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RedRock Upper Replacement Grille with DRL (21-23 F-150, Excluding Raptor & Tremor)

Item T570908
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      Video Review & Installation

      Jake: Jake here for American Trucks, and today I'm taking a look at the RedRock Upper Replacement Grille with Daytime Running Lights, fitting 2021 and newer F-150s, excluding the Raptor and Tremor models. If you're after a unique, modern, and clean style for the look of your F-150's front end, then this setup from RedRock is gonna appeal to you. This is an easy way to change up the look of your front end, add some additional lighting, and bring some of that Raptor-inspired flavor to your own truck, all for a pretty affordable price tag.I'm just gonna come right out and say it here. And I know we're supposed to be pretty unbiased here, but I think this might be my favorite aftermarket grille that I've seen for this F-150. This is super clean-looking, and it still has some cool additional lighting built in, for something that's definitely unique. So, if you like that Raptor look, but you want something that's maybe a bit more subtle, a bit different than every other truck that's out on the road, this is gonna be for you. As you can see, it features this big, open honeycomb pattern, sort of reminiscent of a Raptor, or a truck you might find pulling off jumps out in the desert, but it's pretty clean and simple otherwise. The open honeycomb does make for a bit more airflow, and you've got some larger additional vents down here on the bottom as well. But the biggest story, and the thing that you're probably most intrigued by, at least I know I was, is this big old LED strip up at the top here.Now, this is almost completely hidden when it's off like you see it here, and it looks like that trim around the lights just continues across the top of the grille. That's actually hiding a big LED strip, and that's gonna function as a daytime running light. Now, you will have to make one other choice here when you go to install this. You have the option to run it as a fully white LED strip that's gonna light up all the way across, kind of give you that light bar, almost a lightning type of look. And it's gonna match perfectly with the LED strips on the outside of your stock headlights. Or, you can set it up to run as five amber running lights across the front. Again, more like a Raptor, but you can't do both. Which one you want is gonna change how you wire this in, and we'll show you that more when we get to the install clips.So, have a look at what we did to our truck, take a look at some customer photos, think about which one you prefer, while you're waiting for it to get to your house. The nice part is, you do have that option. And since this is a full LED strip, it's gonna last you a long time. Now, the grille also includes a provision for the front emblem, if you wanna have that on. And if your truck is fitted with the forward-facing camera, that is gonna require you to do a little bit of trimming. Just trim out a little bit here in the back of the grille, once this is on. So, you can keep that installed if your truck is so equipped. And again, if you just wanna put the big Ford blue oval back on the front too, you've got the provision to do that. This just bolts on otherwise. Other than the wiring, and that little bit of trimming you have to do for that forward-facing camera though, this is a bolt-in replacement for your stock grille, so you don't need to modify anything on the truck itself.Construction here is all high-quality ABS plastic, so it's strong, it's lightweight, and it's durable. And it's got this black finish on it, comes just like you see it right now, out of the box, so it is ready to mount up. Though, since it is ABS plastic, you do have the option to get this painted pretty easily. If you wanna go glossy, if you wanna color match it to your truck, whatever, you've got some options. The LED strip in here is weather-sealed against the elements too, so it should have a nice, long lifespan. And since this was designed using OEM CAD data from Ford themselves, this should fit in place of your stock grille just right.Coming in at about $475, this one is a little bit more spendy than some other grilles, but still far from the most expensive. And with the inclusion of that LED lighting, I would say this is definitely a good value, and our customers seem to agree too. This one's pretty highly rated on our site, so check it out, see what others have been saying, and get an idea of what setup you'd like to run for the LEDs as well.Installation gets a 2 out of 3 on our difficulty meter, and you should plan on this taking you about two hours to complete. It's definitely something a DIYer can handle at home, and, you've got the harness that you need already here to go and plug in, and the Scotchlock connectors that you need to do the little bit of wiring already included as well, plus that bracket and the hardware that you need for the front emblem and the forward-facing camera. So, again, something you can certainly handle at home. You are gonna have to run some wiring, possibly do that trimming, if you need to get that forward-facing camera installed too. However, it's nothing permanent that needs to be modded on your truck, and again, everything comes right in the box. And to show you what's involved, let's head over to the install bay.Man: Tools required for this install include a ratchet, a clip remover tool, Phillips head screwdriver, a pair of diagonal cutters, an extension, and 7, 8, and 10-millimeter sockets.What's up, guys? Today we're installing a front grille on our F-150, so let's get started. So, the first thing we need to do is come down to our wheel well and remove the two screws that are holding in our lower trim. So, I've got a 7-millimeter socket to pop these out. And then we'll do that same thing on the other side. Now, with our screws on both sides removed, we can pop out the corners of our lower trim, to fully remove it. I've already got the other side popped out, so now we can get this side out. Next, we can remove all of the push clips that are holding in our radiator cover. So, I've got a clip remover tool to pop these out. Then we can grab our radiator cover and pop that out of place. Next, we can disconnect these three connectors up top. And then we'll remove our four upper grille bolts. We've got a 10-millimeter socket to take these out. Next, we can come to the lower corner of our grille and remove this 8-millimeter bolt. We've got an 8-millimeter socket to remove that. And then we'll do that same thing on the other side.Next, we