is definitely the way to go. It comes with that full wraparound design, hugging the entire body line back even behind the headlights, giving you that three bar protection. The bottom is that complete bumper replacement welded to the brush guard. It's got that honeycomb steel plating in the middle to protect that grille from damn near anything with support bars crossing in between that, which isn't something a lot of the other options in the category will offer. And, of course, you have that Steel Craft name punched right into the middle. You can, of course, remove those with a Torx bit. That is pretty easy for some of the guys who don't like branding on the front end of their vehicle. I don't mind this one. It's pretty subtle and it's a nice little logo there. It's also got a 20-inch bar straight across. To give you the opportunity to mount aftermarket auxiliary lighting, it allows for a 20-inch dual row LED light bar.If your Silverado has sensors from the factory, there are pre-drilled holes on the front end to make sure you can remount them instead of losing them like some of the other less expensive options on the market would offer. It also gives you square cutouts, perfect for your factory tow hooks. We talked about that earlier. You're retaining that recovery point, which, again, is a big selling point for some of the guys out there really utilizing that front end to its fullest potential. You also have cutouts, again, for your factory fog lights, which is great. You don't have to go out and purchase additional fog lights to fill those empty holes. Instead, just pop off your factory ones and swap them over.If your Silverado does not have factory fog lights, you still have that mounting opportunity and brackets pre-welded to the back end of this bumper if you wanted to pick up aftermarket lighting. You also have this bar at the bottom for extra protection at the lower end while also giving you a nice recovery point. Because this is fully-welded, it adds to that strength. And the punch steel is, you can just feel the quality. It's so heavy-duty, it's impact-resistant. It has a two-stage e-coating and a powder coating giving you that matte black finish, the smooth matte black finish, which, I think, is a breath of fresh air. There's a lot of bumpers out there that have that textured finish, but if you're looking for something smooth, this is a good way to go. It has a really nice finish to it. It's also got these rubber stops on the front end to make sure if you did come in contact with something, this is the furthest out from the front end of the vehicle, so this would take the brunt first if it's something wide enough.With all of that in mind, I wanna show you guys how this gets mounted on the Silverado, but first, we do have some assembling on the truck beforehand with brackets and tow hooks. But before we get that far, we wanna transfer over our factory fog lights because our Silverado does come equipped with them. We'll pop off those brackets from the back of that bumper on the table, switch them over to our Steel Craft Elevation bumper, and then we'll get to work on the tow hooks and the brackets.Now that we have our factory bumper on our table, we're gonna start disassembling our fog light brackets. Now, as you can see, it's a part of this bigger exoskeleton, but we don't have to take the whole thing off, just the bracket surrounding our fog light to pop this out of place. Before we actually do that, we wanna pull off our harness clips keeping this on that bracket. Just pull those straight back and they'll come out. Now, because we're transferring over the fog lights, we're going to have to transfer over the entire harness from the back of the factory bumper over to the Steel Craft one, but for now, we're just gonna take that off of the bracket we're removing. Grab a 15-millimeter socket and an impact gun or a ratchet and pop these bolts off. All right, now we can start on the opposite end, pulling off that harness and then unbolting that bracket.All right. Now that we have the fog lights out of place, we're gonna feed this harness through and remove that from the bumper. I'm gonna start by pulling off all of these clips. Now, to get these push pin clips that are holding it on to the inside of this bracket, a panel removal tool will definitely help. All right, now we can get the entire bumper off the table, bring those fog lights back on, to start disassembling that. Now, the first step here is to remove our entire fog light housing from this bracket. Now, it's not entirely necessary, but it does make your life a lot easier simply because it's so big and moving this all around, it can get a little bit in the way. So, grab a 7-millimeter socket and remove these screws from the side. From here, we have to get our fog light out of this housing.Now, there's push pin tabs here, here, and this one's almost out to show you guys there's locking tabs that keep this in place with a screw in the middle. You're gonna grab a Philips head screwdriver and just unscrew that. The front bezel also needs to be removed. You can see that there's one screw on this side. We've already got this one removed, and from there, we'll be able to pop that off from the locking tabs. So, again, grab your 7-millimeter socket and get that off. From here, we can use a flathead screwdriver to pry up on those tabs to get it to release. Set that bezel aside. Now, you can see this is getting a lot looser. If you need to, grab that Phillips head and continue to unscrew until it's completely loose.Now, this alone is what's gonna attach to our adapter bracket to put our '14, '15 Silverado fog lights onto our bumper. Use these screws in the plastic retainer clips to bolt this down to the bracket. You'll see that these holes line up pretty well onto the back of the fog light. You're gonna use this to secure it down. Now, when you do put these in place, you wanna make sure that you're not over-tightening them. You wanna get them nice and snug. That'll hold the fog light to the bracket, nice and secure, but if you over-tighten them, these plastic pieces will come off, so you don't wanna do that. Don't go too far. You'll see they'll start to separate and once you see that happening, you know you're in a good spot. So, we've got that tightened down. Do this for all three. See that that's nice and secure. Repeat this for the other fog light, and then we'll install this bracket onto the back of the bumper.Now, the next step here is to grab the brackets you