can pull straight back to remove our grille. Now, with our grille removed, we're gonna have to take apart a few things in our grille to transfer over to our new one. So, we're gonna start with this lower cover. We've got a bunch of push clips holding it in. Some of ours are missing, so you might have a few more on yours. So, now I've got a clip remover tool to get behind these clips and pop them out. Next, we can come to the center of our grille and remove this 8-millimeter screw. Next, we can remove the two nuts on either side. Now, our studs' clips are broken, so they're spinning. So I'm gonna grab a clip remover tool to pry up on the bottom while I take this off with a 10-millimeter socket. Now I'm gonna do the same thing for this other one. Grab my clip tool, get that under, put some pressure on, and use 10-millimeter socket to get that off. And then you can do that same thing on the other side.Next, we can remove these five push clips along the top of our grille with a clip remover tool. Next, we can disconnect these three clips at the bottom that are holding in our shutter assembly. I've got a clip remover tool handy. So, we can push in on these clips, and pop them out of place. And now, with everything holding our shutter assembly in place removed, we can pull up, and remove our assembly. Next, we can remove these three nuts that are holding in our emblem. I've got 10-millimeter socket to pop these out. And then we can lift up on our grille, and slide out our emblem. Now, the last thing we need to remove is our two studs per side. Now, these have little tabs that you need to pinch together to pull out. However, ours are broken, so ours can just slide right out. And then you'll do that same thing on the other side. So, now we're ready to assemble our new grille. The first thing we need to do is get our emblem bracket into place. So, we're gonna center this up in our grille, and it'll drop into place, just like that. And now we can flip it over and get our screws and washers installed into the backside. So, now we're gonna take our screw with our washer, and install into these four holes. So, I've got a Phillips head screwdriver. And we can tighten these down.Now, before we install our emblem, it's important to note that if you have this washer reservoir, you are gonna have to cut out a portion of your grille for this to be able to fit. So, I have a pair of diagonal cutters, so that we can make our cut. So, now we're ready to install our emblem. To make this a little bit easier, I'm going to [inaudible 00:13:01] this connector for our camera. That'll give us a little bit of extra room to get this in. So, we'll put our line in first, and get our logo down into place. And then we'll flip that over, and we can slide our connector in, and click that into place. Next, we can reinstall those three nuts onto the studs for our emblem. And I'm gonna use 10-millimeter socket with an extension, just to get these started. And then we can grab our ratchet to tighten them down. You don't need to go super tight on these. Next, we can transfer over our studs. And we'll do that same thing on the other side.So, now we're ready to install our shutter assembly. One thing to keep in mind is you want both of these going through this hole in the top. And then once we lay that down, can pop that into place. Next, we can reinstall our two nuts, and tighten those down with a 10-millimeter socket. And then you can do that same thing on the other side. Next, we can reinstall our five push clips at the top of our grille. Next, we can reinstall our lower cover. We'll line up all of our clips, and push those in. Now, before we install our grille, we're gonna have to pop out our passenger side headlight to do our wiring. We have one connector on the backside of the headlight, that we have a splitter for. That's how we're gonna get power to our DRL. So, we have an 8-millimeter bolt down here, and then a bunch of 10-millimeter bolts and nuts, and a push clip up top. So, I've got an 8-millimeter socket, start at the bottom, and get our first one out. Next, we can come to the outside corner of our headlight. We have our 10-millimeter nut, as well as this 10-millimeter bolt. We can grab a 10-millimeter socket to remove. Next, we can come up top. We have two 10-millimeter bolts and a push clip. So, we'll grab a clip remover tool to pop out our push clip first, and then we'll grab our 10-millimeter socket for the two bolts.So, now we can pop our headlight out of place. We're gonna be disconnecting this connector back here. And then we can take our splitter, plug that into our body harness side, plug the other end into our headlight, and then we can slide this back into place. Now, this way, we have our connector for our grille coming out by our washer fluid. And I'll grab our push clip to pop in here, just to hold this in place. Now we can reinstall those two bolts up top, and take our 10-millimeter socket to tighten these down. Next, we can come to the outer corner, and reinstall our bolt, as well as our nut. And we'll take our 10-millimeter socket to tighten those down. And now, lastly, we can reinstall the bolt on the inside corner, and tighten that down with an 8-millimeter socket. Now we can line up and install our grille.Next, we can go through and reconnect all of our connectors, as well as our new one for our grille. And then we can tuck our excess wire away. Next, we can reinstall the four bolts at the top of our grille. And then we'll take a 10-millimeter socket and tighten these down. Next, we can reinstall our radiator cover. And then we can reinstall all of our push clips. Next, we can come to the lower corner, and reinstall our bolts. We've got one on each side. We can tighten that down with an 8-millimeter socket. And then you can do that same thing on the other side. Next, we can reinstall our lower trim. Now, lastly, we can come back to our wheel well and reinstall our two screws. And then we'll grab our 7-millimeter socket and tighten these down. And then you can do that same thing on the other side.So, that'll wrap up this review and install of the RedRock Upper Replacement Grille with DRL, for your 2021 and newer F-150, excluding the Raptor and Tremor. Thank you for watching, and for all things F-150, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Mesh Honeycomb Pattern Design
      • Daytime Running Lights - Amber or White
      • Increases Air Flow to Radiator
      • Upper Replacement Grille
      • Injection Molded ABS Material
      • Matte Black Finish
      • Straight Forward Installation; Wiring is Required
      • Fits 2021-2023 Ford F-150, Excluding Raptor and Tremor Models