just installed on your fog lights and install those onto the pre-welded brackets on the back of the bumper right in front of the fog light cutouts. The brackets have these slots, one vertical on the adapter bracket and horizontal on the back of the bumper. You've got 10-millimeter bolts, washers, and lock nuts that are going to secure this. Grab three of these. Make sure you have a washer on the bolt head side and a washer on the lock nut side. Put those through. You're gonna tighten this down. Make sure you use that slotted design to your advantage and line that up where you need it to be. Once you have that, grab a 10-millimeter socket and wrench and tighten these down. All right, repeat this process for the other side.Now, the next step is your factory harness that we removed from the factory bumper. Now, in order to get this installed, you are gonna zip tie it back once the bumper is in place, but for now, we're gonna feed this through the open slot underneath of where the brackets will install and plug it into the back of our fog lights. Same thing on the other side. Now, with that in mind, this plug is gonna go right into your factory harness on the vehicle. Keep in mind that once we do have this bolted up, this will get zip tied onto the rest of the harness on the vehicle, but for now, we're just gonna set this aside.Next step here, we're actually back at the truck. We're gonna be installing our left and right side support brackets to our factory frame. Now, the left side bracket, you'll see has the swivel. That's gonna go just like this on the side where our factory tow hooks were mounted up. Now, we have that double-nut bolt plate. We're gonna take off our nylon lock nuts. We're gonna use spacers as well. You're gonna put the double bolt plate with a longer piece on the inside going straight through just like this, and that will hold up our support bracket. On the opposite end, we're gonna use our washers and our lock nuts. Grab your 19-millimeter socket and tighten those down. On the other side, we're gonna use the single bolt plate, that's gonna go on the inside. We're going to use the outer support bracket.Next up, we're gonna install our frame bracket. Now, this is gonna reuse those factory bolts in order to tighten it down to the plate where our factory plates were, right above our tow hooks. I'm just gonna tighten this one down by hand to get this place. One of them is gonna go on the outside and the other on the inside. Now, there are bolts included in the kit to help you bolt this down to the support brackets that we just installed, so grab those along with the flat washers and nuts and tighten them down. Same thing on this side.All right, next up here is our tow hook. Now, our factory tow hook is gonna reuse that factory hardware. The long bolt's gonna go all the way through, just like that. I'm gonna put the nut on it as well to tighten that down. Grab your 18-millimeter wrench as well as your 18-millimeter socket and tighten it down. You wanna make sure you're holding the tow hook in approximately the position that you'll want. Now, the other bolt's gonna go on this side and we'll tighten this down by hand. As you can see, it starts to lock down that tow hook. Grab your socket and tighten it down. Repeat this whole process for this bracket and the tow hook on the other side.All right. The next step is to assemble our grille. Now, the reason we wanna do this now and not after the bumper installation is because we won't be able to gain access to the bolts that go underneath if the bumper was in place. So, for here, we're gonna pop this into place, install the four 10-millimeter bolts across the top, then the four across the bottom, and then we'll put our headlight and grille trim back in place above where the bumper would go.Next up is our trim piece. Grab those 7-millimeter factory bolts and tighten it down in the wheel well. All right, repeat for the other side. The next step here is to put our bumper into place, and I would absolutely recommend having a helping hand on deck. It is extremely heavy, cannot be done by yourself. My buddy Joe's here to help me out and, again, just take extreme caution when trying to get this bolted up. It's pretty dangerous to get dropped on yourself. If you can have it supported with jack stands underneath of it while also having a helping hand hold this thing up for you, it'll definitely go a long way. So, me and Joe put them up on the jack stands. I'll crawl underneath and start bolting things down. Ready, Joe?At this point, you can crawl underneath the truck with the three bolts for each side and bolt it down with your 18-millimeter socket and wrench. Repeat this for the other side while having a friend hold up the bumper in place so you don't have to worry about the weight coming down.All right, guys, as you remember, we transferred over our factory fog light harness to our new bumper. Now it's time to plug this in. The harness is right above your factory skid plate underneath. You're gonna plug that right in, hear that snap. And there is a lot of excess wiring. Before, you had these Christmas tree clips that would go into the back of the bumper. We no longer have that. There are zip ties provided in the kit. You wanna make sure you're zip tying this back up and out of the way, making sure it's nice and secure. Now, there's a factory harness right above that skid plate. That's a good spot to tie this down. That harness is already secured, so if we zip tie our fog light harness to this, it'll stay up and out of the way.Now, guys, if you have parking sensors from the factory, this is a good time to set those back up. Our Silverado does not have them from the factory, so we're using these rubber plugs to plug up these holes so they're not just open. There's one on each side and then two toward the middle grille.All right, guys, the last step here is our top radiator shroud. Once you have everything back in place, just top this off in the engine bay. Grab those plastic rivets or those push pin clips, set those into place, push down that plunger. It's about 12 of them throughout the whole radiator shroud, so just put those back into place. Work your way all the way around, and then we'll be good to go.Well, guys, that's gonna wrap up my review and full install walkthrough for the Steel Craft HD Elevation Front Bumper available for the 2014 and '15 Silverado 1500. You can pick yours up right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Specs & Installation