      Powerful Styling. Add powerful styling to the front end of your 2021-2023 Ford F-150 with a RedRock Upper Replacement Grille. Featuring a unique honeycomb mesh pattern, this Grille includes integrated LED accent lights across the top for a rugged appearance. Designed to be installed in place of your factory grille, this RedRock Grille will transform the appearance of your F-150 from a mild mannered daily driver into a mean off-road machine.

      LED Accent Lighting. This RedRock Grille includes high mounted LED accent lights. These lights can be wired either as five amber running lights OR as a solid white DRL bar. Both cannot be wired in together. The included wiring harness simply splices into your F-150's existing factory headlight harness. The LEDs will then automatically activate in conjunction with your running lights. These eye-catching LEDs not only look great, but will also make your F-150 more visible to other drivers at night and in poor weather conditions.

      High Quality ABS Construction.
      RedRock manufactures their Upper Replacement Grille from an injection molded acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material using the original OEM CAD data from Ford to ensure a perfect fit. ABS is an extremely strong material known for its light-weight, superior durability and impact resistance - making it perfect to withstand the hazards of daily driving. Completed in a matte black finish, this Grille can be painted if desired.

      Simple Straight Forward Installation. Designed to be a direct fit replacement for the original factory grille, this RedRock Grille installs reusing the stock mounting points and included hardware. Cutting will be required for models equipped with OEM front facing camera/washer assembly, other wise no modifications are required.

      Application. This RedRock Upper Replacement Grille with DRL is designed to fit 2021-2023 Ford F-150 models, excluding Raptor and Tremor.



      RedRock T570908

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Grille
      • (1) Wiring Harness
      • (1) Emblem Adapter
      • (4) Phillips Screws
      • (4) Flat Washers
      • (2) Scotchlok Connectors

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