      • Punched Flat Steel
      • One-Piece Welded Construction
      • Protects Headlights & Grille
      • E-Coated and Powder Coated
      • Black Matte Finish
      • Keep Factory Fog Lights & Tow Hooks
      • Two-Year Limited Warranty
      • Fits all 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models


      Upgrade Your Bumper. Sure your Silverado’s factory installed bumper looks good, but you can elevate your truck’s street cred by upgrading to a HD Elevation Front Replacement Bumper. This bumper offers protection that your existing bumper can’t. The one-piece wraparound design keeps your headlights safe wherever your off-road adventures take you. You also get to keep your factory installed tow hooks and fog lights. And if you want, you can add a 20-inch dual row of LED lighting - sold separately.

      Quality Construction. The punched flat steel material makes the HD Elevation Front Replacement Bumper lighter than other brands but doesn’t compromise durability and strength. E-coated and powder coated this bumper for a smooth, black-matte finish that resists corrosion. You’re covered with a two-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

      Application. This Heavy Duty Elevation Front Replacement Bumper has been engineered to replace factory-installed bumpers on 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado models.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here!.

      Fitment: 2014 2015

      MPN# 60-10420

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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      Ratings Summary

      3.7 out of 5 overall rating from 3 customers

      Installation Time: Afternoon

      • August 13, 2018

        1 2014 LTZ - AndrewH

        Did you have a plan?

        There really are no words, the bumper looks good, that’s about it. It doesn’t fit as it should, there’s entirely too much of a gap between the truck and bumper. The fog light brackets are not even close to the right design. I don’t even know where to begin on the sensors, was there a plan? Did you just forget about them all together and just go back and drill holes where ever? They are spaced too far a part for my harness to even reach.

        Helpful (10)
      • August 12, 2018

        5 2014 LTZ - CDub Installation Time: Afternoon

        Great looking bumper, directions are sketchy

        First, this is a fantastic looking bumper. It adds to the length of the truck and the original parking sensors arent long enough. It adds a good bit of weight and center of gravity for the truck. It feels like the truck hugs the road, I do not have a lift kit. Overall this is a great looking and performing bumper, I'd say install took about 4 hours with my wife and myself. You will need a hand with the bumper even with jacks, just safer that way. Pros Adds to depth and aggressiveness to truck Fits all stock hooks and lights Nice black finish and color Heavy bumper adds more center to truck Cons It's heavy, I have a 6.2, it's heavy lol Two pin hole size nicks in finish. Rust is showing, will need to have bumper primed regardless of climate. Directions were sub par at best.

        Helpful (8)
      • December 21, 2017

        5 2014 - AdamJ

        Silverado elevation bumper

        Exceeded my expectations super heavy duty and will protect the truck well

        Helpful (8)

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